Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Secret Garden

What's Jack up to? He's having a happy Saturday just being Jack. His newest thing is ripping up any napkins or paper towels that he can find. Oh the joy for me! More to clean up. Nice.

Today I thought I'd post some pictures of my not-so-secret back garden. Last weekend the DH, DD, DS and I planted a few vegetables. I wanted to plant tomatoes for the longest time but with a only a front yard (I'll show photos of that later) and not much back with this stone wall I had no clue where to put the veggies.

Well, Nana came over and being the Southern woman that she is she knew just where to put it. After being merciless with one of my plants that she said just "had to go" she had the bright idea of planting the veggies in front of the stone wall. We now have tomatoes, cucumbers, string beans, squash and peppers planted. We'll see what takes. I'm looking for collard greens to put up the hill in that barren spot but can't find them. Our local place was all out last weekend. Who know they would be so popular in Scarsdale?

Are you The Mole? The new season starts Monday night on abc. I'm going to give it a go. I like trying to figure out stuff like that. See these rocks covering that big hole. We don't have mole but we've got a pretty big and scary groundhog that's driving me and the DH crazy. Ugh! I hope he or the deer don't eat my veggies.



Friday, May 30, 2008

Ask The Agent

Hi All! Welcome to Ask The Agent for this week with the fab Elaine Spencer from The Knight Agency. Thanks again for the great questions. Don't be shy now. Keep them coming. Please post your questions in the comments section. Elaine can't answer what she doesn't have. Keep this party going!

How would you feel about taking on a first-time author with a romance in one genre, who wants to write in additional genres of romance? Do you prefer/advise that she stick to one until established?

This is a VERY common question these days. There are a lot of authors out there that are finding great success in writing novels in multiple genres. The fact of the matter is this is the essence of how many of today’s successful authors are breaking out. They are contracting themselves out to different publishers and hooking readers from a variety of audiences.

As an agent we never want to restrain an author’s creative process by telling them they can only write in genre A or genre B. However, it is our job to help them realize and manage the many complications that come with such a decision.

Taking on this type of obligation opens the door for many new obstacles including juggling multiple deadlines, budgeting promotion to different markets, and having to devote equal energy to creating multiple top-notch projects, no small feat. I can tell you that I don’t discourage authors from traveling this path, but I do make sure that they can handle the pressures associated within any one genre before tossing them into another as well.

So, in short, yes, I do prefer to wait until they are some what established in one before advising them to spread their wings to another. However, if you talk to my clients, or any of those at TKA for that matter, I can pretty much guarantee that none of them will claim we haven’t encouraged them to write what they love. Passion for a genre definitely translates onto the page and it definitely helps in the sale of books

I was wondering, are agents today only interested in representing authors with full length novels? I have written a novella, and I'm wondering what my chances of getting representation are.

I hate to be harsh, but as an unpublished author the chances of getting a novella, or even an anthology of novella’s, published is slim to none. There also isn’t a whole lot of money involved in the process and so when determining how I’m going to budget my man hours, this type of opportunity holds little appeal to me.

This is of course, as always, just my opinion. I can tell you I don’t want to see queries for novellas, no ifs ands or buts.

Thanks so much. I hope that was helpful. Come on back for next week's post. Also click on the Ask The Agent label to the right to read past posts.

Oh, and Scroll down for a little more TOP CHEF talk!


Top Tom and Clay Pot

What's Jack up to? He's acting all happy and dancing around like he's singing Thank God It's Friday as if his job is so hard. What's up with that?

This is why I heart Tom Colicchio. Check this out from his blog on bravo:

"And before I wrap up for this week, I have to comment on last week’s episode because it’s clear Dale’s dismissal has been a real bone of contention with viewers. Interestingly, after watching an episode purely as an audience member -- in other words without the benefit of having been there –- it’s finally sunk in why our viewers get as riled as they do when the judges’ decision doesn’t jive with what they’ve seen
I wasn’t at the Judge’s table last week. I saw the same version of the show as everyone else. And based on what I saw, I expected Lisa to go home. She made two dishes that didn’t work, and Dale made one. Dale was also credited with executing the short ribs (albeit from Spike’s recipe) that were the team’s sole saving grace. The judges said they let Dale go because his scallops were the worst dish of the night, and while I know there was plenty that was discussed among them that didn’t make it into the episode, and while I certainly didn’t taste the food, (which is my typical snarky response when someone gripes about my judgment -- "Look, buddy, YOU didn’t taste the food,") from what I could see it was a pure numbers game. Lisa’s two lousy dishes against Dale’s one. End of story. "


See. If he was around I bet Dale would still be there.

In other madness... Check this out from TMZ. Feel free to discuss.

Posted May 29th 2008 4:00PM by TMZ Staff
TMZ has learned Clay Aiken is going to be a daddy. In case you didn't process that, Clay Aiken is going to be a daddy.Here's what we know. Multiple sources tell us the mother is Jaymes Foster, a record producer and Clay's best friend. He lives at her home when he's in L.A.We're told 50-year-old Foster, who produced several Aiken CDs, is due in August. She's the sister of record mogul David Foster. She divorced a few years back and has no kids. Aiken is 29.We're told Foster was artificially inseminated. But Clay is a lot more than sperm -- we're told he will have an active role in raising the child.No immediate word from Aiken's rep.



Thursday, May 29, 2008

Marley Gibson Chat Tonight!

Hi all! My friend and agency sistah, Marley Gibson aka Kate Harmon will be chatting at 8:00 pm eastern time in The Knight Agency Chat Room. Stop on by and give her a shout out and ask a few questions of this fantastic new author!

Oh and don't forget to ask about her upcoming Ghost Huntress series. Oooh Scary!!!

Scroll down and talk Top Chef. UGH!

Hanging Your Hat

What's Jack up to? Right now he's chillin' perched high on the couch where he can watch the coming and goings of the block. There's no getting anything past Jack.


ANTM is over and so is Survivor but thank goodness I still have Top Chef.

The show opens with the women excited about 3 women in the final four. I’ll be excited if Lisa is not one of them. Is that mean? Well, I’m still bitter so I don’t care.

The Quickfire challenge is top butchery. Spike was the man with the dry aged long bone in rib eye or at least that’s what he thinks.
Padma and a guy named Rick Tramonto are waiting at the Top Chef kitchen and they have to prepare their steak for Rick. He likes his meat medium rare. OK. I’d never know what to do with than bit of info.

Richard made me laugh when he said he liked playing with a lots of meat things. Suddenly I was 12 years old. Tee hee.

Loved Antonia with all her butter. She was a second Paula Deen. My kind of girl.
Bottoms were: Stephanie, Richard
Tops were: Lisa (UGH!) Spike and Antonia
Winner was: Spike. He knows his way around a meat market. Why am I not surprised?
Elimination challenge is they are taking over Ricks Steak house for the night. Uh-oh. Feel’s very Hell’s Kitchen to me. It could be a problem.
All the chefs have 3hours to make an appetizer and a main dish.
Spike got first dibs as the quickfire winner.

