Thursday, January 28, 2010


For a while now I’ve been visualizing a revamp of my bedroom. One that includes a bit of paint and a little writing space for me and maybe the dreamy possibility of some shelves for some of my many book and piles. Now I’m not sure how I’ll get that to fit in my small space but I have some ideas.

You see I’ve tried writing in other spaces in my house but my bedroom is my sanctuary and I’m my most creative in there (Stop your thinking right there. This blog is family friendly, well, most days)

So here are a few pics that I have been dreaming on.

Speaking of pretty spaces there is a cool competition going on at Apartment Therapy called the Big Window Challenge and blogger and decornista, Eddie Ross is entered. Today is the last day to cast your vote. You can go here and check out Eddie and the rest of the competition. That gorgeous bag on the chair alone deserves a nod don't ya think?

Have fun and what projects are you visualizing today?



A Day That is Dessert said...

I like the sound of your plans! No big projects here...I am trying to get a few more things on the walls, that's about it.

Frau said...

I love the idea....second is my fav!

pve design said...

You know all about my big project looming over here.
I can hardly wait for my studio to design, create and inspire, hey there will be enough room for you too!
Did you see Real Simple, there is a perfect writer's space for you, I will show ya.

Ina in Alaska said...

I need to get serious and replace the old, worn navy blue carpet in the entire upstairs of our home. It is time for change! I redid the entire downstairs in 2008 and it is so nice there.

Love your room redo ideas... in a couple of years I think the Dear Twins may open up a space for you... xoxo

Deidra said...

I decided yesterday that I will paint my bathroom this weekend. It's long overdue!

mizwrite said...

Oooh, I love this kind of stuff, Kwana! I'm curious what space pve design saw in Real Simple -- they always have gorgeous ideas. I can't wait to see that one! I bought the Pottery Barn "Workspace" book, and could sit and drool over those desks for hours. :) It's great for ideas. What color are you thinking?

Jax Cassidy said...

I love looking at dream office's. I think it's important to have an environment conducive to production...getting an author's juices flowing.

Great post!

Keira Soleore said...

What a delicious blog! Home office furniture is more enthralling than food to me. Since I can't do it in reality, I dream on magazines, catalogs, and blogs. So thank you for these images, esp that bottom white desk (and green backdrop).

annechovie said...

You deserve your own creative space, Kwana! Love your photos. Have a super weekend. xx

Kwana said...

Deidre, I'm not sure what color I want to go for in the bedroom. It's a peach that came with the house and my DH likes it but I don't. I love the pic with the green but have lots of it in the house. I may just go neutral and work some pictures. Maybe I'll find an old desk and paint it a fun color.

Kwana said...

Sorry it was Miz Write that asked about the color. Although I don't have a good answer.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I love that you get creative in the bedroom. Hubba, hubba. ;-) Seriously, I love the idea of a writing nook in your bedroom and your inspiration photos are...inspiring!

We're busy visualizing at the shorehouse, too. Every spare minute has been filled with sketching, taping outlines for imaginary walls, and figuring out how to rewire the attic. Eek! I think I like shopping at yard sales much, much more. This project is making my brain hurt. :-)

VICTORIA said...

Love that purple drapes,adapts so well into elegant is fabulous,you are very creative and simple yet outstanding works as well.thanks for sharing.inspiring.

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