Monday, March 31, 2008

Finding Your Voice

What's Jack up to? The wild boy is just being Jack and running around like crazy this morning. Jack you have to calm down. I've got lots of work to to today.

So it was a busy weekend with my DD's dance recital which was wonderful BTW. Thanks for all the kind comments and well wishes. She was beautiful and oh so sharp and professional. I was proud.

We decided to sleep in on Sunday since Saturday was such a late night, but come Sunday morning, bright and early, I was tossing and turning, my mind racing with anxiety. I was so tired and all I wanted to do was rest, but rest wouldn't come. Something was bothering me and it was my current work in progress.

Right now I'm trying hard to write something that will be a kind of break out piece for me so I'm playing with lots of different ideas. And for the most recent one, I just keep getting stuck. Stuck, stuck, STUCK. I keep seeing things unfold so clearly in my head, but not being able to put words to the images.

So with rest not happening, I got up left my DH and went to my other love, my lap top.

Bleary eyed (and out of coffee, yikes) I opened my document, yet again, and started to re-read the same old lines. I was in the scenes, but they just didn't have that oomph that they had in my head. I was detached.

Then suddenly after days and days of struggling I knew exactly what the problem was. I wasn't writing from my natural point of view. Although I knew the characters and saw them clearly, I didn't know the narrator of the story. It didn't have my VOICE.

I was like some of the poor kids on American Idol when they pick the wrong songs. They know the lyrics, but the voice doesn't match. Only when they can make it their own does it really work and they get the votes they need to make it to the next week.

So, I renamed the document and started rewriting, changing the POV entirely. And once I did that a lot of my fears and anxiety started to melt away. A little. I'm a writer. Fear never really goes away.
I was smiling and feeling good. Suddenly I was there with my characters, confident that what I was saying was exactly what they would want me to be saying. That odd knot I had was starting to unravel and I could sing again!

For all you writers, artists or for whatever your field is, how do you or did you find your voice or are you still struggling to find that illusive thing called "VOICE"?


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dancing With Myself

What's Jack up to? The happy dog is jumping and bouncing way to much for me on this Saturday morning. Give me a little time to sleep in please, Jack.

Tonight's my family and I will be attending my DD's annual modern dance recital. This will be the the 10th year that we have come to some such sort if thing.

And I'm sure that even though she's much taller, way shapelier and a bonafide dagger shooting teen, I'll look on that stage tonight and for a moment I'll see glimpses of that four year old that used to look for only me in the audience and flash me a mega-watt smile. What mother can help it?
Yep, that's her on pointe and she's amazing at modern (tonight's concert and her speciality) and hip hop too. The girl's got talent! So join me in a Bravo for the DD in honor of her show tonight. Happy weekend!



Friday, March 28, 2008

Thank God it's Friday?

What's Jack up to? I suspect he's still miffed at me for sneaking him off to the vet yesterday. Sorry, Jack, but it the shots are required by law, I think?

I can't belive Friday has come so fast. For me it was too fast.
One of the things on my to-do list this week was to carve out a more concrete space for myself. I have no real office space in my house. I tried the basement, but it felt like a dungeon to me and I ended up right back upstairs on my bed with piles upon piles by my bedside and the DH telling me it was a fire hazard.

But this week I got these two slim shelves and hung my dry-erase idea board in the breakfast nook off the kitchen claiming it for myself. Cute huh?

How soon before there are piles and piles all around? Gee, I hope not too soon.

For other cool looks at work spaces head on over to my friend pve design's blog. All week she's been showing desk vignettes giving us peeks into other's worlds. It's fun.