The chefs are making:
Spike- scallops and Tomahawk chops. Everyone is giving him crap about his frozen scallops. Even Tom. Ha! Every time he tries to screw over the other it always backfires. He’ll never learn.
Antonia- warm mushroom with artichokes and rib eye
Stephanie –veal sweetbreads appetizer and beef tenderloin. Folks are going nuts over her. I smell victory.
Richard-Crispy sweetbreads appetizer was good. Prime Beef tenderloin. I love how he’s thinking of his wife home working hard. That’s sweet.
Antonia-mushroom and artichoke salad.
Lisa- Grilled shrimp and NY strip with spicy apple and peanut butter. Tom pulled a face on her with that one. Not 3 minutes into things was Lisa already talking sabotage. Is she serious with that crap?

Tom is the expediter in the kitchen, meaning he’s the head guy in charge overseeing everything. So they had better not mess up in the kitchen.
Judges love Stephanie’s entrée. Surprise. Surprise.

Sidebar: The survey this week was which chef was sent home too early. Andrew, Jen or Dale. Of course Dale won. I know this poll went up because the Bravo message boards probably went wild when Dale was booted last week. Hence the poll this week. They know a screw up when they see it. I see a whole new show here. The battle of the prematurely eliminated. Two easy picks off the top of my head: Dale and Tre. Who would you add?

The VIP’s arrive and it’s Hung, Howard and Ilan, all past winners. Hung look hyped on, well, I don’t want to know what. Let’s just say life, shall we?

Tom ran a smooth kitchen. No, not Hell’s Kitchen there.

Back in the NSG room and the chefs are ready to hit the sauce, but Padma calls them all in before the drinking game can begin.

First up is Richard. They like the appetizer want more sweetbreads. Entrée was nice.
Stephanie They like all around. She is the shizzle! She did sweetbreads too. Note to self: try sweetbreads.
Lisa was a problem with the app and the entrée
Antonia The like-ee
Spike they like his meat, but not his scallops. The judges tell him he should have never picked the frozen scallops. The Spike the big dummy tells Rick; well he should have never had them in his restaurant’s cooler. Oh, no he didn’t! Crazy!! I can already hear it. “Spike, pack your fedora and go.”
In the NSG room he realizes he was an idiot for it. Um, yeah.
Back to the judges it’s down to Lisa and Spike to go home who will it be?
First the winner. No surprise there its Stephanie. Woo hoo!
Richard and Antonia also go to Puerto Rico.

Now back to Lisa and Spike. I so wish it was down to these two last week. But the loser this week is…Spike. UGH!

I’m even sad to see Fedora Spike go over Lisa and you know how I feel about him. When will it be ding-dong the witch is dead? Next week off to Puerto Rico and if my eyes don’t deceive me, I think she washes and cuts her hair. Hmm worth tuning in.



Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm Tagged

What's Jack up to? This morning he's Mr. Jump-A-Lot, as usual. Hopping from the floor to the couch. I've taken up my rugs so he's having a fine time scooting around then jumping back on the couch. Oh Jack!

So I've been tagged again. This time by the lovely Michelle Lauren . I won't pretend to be interesting or that you'll want to read this, but I'll give it a go.

Here are the rules posted at the beginning. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leave a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? Let's see my twins were 4 and I was still working in fashion. I think I was probably trying to figure out what I was doing with twins and heading off on factory trips to Turkey where there were already armed guards everywhere. It was crazy. The mind is slightly fuzzy.
I'd work than rush home to pick the kids up from pre-k and have a bit of quality time with them before getting up and on the train to head back to the city to do theme boards and fittings for buyers the next day. Trust me wasn't much glamor involved in the job. And yes, the devil did wear Prada.

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today? Only 5? Insert snort here.
Write, Laundry, Knitting, Feed family (inc. dog), Write some more. I could go on and on...

3. Snacks I enjoy: chips, California rolls , chocolate, pasta, bread, popcorn, really anything salty and crunchy

4. Places I’ve lived: I'm a Native New Yorker. Harlem Girl and Washington Heights now living in the burbs. Don't know how that happened.

5. Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Travel the world and still write. Buy a vacation home near some water. I'd give to lots charity, but be really careful about it and personal. I'd like to see the money really touch people in communities close to home first them go more global. There are so many hurting right in our own backyards. Our food banks are stretched so thin you know. It's a shame.

6. Peeps I want to know more about: I'm so dang nosy. Can't you tell? Well, they don't say alive or dead so I'd be all about asking questions of Jesus and folks like Gandhi and MLK because I think people are always twisting around their words for their own selfishness.

I've always loved Josephine Baker (Nana's name is Josephine) and have you seem my own hair on most days? I'd love to talk to her about guts in the face of adversity and having all those kids also dancing in bananas!

You know I'd like to really know Lady Oprah and also Barack Obama because if he's going to be our next pres I'd like to have a sit down.

Okay. I'm tagging: LoveWorkMom, Wish List Mom, Megan, Louisa, pbw and David Dust. Have fun. Don't throw tomatoes!



Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back to the Grind

What’s Jack up to? He’s getting his beauty rest after the long holiday weekend of too much socializing. I know how you feel Jack, but no rest for me there’s work to be done.

How was your weekend? Mine was a Hot Tranny Mess! Well, not really. It was really a gorgeous Tranny Show on Sunday night when I went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday at Lucky Cheng’s in The Village! Here is one photo that can be shared. Maybe more to come later once the official photographer sends them to me since I came out with no memory chip in my camera. Smart huh? I also got to go to another friends wonderful housewarming and make some new friends so yay! Then had some neighbors stop over for am impromptu Memorial Day get together which was lots of fun since it was totally unplanned. So this was a banner weekend.

Anyone get to watch The Bachelorette last night?

2 hours of oversensitivity and then raging bouts of testosterone. The Show opened with the three guys who got 1st impression roses on the last episode, Jeremy, Jesse and Richard, moving in with DeAnna and the rest of the dudes moving into the guest house in camp like barracks.

Then DeAnna went on a group date to a magic show where she disappeared with one guy making the others very upset. Later there was some sort of camping trip that I was too busy to pay much attention to, but I was lucky enough to catch Ryan, the virgin football player, tell all the guys that he was a virgin and stop the conversation cold. Screech!

There was a later group date at Dodger Stadium and Jeremy, the real estate attorney, rocked the other guys in the Home Run derby and one on one time with DeAnna and opened up to her telling her that he lost both his parents. Aww. Very Sad, but pulled him a rose. Cagey eh?
They showed the chef, Robert, in his Dodger shirt with a pink polo underneath (collar up) worrying if he’d get a first impression rose. I’m thinking no.

