Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The One Sock Moment

What's Jack up to? Jack's been cool today. Thankfully, no running around the block, so no complaints from me. I won't even mention the paper towels he shredded after I swept the kitchen. He's lucky he's so darn cute.

Here's my sock.

Yep, it's just one. That's all I've got. Part of me feels like, hey, at least I've finished this one. Knit it myself and that's a big enough accomplishment. I can always alternate feet. Right one day, left the other. No good? Yeah, you're probably right. The problem is I'm at that one sock moment. You know that point of too far to turn back, but just far enough to want to.

We've all been there I'm sure. You decide you're going to finally tackle organizing your closet. So you pull all the crap out and at about 4 hours into it you look at the tornado that's now your bedroom and realize you still have about 5 hours of work and want to cry. Or maybe your one sock moment goes a little deeper. What if you're 50,000 words into your 100,000 word manuscript and realize the direction is all wrong? Or 2 1/2 years into that 5 year career plan and realize you're at a fork in the road. Or dare I say it? You're at the halfway point of a lifetime of togetherness and just feeling blah.

So what's the next step when you really don't feel like taking the expected step?

Don't look to me for the answer. I'm tired of this sock. Right now I'm going to have a quickie with a hat.




Kristen Painter said...

You could always turn it into a puppet.

N said...

I like the sock, and do think that it will find much use with a friend in the chilly months to come.

I'm having a one sock moment (I love this phrase you've just coined!). I've decided to go for the other sock. I'll drop a note with the details.

Marley Gibson said...

LOL Kristen! I love the thought of a "one sock moment." Great phrase! = )

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Love the sock!! You're super talented. I wish I knew how to knit. :-)

Kwana said...

Kristen, what a crack up you are. I'll let you know if it gets a mate or a face. That is the best!

N, I'm looking forward to your note and lunch to chat.

Thanks for checking in Marley. Feel free to use the phrase anytime.

Brown Girl I learned to knit at first from books and videos. If I can, anyone can. I know you can too. Go for it!

Phyllis Bourne said...

I've been asking myself some of those same questions and have zero answers.

But I do have one more question... what yarn did you use for the sock?

pve design said...

Nothing like putting your best foot forward, even if it is a one socked moment one! I say go for the glory and finish it off, your feet will thank you in the middle of a wintry no-school day.

Kwana said...

Hi PBW sorry you're having s sock moment too. I think so many women are having that right now. The yarn is from Mountain Colors. The site is: http://www.mountaincolors.com/

I love their sock yarn. I think this one was a gift from my friend PVE.

And yes, PVE. You know me. I will end up making the over foot. I just have to. Can't go hopping.

Anonymous said...

Dude. You actually knitted a sock and it actually LOOKS like a sock is supposed to look?!

I'm so impressed.

:) Liz

Kwana said...

Thanks Liz. That's cool since I'm always impressed by you.

Anonymous said...

Kwana, I loved your sock and hoped that you finished the pair. I am new to socking or sock building as the case may be. I have used the Knifty knitter straight loom and the blue 24 peg round loom. The blue one made a huge sock but I didn't like the ribbed bind off for the cuff of the toe up sock on the straight loom. I liked the cuff on your sock. Could you tell me where you got your pattern or email me the top ?? I have only made 3 pairs of socks but I am addicted. Thanks, Libby

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