In honor of my new/old space and for some inspiration here's one of my favorite clips from Pride and Prejudice. Oh, Mr. Darcy how I love thee!
I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Top Recipe

I just came across this recipe for Stephanie's Mixed Fruit crumble thingy from Bravo that everyone went ga-ga over last night and thought I'd share. Honestly, I'd like to just snack on the Cinnamon Gyoza, but that's beside the point. And for the life of me I don't know what chiffonade is in this recipe. Oh well. Enjoy.
Mixed Fruit with Oatmeal-Pine Nut Crumble, Cinnamon Sugar Fried Wontons
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Serves: 4


Fruit:2 peaches, diced small

1 pint strawberries, quartered

1 pint blueberries

2 plums, diced small

1 cup sugar

1 cup water

1/4 cup basil, chiffonade

3 limes, juiced, zested


1/4 cup heavy cream

1 cup cool whip

1/4 cup coconut cream

1t Mexican cinnamon


1/2 stick unsalted butter

1/2 cup flour

1/2 cup light brown sugar

1/4 cup pine nuts1 cup oatmeal


1/4 cup sugar

1T Mexican cinnamon

6 gyoza wrappers

Fruit:Mix all fruit in bowl. Add sugar, water, half of basil and lime juice in non-reactive pot. Bring to boil. Let cool until warm. Pour over fruit and place in fridge. Add in remaining basil when cool.

Cream:Whip heavy cream until stiff, whisk in cool whip, coconut cream and cinnamon.

Crumble:Mix all in mixer. Crumble onto the nonstick pan and bake at 350 degrees until lightly browned, stirring to break up every 5 minutes.

Gyoza:Mix sugar and cinnamon together. Cut wrappers into 4 triangles. Fry at 350 degrees until lightly browned. Dust with sugar.

To Serve:Add fruit in bowl. Top with a dollop of cream and with crumble. Serve with fried wonton (gyoza).

If you try it. Please stop back and let me know how it turns out!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Topsy Turvy

What's Jack up to? Wacky Jack is getting shots today. Shh... Don't tell him.
Poor thing. Wish him the best.

It was a Topsy Turvy Wednesday.

For America's Next Top Model I was picking up my daughter from rehearsals so I actually was the ending of ANTM before the beginning so I missed all the drama and buildup and went right to the judging room. I was just as surprised as Claire to find her standing next to Aimee. Going by the pictures I thought it should have been Stacy-Ann. But I think the right girl went in the end. Buh-Bye Aimee.

Now I get to back track to the drama ...

What's up with Claire and Lauren and all the cursing at Dominique. I understand you're mad about the clock but ladies. Really? I think the producers may have rigged that clock.

And wasn't Claire being so 7th grade? She had better not win CoverGirl of the week this week.
Side bar: Wouldn't the world seem better if the nightly news was read by Anya?

And we won't even talk about Tyra's all about me 'pose with pain' modeling class. Do they teach that at Barbizon? Oh, Tyra you crazy thang!

Now onto Topsy Turvy Chef! Yay Wednesday!

It starts out with towel smacking between Spiky and Andrew. Dudes this is not a frat house. Then Jennifer and Zoi (name does not match spelling) are all sweet together. I secretly think Jennifer (fauxhawx) is giving culinary secrets. I can't help it. Too many seasons of Big Brother for me!

Quickfire Taco Challenge. Great love tacos. Bummers. I wish I had some now. Too bad I can't get the DH to make a Taco Bell run but I know he'd call me nuts. Am I crazy or is Manuel's accent suddenly thicker for this challenge? What's up with that?

Sidebar: Wanna here something funny? This is the first time I noticed Lisa on the show with her bad skirt steak. Has she been her all along? Has she always had the eyebrow piercing?

Should we smack Richard the fauxhawk showoff with his "may I eat one with you?" Smack! Then darn it! Richard wins!

The intensity on this show is crazy. Thump Thump - Sweat Sweat. wish I had pictures. Ugh.

They are splitting into teams and I suspect some fights ahead did anyone miss the big time Toyota product placement? I didn't think so.

Blue team- I'm nervous for them. And the Sexy Drink Lavender. It sounds sleepy to me.

I'm also nervous for Stephanie and changing up her dessert. Frying and moving? Wasn't that a disaster last week for whatshername?

Time for the party. Hey there's Ted Allen! Good to see ya.

Service is up. Did you notice, Manuel has no accent? I did. Accent doesn't make the Taco.

But hey the blue team's food is not looking too bad. I wonder if the sleepy drink is actually sexy. I'm surprised that Stephanie can cook. Her dessert came out good. Why was I doubting her?