Then we get to see the whole group of guys sit around shirtless while the single dad opens up about his 3 year old son. Aww.
Is it me or the wacky folksy guitar music in the background or is the most ridiculously sensitive group of guys ever?
Later all the guys turn on Jeremy, even Ryan the virgin football dude. What up with that? Boy fight!

How do the guys do it? Why with glares and push ups of course!
Going home this week are: Eric the Greek guy who has to date a Greek girl and that was what DeAnna had going for her, Chris who pretty much pushed DeAnna away on his way out the door and Ryan the Pro Football Virgin doesn’t get why he was kicked out and didn’t make a connection. He was voted friendliest in 8th grade ya know so thins makes no sense!

No tears from the guys this week only DeAnna. Be Strong Girl! There's no crying in Baseball!
Now time to get to work:
Lets see there's:
Laundry, housework, doctor, P/T, proposal to write, bills, more laundry, more housework, kids eye doctor etc.
What's on your to-do list?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

What's Jack Up To? He's wishing you all a Happy Memorial Day. Hope the grills are all fired up!


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Promotion 101

What's Jack up to? He's happy today. Well he's, Jack so he's happy most days, but he's particularly happy today. Trotting behind Nana's every step to see what she slips him. So far I've caught: salmon croquettes, hash browns and a crunchy cheese doodle. He'll be just awful once this weekend is over. I won't be able to do a thing with him. But he's having fun.

Thanks to all who checked out Ask the Agent yesterday and if you missed it please scroll down and ask away!

On a lighter note. Diana first snagged this video from Marianne's blog and now I'm snagging it from Diana. It's just too funny to not share. Feel free to snag it from me. Happy Saturday!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Ask the Agent- Why Don't cha?

What's Jack up to? He's jumping and bouncing off the walls. Happy for the long Memorial Day weekend filled with BBQ's and plenty of neighbors to bark at. Lots of fun to be had. Oh, and Nana will be over for a visit which means tons of secret treats that I won't know about. Bliss.

So, today is the first of the weekly installments of Ask The Agent with my Fab Agent Elaine Spencer of The Knight Agency. Yippee! You can now tune in here every Friday's to see what question or questions (there will be 1 or 2 a week) Elaine has answered of yours (or I have posted-grin!) for the week.

Please feel free to tell a friend. It's sure to be super informative. As it's already been proven, Elaine doesn't skimp on the info. You can click on the Ask The Agent tag under the labels on the right to read the other segments. You won't be disappointed.

How much do we love Elaine for doing this? Sooo much.

Now without further delay... here we go...

1. I've had nearly a dozen agents ask for a full manuscript after having read the first 100 pages and literally gushing over them. Then nothing for more than a few months. I'm assuming something is wrong with the last part of the book, but since no one has actually rejected it, or commented on it, I have no idea why the first part is so good and the last part turns people off. How can I find out?

First off, Congrats on having a full requested! This is a big accomplishment all on its own. As an agent I see upwards of 100 queries a day, accounting for this level of material combined with the additional partials that I request, my clients’ work and material I receive from participating in conferences/contests/critiques for me to go the extra step and request a full manuscript is a BIG DEAL!

This probably isn’t going to make the wait any easier on your part, but think about the time that the agent has to invest in reading the full manuscript. For me to sit down and invest in a 300+ page novel that may or may not end up being something I’m interested in I have to clear the decks and put it at a higher priority than all of the previously mentioned queries, client material, and partials that are also sitting and awaiting a response from me.

I have yet to meet an agent or editor that isn’t always trying to “catch-up”. I set my own personal goals for getting up-to-date on everything, but the second that I get there, another a whole new avalanche of material is sure to come raining down.

I think the first step is to realize that its not necessarily you, its just the demands of the requesting party’s schedules. However, that being said I’m not making excuses for these long time lapses in response time or saying that you don’t deserve an answer within a reasonable time frame. This is your work and you’re trying to get it published! Someone has to make a move or nothing is going to happen!

What I would suggest is ask the requesting agent/editor how long their typical response time is right when they request it. Try to get a feel going in for what the typical wait-time might be so you can psych yourself up and not feel like you’re hanging on the edge of a cliff day in and day out awaiting for that response :) . Also, these days most agents have their average response times posted somewhere whether it be online or in a Guide to Agents. Go check these sources so you can get a feel for what is normal with that agent.

If I request a full it probably means I’m pretty interested in the project, that I really see something in the sample I’ve read. If that’s the case I’m going to jump on getting a read in as soon as possible. My response time for fulls is typically less than it is for queries or partials just because I don’t want to see the manuscript get away. But that’s just my style, I know a lot of others that work this way too, but I’m not speaking for the industry at large.

Whatever the timeframe, after the stated time has come and gone since the request (plus a bit of a grace period) check in with the agent/editor and ask if they have a status update. You have to be proactive about these things or you are just going to sit there wondering (as it seems you currently are!).

Despite all of this don’t forget that you need to have a great FULL manuscript. A common problem I see is that writers really focus on those first three chapters, then an agent or editor gets very excited only to see a full and be let down. Make sure you are spending equal amounts of time making every bit of the novel as powerful and perfect as the opening line. You have to hook an agent on line one AND NEVER LET THEM GO!

Regardless of how the editor/agent feels you do deserve a response though, so as I said, don’t hesitate to follow up, but only do this AFTER the suggested time has passed.

2. How many requests do you ask for on average from the huge number of query letters you receive in a week? And what makes those query letters standout (other than following the guidelines of course *grin*)

It all depends. (Hopefully everyone knows we do all of our query reading electronically) When queries hit my inbox, they all get sent away to a nice separate little outlook folder. (and let me tell you, I’m a bit behind on my folder so its looking a little bulky and intimidating right now!) When I’m ready to sit down and dive in I do a first pass. As I’m reading if I see something that strikes my fancy I tag it with a flag, and if it isn’t for me (or anyone else at the agency) I will pass along my regrets. I go through all of the queries in this fashion until I’m left with a folder that is strictly flags.

I then reread through those flagged queries a second time to see they still hold equal merit the second time around. After a second look I have a pretty good idea if I think it’s a strong enough idea to justify a partial request, especially since this next time through I’m seeing it in the context of all of the other best queries.

Some days on my second pass I notice that I have twenty emails flagged, and I’ll end up requesting 15 of those. On other days I’ll only have one or two flagged, and upon second look neither of them really snag me. Its just luck of the draw. I’ve tried and am yet to find pattern relating to which days I get the best stuff J It seems it is pretty random regarding quantity received and quantity requested.

I can tell you I don’t have a “quota”. If I see thirty great queries in one day, you better bet I’m going to request 30 partials. In the same regard if I read 300 queries and not a darn one catches my fancy I’m not going to feel obligated to request a single partial.

That's it for this week. Thanks so much Elaine and thanks for the wonderful questions folks. Please keep them coming and post your question in the comments section. I'll be sure to pass them on and we'll have them for upcoming posts. This is fun! I hope you all are having as much fun as I am.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Top... What tha-?

