Tuesday, January 19, 2010


What's Jack up to? Jack is feeling quite spry since he's sporting a new and very badly needed haircut which he got for the Dear Twins birthday celebration. Of course he was the main greeter and the life of the party, trying his best to get at snacks and cake. I'll have a pic to show you soon.

So I had to get new glasses. Mine just up a broke on me while I was doing nothing but chopping onions. Must have been chopping too hard, who knows because suddenly the handle was just off and could not be repaired so I had to up and get a new pair. Ugh and I loved those glasses.

Now I'm a huge glasses wearer. I have contacts, but never really feel comfortable with them since I've worn classes since about 3rd grade so I feel they are a part of me.
I drag the DH shopping with me and quickly settle on 3 pair although I'm not quite certain and wish I had maybe 100 more to choose from. My glasses are ready in about an hour and I go home. That evening it's another family celebration out and folks say my new glasses look nice but I'm not convinced. I feel like Henry Kissinger in them. They were lovely D&G frames, black, but I think too masculine for me. I felt I needed to be solving a serious missile crises in those glasses and not hanging on my blog talking to you all. I know, weirdo!

So after bugging my DH till about 2am (he growls) I was back at the eyeglass store the next day to exchange them. Thank goodness for 30 day returns. I got a pair that was very similar but tortoise, Ralph Lauren. The only problem is the orange horse on the side, but I'll get over it I'm sure (I love orange). At least that's what my husband hopes so he can get some sleep.


pics thanks to Daily Candy- glasses from NYC's Fabulous Fanny's


Unknown said...

I'm feeling your pain. I'm the opposite..I'm a contact lens cripple (according to my eye doctor). I can't function unless I'm wearing my contact lens. Well, after I lost one of the lens, I'm now heading to the eye doctor to get a pair of glasses. I'm so very bummed. I haven't worn glasses regularly since I was 12. This will be a big adjustment for me. Hopefully, though, I will get a job that offers vision insurance and I'll be back to rolling with contacts again.

Post a picture. I want to see!

Formerly known as Frau said...

It's a hard choice considering the cost. I'm sure whatever one you pick will look great one you...you have a gorgeous smile everything matches that.

pve design said...

I have a new pair and contact lens too. They are so easy and really nice to have for moments when I feel I do not want my glasses. I love tortoise.
I know they will be wonderful on you.

Debra said...

Even if you don't wear them all of the time it's a big decision. Your final {?} choice sounds great.
Anxious to see pix of your twins birthday party.

Joyce said...

We are on the same wave length. I need to get a new pair of glasses too. Can't wait to see your new glasses and Jack's new haircut. xo

December said...

I really don't like wearing my glasses, they make me feel itchy.

Ina in Alaska said...

The last pair in your post are the coolest ever! Very Lady Gaga!!! I will eventually need to wear glasses too (I have had Lasik but my eye doc says I will need readers some day), and I hope to look as fabulous as Sophia Loren did in hers at the Golden Globes!! xoxo

Kristen Painter said...

Chopping onions? Wow, I'm scared of you. LOL

Deidra said...

I was singing that same song at the end of 2009...dragging my husband everywhere to get the perfect frames for my glasses. I wanted to get a pair of Kate Spades, or Guccis, but in the end, it was a frame from Revlon that rocked my world. Good thing, because my Christmas gift from the eye doctor was bifocals!

Dreams of Perfection said...

I need glasses so bad:o( Mine broke 5 years ago! Can I have the butterfly ones please?! Please do post a pic of your new glasses.

Kwana said...

Thanks for the kind comments and Kristen yes, be very scared of me. LOL.

Debra I don't think I can post pics of the twins party. they may bot be happy with me. I may post the cake though.

Deidra you are so funny. Sorry about the bifocals.

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