Now for the Red team.
Food's looking food too and the guy's are characters. Poor Padma dropped her Smore.
I wonder what the judges think of the dipping bar. I'm on the fence with that.

We'll find out. It's time for the Judges table.

Ugh oh- Blue team is called in first. I'm nervous for the Red team.

We got bad cheese in the mac and cheese from Nikki, no good paella from Richard and I think the good Drink and dessert from Stephanie took them over the top. That Stephanie is Rocking!

Then Tom brings down the hammer and says, well you won but it wasn't that good.

Ouch Tom! That hurts!

Now the Red team.
Man someone call for makeup and get these guys some powder. It's sweat city.

We got bad corn dogs from Erik, Wilty Waldorf salad from Ryan, bad pasta from Zoi and the whole Americana thing that I thought was good turned out to be pretty bad. Oops.

Dale is silently shooting daggers. Duck!

Andrew gets crazy defending his team. Security!

Deliberation and nail biter time.

Man the Corn Dogs did him in. The lovable Giant is gone. Buh-bye Erik.


Wednesday? No Way!

What's Jack up to? The poor thing is just watching me run to and fro this week. He doesn't know what to think.

I can't believe it's Wednesday already. Just the thought gets my heart racing and um, I don't want to go up that road. Too scary. Must chill. Still so much more to do.

It's crazy how fast this week is going. It feel like all I'm doing is driving up and down the main drag running all over the county. Thank goodness for Left Talk radio and Audio books to keep me sane. Sadly the Writing pages aren't mounting up like I'd like. Generally typing while driving is frowned upon. Go figure.

So I'm folding laundry and watching Dancing with the... Stars? and those music sensations (?) The Jonas Brothers come on and start to sing. Now I never paid them much attention, but I've heard the talk. "He's the cutest", "No, he's the cutest". Ugh!

But wait a minute are they singing A-Ha from the 80's, Take On Me?Who are they fooling? And did anyone else notice that they are pretty much Hanson re-dux with black hair and accessories?

So I'm wild for this guy, Brandon Hardesty that reenacts scenes from movies in his parents basement. Here's his take from Atonement. Enjoy! More later.



Monday, March 24, 2008

What Happens In Vegas...

What's Jack up to? Wild boy is chilling. The long holiday weekend is over and kids are back to school. Both of us are breathing a sigh of relief.

Dancing With The... Stars? was a blast. A nice escape for the evening. I watched enjoyed and cast some votes for Jason, Mario, Marissa and Kristi, but the night really got interesting after Dancing With The Stars? Hush now... Not that interesting.

I'm getting so suckered into this season of The Bachelor and I'm slightly ashamed since the girls are so bad. What's with these singing chicks? How many times have you all serenaded a guy on a date? If you have please speak up. I so want to hear the story. Just place in the comment section. No judgment here. We're all friends.
BTW. Don't you love these crazy high school style photos of the girls. So funny. I wonder if they each got a runner comb with each sitting.
And Ashlee with a bunch of E's. Way to be subtle. Sit on a bed and say you've been thinking of his lips? Did you graduate like, yesterday? But who am I to criticize. The girl's not deep, but neither are men. And my point was proven when she got her preemptive strike rose. So there.

Then the drama got all high with, Shayne, Lorenzo Lamas' daughter, who on day 2 went all stalkeratti in the casino. She was serving up a big plate of crazy. Pulling Matt by the arm and saying how this was getting "real" for her now. Really? Really?

Then Matt goes back to the ranch and he's lip locking with all the girls and Marshana gets jealous. She goes for the slow dance and tries to hypnotize hm with her eyes. It doesn't work! All the other girls are watching. Lips lock De-nied!

Oh no, Suddenly another girl is singing I can't take it. I don't know her name, but please Matt send these crazy singing chicks home. It's freaking me out.