What's Jack up to? As I'm writing this at 11:30 he's snuggled in his bed after a day of being 'Just Jack'. You know. Getting into all shorts of scraps and general mischief. It's tiring.

Now for ... Top Chef

OK, I'm going to try and get though my notes and do the recap as I intended and not let my bias of the ending get to me, here goes. If you didn't watch don't read any further. Click off and go catch a repeat show tonight if you don't want to know the outcome. You've been warned.

The show opens with the chefs being awakened by Tom Colicchio at 5:45 am for the quickfire where they have to go to a famous Chicago restaurant, Lou Mitchel's and work the egg station. Sounds hardcore. The top station workers are Dale and Antonia and Antonia is deemed the winner. This is her fourth win. Bummer for my Dale.

Then Tom tells the chefs he's going out of town and won't be there for the elimination challenge. What? No Tom? Say it ain't so.

They meet Padma at a not so secret location for the challenge and she tells them that Restaurant Wars is back on! The Chefs are way too happy. I don't get it. I can't stand all this team stuff which is why I fly solo. Hmm, that may have come out wrong.

Since Antonia won she gets to choose her team. She quickly snatches up Stephanie and Richard which leaves Dale, Lisa and Spike on the other team.
It's suddenly Wedding Wars part Deux! I smell trouble cooking.

The teams are off to Whole foods and I notice how bad everyone's hair is. Why is Richard now wearing a this bra-band in his hair? Strange.

Antonia's team, Warehouse, is all butterflies and light and I think there are doves flying around them putting ingredients into their baskets. While on Dale's team the gods are turning on them from the start with Spike stirring the cauldron and I swear there are trolls stealing the rice they want right out of the store!

Then onto Pier 1 and Stephanie is doing decor for the Warehouse restaurant and Spike is shopping for Mai Buddha. I guess he's the one for his great way with accessories?

The horror continues in the kitchen when in place of Tom, Anthony Bourdain comes in and gets Dale's Team, Mai Buddha sweating even more sine he knows Asian food better than anyone. Uh-oh.

Back to work. And reinforcements are brought in. It's Mark, Andrew, Jen and Nikki and the teams can each pick one. Antonia Picks Nikki to make some pasta and Dale picks Jen.

Poor Mark and Andrew. I don't think Andrew even speaks. He just glares at Lisa. I understand, sweetie. Those wounds run deep.

The fights continue with Dale and Lisa. He tells her some of her food is no good. She can't fix it. Spike mentions how he can't be blamed. He should be kicked out for that comment alone.

It's still beauty and light on the Warehouse side. I think I see elves working over there now along with singing mice. Just great.

Times up. Its service time. Stephanie has changed into her swanky black dress and Nancy Sinatra boots and Spikes taken off his fedora for the occasion. The kitchens are hot and Dale is hotter. It's a mess.

Down to the food. No need to go crazy. Warehouse is better. No fighting. Elves and fairies cooking the food and it shows.

They win and Stephanie is the ultimate winner. Good for her. She's the tops.

Now the losers are called out of the Not So Glad Room and Spike is the ultimate in jerkyness. I just can't stand him. he should be on a daytime soap for being such a villain.

Lisa is just a nightmare. There is not a thing about her I like. She can't cook. Has he won a challenge at all? She never steps up to the plate, but of course, not of it is her fault. Nev-ah!

Now to Dale. His food wasn't good. The judges said so, but he also had no help. I just wish he could have cooked on his own.


Back in the NSG room. Spike and Lisa talk behind Dale's back and he calls them out. Go Dale!
Uh-Oh! Back for the judging. Spike is in. Crap. Down to Lisa and Dale. Please let it be Lisa... Please let it be Lisa... It's.... OMG. DALE!!!!

They have got to be kidding me with this! I can't believe it. How can both Spike and Lisa still be here and Dale gone. I can't take it. He's won more quickfire's and challenges than either of them and he's out. It's not right. This day went from bad to just way bad-er!

I'm so over Top Chef... at least for now. Love ya Dale.

On another note congrats to David Cook for winning Idol and making a fool of Simon. I do love that!

Come on back tomorrow for Ask the Agent. Tell a friend!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do these kids make my butt look big?

What's Jack up to? He's chilling today and just wishing that spring or even summer would finally come. It's now May 21 and all of 48 degrees here this morning. Brrrrr.

I'm watching Oprah, yesterday like moms the world over at 4:oo. I know so cliche, right. Sorry. So, Lady O is doing a show about that show 10 Years Younger which airs on TLC, which I love when I catch it. The show is featuring moms who have kinda let themselves go pretty much putting the needs of their family before taking care of themselves. Boy was she preaching to the choir, I thought as I looked down at yesterday's jeans and my standard uniform tee shirt.

Lately, my entire existence has been a big pre-teen and now teen filled angst time suck/mind suck, that has honestly left me stressed and haggard. Now I know I willingly signed up for it so don't start throwing your tomatoes, I may just throw them back. But the show like all shows like them at least got me thinking for the moment to take some more time for myself and not put EVERYTHING into everyone else. I instantly called my hairdresser.

Lady O talked with this author and I guess new guru, Kathy Freston about making over your life and you know me, I went straight to the Westchester Library website and ordered her book because I just love all things Oprah and a good self help book. Oh happy day. I'll let you know how it is. But you also know I'm a flibbertigibbet so who know how that will work out. Eek.

She also talk about this 21 day cleanse thing. Oh, I just love Oprah. She will try anything. Whenever the weight is creeping back on her she is telling the world and dieting with everyone just like me. What a hot mess. Say what you will. I'm with you O. Not sure about the cleanse, though. That Kathy is skinny as all get out and a Vegan to boot. Pla-ease! I'm still having trouble with Core, but we'll see.

On another note: It was back to girl power on Dancing with the Stars. It got down to Kristi and Jason as at he final 2 as it should have been. I have to say I was pulling for Jason because he is such a heartthrob but I'm fine that Kristi won it. I'm glad a girl won it. It was a fun season.



Reversal of Fortune

What's Jack up to? As I write this he's snuggled up on his bed sleeping like a little sweetheart. If only.

So, The Bachelorette came on last night. You did watch, didn't you? The show starts with a recap of how DeAnna’s heart was broken last season by Brad the cad.

Then we get into this season’s guys. There were some Freaks and some Geeks. I could have done without seeing guys shaving their own chest hair thanks or the oyster farmer talking about a pearl necklace. I just don’t want to go there thank you very much.

But it didn’t matter I was sucked in with the handsome math teacher and the motorcycle riding real estate attorney who got the first impression rose. It was so much fun watching guys fight for time, making fools of themselves and also being vulnerable.

One guy, a chef, decided to start cooking in the middle of the party. A crab martini. Sounds like a winner. Hey does he work at Legal Seafood? Can he get her in without the hour wait?

Then DeAnna brings out her good looking girlfriend as a distraction and a way to see who is really into her or who would be into just any pretty girl. I suspect some may be into just any pretty girl. Especially the one that asked her to sit on his lap!

The night goes on and just as the producers want the liquor keeps flowing. Finally, men start to strip and jump into cold pools, there’s talk of shrinkage and they have a right good show.

I don’t know about you but I’ll be watching this season. What about you? Got to see the “amazing connections” and the tears in the limo. Hey we almost got some tears on this show. There was howling. I kid you not.
On another note it was the Finals for Dancing With The Stars. Any Predictions? I thought Kristi was flawless but my heart and I know lots of hearts are with Jason all the way.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Mommy Blogs- So what of it!

What's Jack up to? Happy to be chilling alone after the weekend with DH and Dear Teens confined to Dear Home and studying or is that just me. Ok, it's just me. The weekend was full of tons of grrrr worthy moments. Totally blog worthy, I've got to think about that.

So I was checking out Dooce's blog. If you don't know her, she's the Ms. IT of the premier bloggers out there and has been heralded as "THE mommy blogger" and she was posting about her appearance on The Today show which I was bummed to have missed since I'm crazy about this type of stuff.

I was so happy that she put up her appearance and slightly annoyed when I saw it. Not at Dooce a.k.a Heather B. Armstrong who has thing blog thing so down pat that her own DH gave up his own day gig to manage her blog biz, but at The Today Show for sending a girl to do a woman's job and the dismissive way in which it was handled by the interviewer.

I can't stand it when folks are interviewing people on subjects that they clearly know nothing about. This just burns me up. Kathie Lee said she didn't know about computers. Check out her blog here. Sigh. Big ups to the assistant for typing it up for her. That would totally have been my job back in my early fashion days.

First as mothers we have THE toughest job in the world then when we try and do another job and still be there for our family we get put down. Not cool.

You watch and tell me what you think of the interview and the whole mommy blog thing in general. Discuss. Have fun.

If you'd like to see a really good interview with Heather check out this Nightline one. I think it gives the subject the tone it deserves.

All you weekday readers please scroll down and check out the weekend posts and chime in. DON'T DREAM IT BE IT! And don't forget the MEME somebody pick up a book and take up the cause.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Don't dream it... be it

What's Jack up to? I can't get that dog out of the closet lately!
He's taking to hiding in our hall closet, probably because it's such a mess with all the stinky boots and he just loves the stink. The problem is when you go to pull him out of his coziness without the lure of a treat he gets all growly and tries to bite your head, well, hand off. Seriously. What's up with that? The nerve.

So you may or may not have noticed the little Jack drawing with the read me sign over to the right there. My friend pve did it for me a while back with my banner sketch. We have been talking quite a bit about what it takes to manifest what we want out of life.

For me it's my novel writing, getting published, getting paid and also how I'd like to do some freelance work since I've been enjoying the interviews I've been doing on this blog so much.

So P asked me why I wasn't putting it out there in the world. To that I didn't have a real answer. Insert shrug here. Smart huh?
So now here it is.
Out there.
It's a small step, but it's a step.

What baby steps will you be taking to realize your dreams this week?

On another note, can you tell from the title of this blog what one of my all time fav movies are? I was lucky enough to first experience it in all it's glory when I was the ripe old age of 12 at the midnight showing of the 8th street playhouse in the village. Oh to be a NYC girl. Happy days! K, you remember.

"Don't dream it- Be it." I first sung it at age 12 and have not stopped since.



Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Meme - I'm it!

What's Jack up to? He's having the Saturday crazies with the kids at home. Extra wildness ensues. Fun huh? Not.

Well, Jack won't be too wild, in fact, it should be fairly sane around here for part of the day since the DH has to work and he's going for daddy of the year by taking the DD into the city with him for the day and leaving me with little league duty and the DS. It's cool and I can get some work done if I decide to hang at the field with my laptop.

Thanks so much to you all for checking in with Ask The Agent yesterday. If you missed it please scroll down and check it out. It was fab if I do say so myself.

So I'm been tagged yet again. This time its by the sly Elizabeth with the page 123 book tag that's been going around. Here are the rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book.

2. Open to page 123

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the next three sentences.

5. Tag five people and post a comment to the person who tagged you once you’ve posted your three sentences.

OK here goes...

This tag is perfectly timed because although I'm reading, like, 4 books right now, I just came from the library to pick up some books I had on hold and I was so excited to get A Moment on The Lips by Phyllis Bourne Williams my new blog friend whose book I'm going to dive right into. Yippee!!! Do any of you do that to? I'm so crazy.

So, page 123...

He gently removed the melting ice cream come from her hand and wiped her palm with a napkin.

"The doctors said I had a stroke."

"What?" Grant asked skeptically.

That's it 3 sentences. Don't you want to know more about this 'her' that had the stroke and this Grant dude that's gently removing melting ice cream cones from her hands? I sure do and I will. Yes!

As for tags, This has really been going around so I'm going to leave the tagging to you all. If you care to play have at it. Leave a comment and say you're tagging yourself. I can't wait to see who plays. Have fun!


Friday, May 16, 2008

Ask the Agent- Round 2

What's Jack up to? He's having a field day barking at all the folks walking by since this is the week of the town Firefighters carnival (did I tell you I now live in Mayberry) which is not far from our house. Jack's in bark heaven putting me in headache hell. UGH!

So I told you she'd be back and here she is and not just back one more time, but my fab agent Elaine Spencer from the fab Knight Agency has agreed to allow me to make Ask The Agent a regular feature on my little blog! Woo Hoo!!

So after today look for a new question or two to be answered here every week! Please just post your questions in the comments section and check back to see if yours was answered. I think I'll make Friday the day I post Elaine's answers. I know being a pre-pubbed my self I just love all this insider info. I hope you do to. Thanks so much Elaine. We so heart you!!

This week Elaine has banged out many more questions from the original batch and here are her answers. These are some good ones ya'll enjoy!

What do you think are the key elements within the author's responsibility in the marketing plan?

The number one thing that people need to realize going in is that books don’t sell themselves these days. As an author it is your responsibility to have a plan, the days are gone when a publisher’s marketing department can afford to donate a ton of effort to all authors in the earlier stages of their careers.

The biggest place that an author can grab control of their marketing plan is out on the web. Build a presence, build a fan base, camaraderie sells books. The Internet is a free tool that millions of readers access every day, therefore it’s equally important for authors to embrace it. With e-commerce as popular as it is, and sites such as contributing to sales numbers, it only makes sense that these same buyers will be out and about on the Internet searching for information and reviews for their next purchase.

I think that the key word in your question is plan. The most important element for a newer author is having a plan and sticking with it. Gather an idea of your target audience and then allocate your resources to best hit that group. I think you need to know up front a basic dollar amount that you are planning on spending, and then determining how you can get your agent/publisher/writing groups to throw in additional support be it via dollars (publisher) or word of mouth (agent/friends).