But please keep crazy Shayne here. She's fun. Wacko, but fun. I know you think she's acting and I'm sure she is, but the girl makes for good TV. I mean we don't have Stacy any more. Sob.
UH- OH. Rose ceremony.
"Will you accept this rose?" "Yes. Oh Yes."
The tension is mounting. Final Rose. Shayne sweating, it's between her and some wacky singers so I'm sweating too. But end the end crazy wins out. "Shayne will you stay and rock my--", oops sorry wrong show.

But wait, maybe it's not the wrong show. Preview for next week and there blood and gore. Yech!
Off to Write! Bye!

Monday Monday

What's Jack up to? The little bugger's all tuckered out after causing havoc this weekend and running around the neighborhood terrorizing people chilling in their own backyards! Oh, Jack what will I do with you wild one?

So, how was your holiday weekend? I hope it was truly lovely. I won't bore you and get too far into mine, but I would love for someone to to give any remedies on surviving a quaint family day with two teens. One who can pretty much tolerate you and the DH and the other who's shooting dagger's at you and the DH the whole time. Watch it! Duck! POW- POW.

Dinner feels like an episode of Survivor.
Picture Jeff Probst. "Mom, with the most votes, you are the fifth person to be voted of the island, your time is up."

Mom wipes forehead, looks back and and waves good-bye to the rest of the inhabitants.

"Whew", she mumbles under her breath.

She feels like, Chet. Freedom, a meal, a shower and a shave. No daggers. Sounds like bliss:)

I've got a super busy week ahead with plenty of writing (MUST WRITE!!), Dr. appointments and housekeeping to do. Plus even more driving for said dagger shooting teen. So that should be, well... fun.

What's on tap for your week? I hope it's dagger free.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

What's Jack up to? He's sporting his Easter bonnet
and marching in the parade!
Happy Easter!


Saturday, March 22, 2008


What's Jack up to? It's Friday night even though I'm posting this on Saturday. Jack's winding down after ending the evening by finding some fine mud to get into. Never a dull moment with the Jackster.

How much do I love these images of Victoria Beckham in a bag Labeled Christian Siriano from the Project Rungay blog. Head over there and check it out. Those guys are fashionistas to the fullest.

So I was tagged by Dawn at Dolce Diva Designs. Now I've done this one before but I'm going to try and come up with 7 more things.

Here are the rules:
1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So here I go:
1. I'm currently watching Bridget Jones's Diary for like the millionth time and still smiling!
2.There are flattering socks on my cream slathered, winter cracked, size 11 feet. TMI?
3. The cream is Elizabeth Arden's Fab Eight Hour Cream, recommended by me and Ms. Victoria Beckham. It really is a wonder cream. Even heals scars. Really.
4. I Love WHAM. Say what you will, I don't care. "Wake me up before you go go. Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo...." Oops. sorry.
5.I'm a Gemini with twins.
6.I'm Crazy for Reality TV. Did you know that? Ha.
7.I have an active imagination and a too short attention span, but once I do really grab a hold of something I'm fierce and never let go. Don't let me get a bee in my bonnet.

So I've pretty much tagged everyone I know all accept Eileen so Eileen you're it. Have fun!


Friday, March 21, 2008

Stepping out of the Jungle

Just when I'm getting into it the party's over. Bummer.
Last night was the season finale of Lipstick Jungle. Darn Writer's strike made the season like 6 episodes long. I have to say I really enjoyed this totally predicable, but lovable series.

So picture: this you're in the shower, the hall, the bed with your twenty-something year old boy-toy and you get phone call interruptus saying that your DH just had a heart attack. Talk about Buzz kill. That was the beginning of the series finale last night. Fun stuff, huh?

Going from this to this. Aww...

I'm still loving the Wendy story and was totally checking out they storyboard in the background of the Masha Mason character's apartment. I wish there was more with her DH in this episode.

Was anyone but me surprised about Miss Victory and her stepping out with the wild pair? Oh my. Took quite a bit of the sting out of Joe (Andrew McCarthy) being all Pretty In Pink and dissing her eh?

I can't wait for it to come back. It's good to get into a show again.


It's Super

What's Jack up to? The sweetie is a happy boy today after getting a nice long walk this morning and all the DH's attention since the twins have no school and are sleeping in.