Do your research ahead of time and have an idea of how you want to see your title promoted. Then go out do research and just look around to see who is doing what you want to do, and how are they accomplishing it.

However, it is important to remember that while Marketing is important, it is in no way a sure bet. I know lots of authors that have spent countless hours and high dollar amounts to promote a book that in the end flops. Unfortunately there isn’t a key to success (or lots of us in this business would be much, Much, wealthier). I have heard many authors in the top-tier of the industry remind folks that at the end of the day the way that they got where they are now was through hard work and producing a quality product

I'm interested in how marketable a contemporary sexy (but not full on erotic) romance written in a light/humorous tone would be. Regardless of trends, is this genre still healthy? I ask because we are always hearing about the hot erotica market, but what about the contemporary romance that doesn't close the bedroom door, but also doesn't get extreme.

I think that there is a large opening in the market right now for the contemporary sexy romance. Over the past several years there has been a huge influx in the market in terms of the availability of erotic novels. When publishers saw reader’s positive reactions and demand to this material (which had previously been largely limited to online publishing venues) they jumped onto the erotica publishing band wagon.

For a period of time all we heard from editors was HOT, HOT, HOT. If a project didn’t fall into this category, no dice. Now, after several seasons, there is much more erotica available in print and online, leaving readers’ bedside tables with a constantly growing pile of TBRs. Now that the gap has been filled, I believe that the super-charged demand we’ve seen in the recent past for only erotic manuscripts is slowing down.

Yes, there are going to be many editors and readers that are going to continue to want high-quality stories in that genre, and I believe it will continue to sell strongly. However, I think there is a certain leveling of the field going on. Many readers still crave a story that is just a bit more conservative, the super-spicy doesn’t work for them. In turn more and more editors are asking for manuscripts that run the gambit, they want some that satisfy the romance reader’s need for romance, sensuality, love and passion, but that don’t push the limits, and then they also are looking for the page turner that is sure to sizzle.

How much do freelance editorial credits figure into your decision to take on a writer? Also, do you think they influence acquiring editors and advances?

I don’t look at freelancing at all unless it directly relates to the market for the book that is being pitched to me. Yes, we need strong writing, but strong writing is nothing without a strong story.

I have seen many manuscripts from “professional” writers that bore me to tears and leave much to be desired in regards to plotting, pacing, characterization, conflict etc.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this type of information doesn’t turn me off to a writer, it just doesn’t particularly turn me on. I would venture to say that this is true of most editors as well.

**Disclaimer, I answered this from the perspective of an agent that deals largely with fiction projects, and the fact that I believe most of this blog’s readers are also fiction writers. Depending on the situation/project/proposal I imagine the exact opposite might be true for non-fiction projects.

Elaine, I used to hear that if you were contracted with an e-publisher, agents wouldn't look at your work. Now it seems like I'm seeing a number of writers moving from the e-publishing world to big NY houses. Does being published by a small press or an e-publisher help or hinder a writer's effort to attract interest from an agent and from a mainstream publisher?

I think the trend of moving from E-pub to NYC took off a little more than three years back and hasn’t slowed a bit. As it gets harder and harder to find that editor/agent that is willing to take a chance on an unknown and the market seems to be slimming for new talent, the e-publishing world will continue to draw many high caliber writers that just want to break in.

I think that being e-pubbed can be a great foundation for certain authors and can certainly get them the attention that will take them to the next level and actually break out. There is one catch here, the only one that I think authors need to be careful of in regards to a negative impact their career.

As the popularity of e-publishing has grown, in certain instances(and I do NOT say this to be insulting), the standards have lessened. It is important that an author is familiar and comfortable with the e-publisher that they sign up with. That they know of the practices and images that they are going to be associated with by making the connection.

In the end, I feel much the way about e-pubbing as I do about many other issues that unrepresented authors seem concerned with (i.e websites, contests, freelance writing, etc), at the end of the day the proof is in the pudding. These factors typically play little into my decision to sign on a new client – bottom line it’s the story that counts. Being previously e-pubbed may help you, it may hurt you, but generally it bears no consequence.

(and this was a VERY abbreviated answer to a question I could go on at length about in terms of the pros/cons of e-pubbing, trying not to bore anyone to tears )

How do you (and editors you work with) feel about first person present for a chick-lit style book?

No problem with it here. I think that the first person POV is pretty much par for the course when dealing with this type of project.

It works well and creates an immediate and intimate view into the characters life which is essentially what this story is going to focus on.

Isn't chick lit dead? Books that have a chicklitty voice need to be "branded" women's commercial fiction or whatnot. They still work well in first person present tense, I think, but they can't be called by the VERBOTEN label.

Yes, it does seem that “chick-lit” has been branded a dirty word over the past few years. However, the stories definitely still work and still sell. Over the past few months I have heard innumerable professionals say that they are looking for these types of manuscripts.

Here’s the thing, the story can be 100% chick-lit in tone, BUT, the story needs to be a bit evolved. The typical “girl in the city with a gay best friend who just lost her job as a personal shopper on the same day as her fiancé dumps her” won’t work. Editors are still looking for stories that appeal to this demographic of readers, but they are demanding a bigger hook, the much-dreaded “higher-concept”.

Once the project sells how it will be branded and marketed is entirely up to the publisher but it will most likely have a bit more of a grown up feel and look. However, lets not be oblivious here, a leopard without its spots is still a leopard. All editors and agents do all day is read material in their field of specialty. If you send an editor a chick-lit book that’s dressed up as an “up-market light commercial women’s fiction” manuscript, within about ten seconds and one paragraph they are going to know what they are dealing with. No one is fooling anyone!

My point? It is more important than ever that you nail the story and voice straight on so they get over the issue of if chick-lit is dead or not and look instead because they see the potential for a great story.

When you are ready to offer representation, is it usually before or after you request some edits or changes? In other words, would you generally tell a potential client that you want to see the book after X, Y, and Z have been tweaked and THEN you'll discuss sending a contract, or would you generally take that client and put her/him under contract and THEN send an editorial letter? I've had both of these things happen, and was just wondering which one is more common. Of course, the agent I made all these tweaks (improvements, all, I thought) for didn't take me on, and the deal-breaker was that I didn't do ONE of the changes because I thought it would ruin the ending, and I asked that we talk about it further . . . but no, that was the end of that one. *sigh*

This totally depends on how hot *I* feel the project is. If its something that I see potential in, and might be interested in if that potential was developed I’ll ask for revisions and a resubmit.

That is how most agents practice. Now as a result I can tell you I’ve suggested revisions that an author has taken and made and then they have sent/signed with another agent before giving me another shot. Why you ask? Well, because I already turned them down once (this does not make Elaine happy). But, this is the risk we take.

Why do we take this type of risk? Why put our time and our opinions on the line without a commitment? When I sign a client it is for the long-haul. I hope to stick with them through the thick and the thin and I have to know that I’m totally confident in their abilities up front. I have to know that I am going to end up with a product that I believe in. If not we would just be spinning our wheels, flipping client lists season by season, this is extremely ineffectual process.

I have had instances where I’ve read a flawed manuscript but still fallen in love. If I know that it will be a project I’ll regret not having should it get away, hell yeah I’ll put all my eggs in one basket and sign them on up front. It’s a gamble, but its gamble that is totally worth taking when you KNOW it’s the one (and you usually know that others are going to KNOW it’s the one immediately upon reading as well).

In this case, the potential client and I only partner after we thoroughly discuss what we are thinking in terms of revisions. We have to be on the same page and foot starting off or there’s no way that the revisions will make an ounce of difference.

Whew! See why I heart her!

This was such a great round. Thanks so much to all of you and thanks again Elaine. Don't forget to leave your questions and check back here weekly to see what's answered. Happy writing everyone. Let's all LIVE OUR DREAMS!!!



Thursday, May 15, 2008

She's the Tops! and He's out!

What's Jack up to? As I'm writing this he's down in the basement giving me a break and being company to the DH who's been working was too hard lately. I've been seeing way too much of his back.

America’s Next Top Model Finale Time

It’s Finale night for ANTM and it’s down to Fatima, Anya and Whitney. Tonight the girls shoot their Covergirl print ad and commercial and Anya is all verklempt about it. Ahh, so sweet.
Fatima was first and she was beautiful, but a little robotic. Whitney was clearly nervous, no beauty queen fakeness tonight. Anya was cute and giggly and uses her nerves well. Fatima was going on about how she’s so much more relate-able to others than the other girls. Huh? Well, OK, um, if you say so.

Already they are judging. Man this is a quick episode.
Whitney’s commercial was just, Eh. Her photo was also just ok for me, I was not all that crazy for it. What’s with the black and white?
Fatima’s commercial was no winner either and her photo was pretty and I actually like it better than Whitney’s but the photo is better to me and the judges hate it. Go figure.
Anya’s commercial was a mess with her voice but the cutest to me. Her photo was nice but didn’t showcase her. Paulina thought she looked stupid. Ouch. Who took these photos? Not your cute Covergirl shots if you ask me. Did ya? No. Sorry.

What did you say Tyra? A Donatella Vercace show!!! Hold the phone!!!
Commercial break and it was Selisha’s final my life as a covergirl. Buh-Bye- I have to say her’s were forget-able. Give me cha-cha Jaslene over her any day.
Decision time and the final 2 are… Anya and…Whitney!! Wow! Would it be that a plus size model could be the winner of America’s next top model? Is Top Model tired of playing with this?

The Runway show is lots of fun and I love the male models in the very tiny Speedos. Anya is beautiful and Whitney has plenty of attitude. What a short show with only 2 looks for the girls to work out. Oh well. Once again I feel so used. It seems to be the season and just that quick they rush them into the judging room not even changing poor Whitney’s dress.

Things look good for Whitney’s walk since Tyra says she reminds her of herself.
Always a good sign.
Then its comparing photos and they go back and forth. “She’s pretty-no she’s prettier.” It looks like Anya wins here.

So who’s the real winner? It’s…WHITNEY!!!! Holy Smokes. It’s finally happened. Paulina said it this should not be called Plus sized this should just be called BEAUTIFUL.
Sidebar: Syesha is out on America Idol. I don't think she ever got a fair shake. I’m not happy with it but I didn’t really watch this season. Let’s hope she does half as good a Jennifer Hudson.
Now onto Top Chef to top it all off.
The show opens with the chefs are still tired and Spike is still mad at Dale and Dale like 'whatever' and Andrew is still Nuts.

And guess who’s here? Cutie Sam Talbot!!! And another excuse to pull out the photo of me and Sam. Sorry, deal with it!

The chefs have to make a sexy salad in honor of sexy Sam and they have 45 minutes. It had better be fabulous.
I love that Antonia loves a fatty salad!
Having the extra time was too much for Stephanie and she didn’t finish plating her dish. Uh-oh.
Lisa’s dish was no good. Stephanie's was bad and Richard's was a no-no.

Sam liked Spike, Antonia and the fat and Dale. Spike is the winner. Boo!! Hiss!!

The elimination challenge is gourmet boxed lunches for the Chicago PD that are healthy too in honor of Sam who is diabetic. Aww.
As the winner Spike gets to pick his protein, vegetable, fruit and whole grain first and then the other chefs can’t use what he picks so he picked chicken, tomatoes and bread to mess up the other chefs royally.
Andrew is extra crazy this episode and making Stephanie smell his ‘success’ in Whole Foods. Back off! Every girl does not want to smell your 'success'. Nasty!
Here's the rundown:
Antonia is making curry beef and jasmine rice.
Andrew a Sushi bowl? For police officers?
Dale is doing cabbage cups with bison and Antonia is convinced he is a one trick pony.
Lisa is doing brown rice with Shrimp and stuff. Tom thinks it’s too spicy.
Stephanie is making a mushroom leek soup.
Spike is doing evil chicken salad.
Fauxhawk Richard is doing lentil burritos.

Suddenly Lisa realizes somebody raises the burner on her rice and she is MAD! She’s crying sabotage. Time is running out and its chaos all of a sudden. Lions, Tigers and Bison, Oh my!

Now the chefs are the Chicago police department and being a cagey about passing their food out.
Stephanie’s soup goes over well.
Spike’s salad is pedestrian.
Dale’s bison is nice and flavorful
Antonia’s beef is well cooked and delicious
Andrew’s sushi is a manic as he is.
Richard’s burrito is tasty and not an annoying as his catchphrase of "tell me do you like burrito?" Sounds like a bad pickup like to me. Always answer no.
Lisa’s stir-fry is spicy and the rice is undercooked.

Back in the Not So Glad Room Padma calls Dale and Stephanie. I’m happy. They are the top 2. I just love Dale’s green headband. Makes me want to run and get some shell top Adidas. The winner this week is …Dale!!! Yay! In your face Lisa and Spike. He gets wine and to visit Napa. I wonder will Dale be there when I am in July? Hmmm…. Dinner with Dale. How intense would that be?

The losers are are Lisa, Spike and Andrew. Let’s get ready to Rumble.
Andrew is fighting for his sushi and drops the F bomb.
Spike looks hot and sweaty in this week’s hat. The judges call him on his ingredient pick which is great. They saw right through him. Then he got all tippy with Tom. You just don’t do that. Double smack.
Lisa is all, “whatever dude.” Then crying sabotage again. Pla-ease. Nobody believes that mess. The shrimp were bad too. Then she adds out of the blue that Andrew didn’t use a whole grain. Threw him WAY under the bus. WAY UNDER!!!

The Not So Glad Room in mad as hell. Andrew is making even Antonia scared. She needs to move her butt over and away from Lisa. I wouldn’t sit next to her with Andrew making the crazy eyes.