Happy Friday and Happy Good Friday to all who are celebrating today!
So it getting down to the wire on Make Me Super Model and the girls are dwindling away. What up wit dat? It may be just me, but I was not feeling Ronnie cockiness when Shannon got voted out. He is feeling himself way to much.

I was also not feeling Tyson's bad imitation of DMX when he was coming up the stairs. Choose an image son! Please.
But, I was very happy to see the drama diva Naomi Campbell appear on the show. Everyone watch your phones and hold your breath!

Then it was time for the models to get naked and Perry had to get completely shaved and do a scary Silence of The Lambs thing. He also asked to get his girl friends tattoo photo shopped out. Once again proving a good point to my kids. Ouch.

Then it was time for the Catwalk and who comes out, The super diva Christian!!!! Now a pocket sized mega star giving catwalk lessons. And he said, "sassy". Let's all bring it back. Fierce.

Check out Holly in Christian's dress.

I'm going for the girl power and Holly and I've always liked Perry's look. I think he has movie star quality.
There was no bottom 2 or three this week but for me it's Ronnie and Ben. What do you think?



Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dropping like flies

What's Jack up to? Poor Mr. Jack is a little under the weather. We'll see how he fares today. It's all about chillin' today Jack.

So my first 2 reality shows were so sad lat night.

Poor Marvita was out at the beginning. There was no mystery in the show. The DH said she was out-ski as soon as he saw her with the 40 ounce. Tsk, tsk. I still couldn't help but feel sad for her and her very sad photo. I was hoping they would give me a top model twist and it would be Whitney gone at the end, but alas, no.

A few points: It is just me or is Dominique feeling a little Jade-esque?
Fatima? What up with the not shaving, gal? You knew Miss J would be all over that.
And who stole Lauren's shoes? That poor girl can barely walk in shoes she knows. She'll never be ale to break in another pair!

Then it was Survivor. Which I had forgotten was coming on but thankfully I taped it fifteen minutes into it. Poor Kathy. The woman had a full Survivor meltdown and left the show. it was all those times on Exile Island that wore her down.

Then it came time for the deliberation and it was looking like Ozzy's arrogance was getting the best of him. Half naked showers with random ladies won't win you any point. Remember: Have Equipment Will Travel. But in the end it was Tracy. Ozzy is still running things or is it Cirie?

Then on to, wait for it... Top Chef.

What's with Mr. Chill aka Spike stopping and listening to music? Work fool!

And Richard aka Mr. Smokey and the eucalyptus. How many times can he say, "molecular Gastronomy" in five seconds? Like fifty. We get it already Mr. Smokey. Yeech!

And Runaround Marc sweating out of the box and messing up with the bags. Ugh. High drama in the kitchen. Good thing he can cook even with mistakes. Go Curly! Immunity.

Can someone tell me why is Dale always mad, no matter if it's rainy or sunny? But, I'm starting to like it. He's just so dark.

Last thing on the quick fire, Andrew, can you can't to five? Duh? Moving on.
Next up, Crazy zoo challenge. What?
Jennifer starts talking about butting heads with Zoi. My eyebrow raises, Joke's too easy. I'll leave it alone. You all get 5 seconds. tick-tock. tick- tock.
So the chefs had to come up with something using the diets of the animals they get assigned. Pretty cool except the girls who got the vegetarian diet wimped out and started adding meat? That doesn't sound right to me. But it's crab, not too bad.

Is it me or is Tom smiling more than ever this year. Did he get a raise or is he just really enjoying torturing the chefs?

Time is ticking and mistakes are flying we got bad mushrooms and soggy chips. Antonia trying quickly to step away from Valerie's blini dish.

Surprise Surprise the winner for the challenge was wacky Andrew and his Glacier. If Dale could kill with his eyes watch out!

Back in deliberation it was a Dale/ Nikki smack-down. Could she see thought those glasses? Then it's Stephanie against Valerie and Antonia throws Valerie under the bus. Ouch.

End the end it was adios to Valerie. Buh-Bye sweet chef. See ya.

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