They are all called back and the chef going home is… Andrew. UGH! He's cute and says that no security is necessary as he leaves. Classy. So Andrew. I’ll miss him. I’m so mad it wasn’t Lisa. SO MAD! UGH!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

To love a Cougar or not? It's a jungle out there

What's Jack up to? He's stealing socks today and hiding in the closet. Ugh. It's toddler time all over again.

What's with the cougar in my blog title. Well, I was watching American Idol which I really haven't followed this season, but it was on while I was scurrying back and forth with dinner so I got into it. While it was on I saw a sign flash that said "Cougars 4 Cook" and I was like, Eww! Now the whole Cougar thing never really crossed my mind before and it's been out so long that it's kind of over I think, but in the context of ultra pure American Idol it just seemed wrong and, well, Eww, to me.

Now most us are women of a certain age here. Chime in and tell me what do you all think of the term Cougar?

While I'm at it what do you think of The AI final 3? I like Syesha and think she should win. David A. is too sweet, besides his Dad is already banned and David C. will be just fine no matter if he wins or not, but the judges clearly don't like Syesha. I don't get it.

Now sort of still on the "cougar" topic lets talk the Sex and the City premiere and the fashions! Specifically, Sara Jessica Parker's dress and hat. It's all the talk with the New York papers. I have to say, I'm not a fan. I feel that she was trying too hard with this one and the color was not for her. Does anyone else remember the episode with Burger and the cooky hat where he made fun of her? This was the same thing! Say it ain't so, Carrie. Big sigh. I do like Kim Cattrall's look though.

And, we won't even talk about the decision of having the premier in London over New York when New York was the 5th star of the show. Whatever. I'll still be buying my ticket.

So it was goodbye to my spunky little Marissa on Dancing with the Stars. I know she annoyed quite a few this season with all that darn exuberance, but she always made me smile. Buh-Bye Marissa! Good luck with the baby!

Update:I just found out on GMA that her dance partner, Tony and his wife are expecting boy/girl twins (like me!) so good luck to him too!


Sidebar: 'Thee that shall not be named teen' came home yesterday hungry and mad that I did not answer thee's lunchtime call to run the forgotten lunch over to school. Pla-ease! As if.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Crazy in Love

What's Jack up to? He's sending the DH on long walks for nothing then doing his business where he's not supposed to. Oh Jack. When will you ever learn? Do I need this crap? Really. You're lucky you're so cute.

Teens Ugh!!
I know I'm not supposed to talk about 'those who shall not be named' on this blog, but some times a girl's gotta vent. How can a woman feel like she's already had a draining day at only 8:30 in the morning? Man. Then you look and a lunch is left on the table. And you're not helping out. No way. The kid that left it stormed out after giving you a bunch of unnecessary attitude. Let said kid starve, you think. It will serve said kid right. But of course that doesn't stop you from feeling guilty thinking your kid is starving out there which you know is not true. Ugh. Get over it! You've got a life and work of your own to do. Enjoy the few hours you have to do it because come 4:00 the fun will start again. Women gird your loins!

True Love?
So on to better things. It's true love! Really it is. Stop laughing. I'm serious. Matt made his decision and after, what? 8 grueling weeks and 25 women he has found his true love and it was not Chelsea, but crazy Shayne! Why does that make me so happy. Those cagey Bachelor editors had me going and by the end of last night episode I was rooting for Shayne with her bleach blond hair and her big brown doe eyes all the way. I'm even hoping those two zany kids make it.
I'd be tuning in to watch Shayne take on London. All her wild mad antics around Buckingham Palace. What fun.

And they have quite a fan club over on Youtube there are even fan videos. Check out this one that will make you believe in this love story:

It was a sweet silly ending to a pretty boring season and now I'm ready for next week and DeAnna- The Bachelorette. Let's watch 25 men make fools of themselves whining in limos talking about how they felt an "amazing connection." Right. At least Nana will be watching with me.


She's a Survivor- Spoilers Ahead!

What's Jack up to? He's back to hiding out in the hall closet. I don't get it but he's a dog and just loves it in there. It's that cave quality I guess.

Mother's day was really nice. I wanted peace and quiet and for the most part that's just what I got. Plus I got a awesome new camera!!! How happy am I? I love my DH and the dear twins most of the time (well all of the time, but don't tell them that). Thanks Guys. Especially the DH for really listening to my wishes. Check out this pic of a peony from my very own garden yesterday. I'm so excited. I'm going to bore you all so much now with nature and Jack shots. You'll be sick of me. You can practically pick a petal!

Woah Nelly? Well it was getting tense there with the first vote at tribal council on the Survivor Finale last night. I was nervous for Cirie. Natalie was playing the game hard. But her scheming didn't work and she was out. But with abs like hers she'll be just fine.

Then Amanda, Cirie and Parvati go back to camp and get into a big 'ol fight and have a girl crying fit thinking of a final 2 instead of 3 and they get all scared. Then what happens? They wake up, get tree mail and find out it's a final 2 not a final 3 and they have to go through another immunity challenge. They should have never voiced it. The producers probably decided to throw it in the night before. Ugh! I wouldn't put it past them.

Sidebar: How good does Cirie look after 37 days? Man she got thin. I totally want to go on Survivor but what do I wear for all those days? It must be fashion perfection.

The final immunity challenge is all about concentration and darn Jeff Probst can't stop talking. I'm sure the women all want to just yell shut up. It's so tense that I suee do. First Parvati is out
Then finally it's Cirie and Amanda wins immunity.
Now Amanda has to choose who to take to the end with her. Parvarti thinks she has it made to go to the end. We will see. Final tribal council and the eye rolling is intense as Amanda cries over her decision. What a game.
The 15th person voted out and the final juror is Cirie. The only thing I can hope for is that she'll make it as the fan favorite. I sure voted for her.

Now it's time for Amanda and Parvari to duke it out against the Jury. Yikes. Let the hatin' begin.
Eliza is MAD. The Eyes are rollin'
Jason wants to love Parvati
Alexis works with young girls but quickly pits the women against each other.Natalie is just strange and wants to get all sexual with her question and Parvati? Huh? Talking about the bedroom? Huh? And where did she get here brows done on the island? Huh?
Erik look like he was crying before this jury poor thing he's still hurt.
James is all mad at Parvari and they are airing their mess on TV. Yikes. Cold.
Cirie is clearly mad at Amanda for not picking her and if she was up there she would have won the whole thing. Mother of 3. Yeah she would have won.
Ozzy was crushed by Parvati and was ready cry over losing 14 days with his love Amanda. Aww. Survivor love. Will it survive?
The vote is on they are back in NY and every one has pack on 15-20 pounds, but they are still looking good.
Let's count the votes:
Parv-AAAAA! It's making me crazy!!!!!
Parvati!!!! Is the Winner
But... Amanda wins Ozzy's Heart!
And the fan favorite is... James. Just for you Wish List Mom! Thanks for a Great Season. I LOVED it. Can't wait for Survivor Gabon in the Fall.

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