Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm on a quest

You know me, I can't hear about something going on without popping in to see what the fuss is all about. So Kristie's got this Quest going on over at her and Katie's blog. You can read about it here. You see she read Broken Wing and went ga-ga over it.

Now since The Great North and South Crusade which my lovely PIC hooked me up with came from over at Ramblings on Romance I had to jump on in with the Quest. I mean come on, I will be forever grateful for North and South coming into my life. If you didn't get on with that, please get thee to Netflix quickly and thank me later.

That said, I'm currently reading Broken Wing. I'll let you know if I end up a quester. Kristie was consumed. Wow. Big word. A lot for a book to live up to. Hmm...
So what are you all reading? Up to anything exciting this weekend.
I'm currently on the way back from home Savannah after being stuffed better than the Turkey this week.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give Thanks

What's Jack up to? Oh that little Jack will me feasting on way too many decadent treats that he really shouldn't have today. But it's Thanksgiving so it all will be shared with lots of love.
Happy Thanksgiving!

photo by me.

Please enjoy this special day will those you love

and remember to give thanks for whatever you have. Anything is a blessing.

Have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The biggest diva is...

So did you all watch the Not So Real Housewives of the ATL? You know I did. For the record I gave a glance to the new OC season, but just a glance. I can’t get my head or my heart into it yet coming off the ATL ladies. We’ll see as the weeks go on.

Back to ALT, I would not miss this hot mess for the world. I’m sorry (no I’m not) It’s my guilty pleasure and I loved it.

The looks, the drama, the hair. How could I not? All the housewives were in rare form. NeNe was taking no crap and telling like it T-I-S.

On to Kim…So now we know Big Papa/Poppa is married and Kim says stay tuned. Should we keep our fingers crossed and watch just to see if he makes an appearance. Come on! Does somebody out there know who this guy is? And the Kim cancer thing was that all and act?

And I still say Sheree left NeNe off the party list intentionally.
And I loved Dwight with the long hair and the advice at the end. So all in all I guess he was the biggest diva.

I sure hope they come back for another season. Could it be next week please?



Tuesday, November 25, 2008


How fab is she? This protege of Big Boi of Outkast, Janelle Monae actually kept me on the Dreadmill a full minute past my normal running time.

I love her fresh Grace Jones quality.

So who are you listening to?


Monday, November 24, 2008


What's Jack up to? Jack's tuckered out after a busy weekend (not so much) and a bath (much needed) so as I write this he's off to his bed. Way to hang Jack.

What fresh hell is this?
I imagine this is what my family is thinking as we stand in the middle of the waiting room of Sears portrait studio on Sunday. Yep, I said it. I take Sears holiday pics. I have been carting the dear twins down to Sears every year since they were a year old. 6 months really, but it was that first Christmas picture, all done up and incredibly glossy that had me hooked.

Their cheeks gleaming, eyes shining bright. What was a mother to do, but pluck down her card and sign up for the full package?

So there we were on Sunday at year 14. Another year with more new sweaters from Old Navy, Me, The DH, The DD and The DS, a bunch of other parents and an army of screaming infant to 5 year olds. My gang kept looking at me and saying, is this it? This has to be the last year mom. We are not doing this next year. Eyes roll, heads shake. Even the DH agrees.
The tears prick, prick, prick at the back of my eyes. This can’t be it. This can’t be the last year. So what they are not babies. They are MY babies and it was just yesterday that I was carrying them in here in my arms. Besides this is our tradition. Our family photo. Does it matter that we look like fools and my babies tower over these other babies all done up in their holiday finery and screaming like banshees.

In a few short years they won’t be here to take these photos with me and all I’ll have is the hi-gloss techi-color sparkle in their eyes, the memory of these days of my forced tradition and maybe some Aretha Sings The Blues or Amy Winehouse and probably a bottle of wine. Sob.

How will I get them all back again next year. Bribery? I'm sure they will get hungry sometime.


Sunday, November 23, 2008


So I was all ready to sit down and write some really profound post for the day (Hey! Stop laughing) when I get a call from this temptress down the street.

“Hey”, she says all sweet and innocent. “Why don’t you guys come on down the block? We’ve got our other buds here just having some grub and vino.”

Hmm, I think I’ve already had grub, but I could use some vino and I really like those other friends too, but I’ve got so much laundry to do and I’ve been out all day. I know I’ll just stop by with the DH for a few minutes- ½ hour tops.

4 hours later after much vino, more grub, music and merriment we roll back into our house.
I guess the holiday season had begun!

This one is for you friends.

Oh and TWILIGHT is done. Yeah, I have been bitten.


Friday, November 21, 2008

So Sleepy...

What's Jack up to? Brrr... I don't think Jack's even enjoying walking in this cold. He stops at the door and look up at us like, "you want me to go out in that?" So cute.

Alas I've been captured, drawn into the TWILIGHT web. I'm not done yet, only about 100 pages to go. My eyes would not stay open a minute past midnight last night. It was very funny as the girls in my DD's dance class flitted by and noticed what I was reading. There were opinions galore.
The movie is out today so I'd better get on it.

I can't imagine being anything but TEAM EDWARD. But who knows what happens in book two? I hear from the DD it's all about Jacob.

It's nuts for a 39 year old to be all TEAM EDWARD a 17 year old huh? Talk about Arrested Development. But hey, he's really over a century that's the way I'm choosing to see it.

On the upside at least the DD and I have something to talk about for two minutes in between teen/mom meltdowns. That's nice.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Top Dog

What's Jack up to? That Jack is doing his own thing. Making a comfortable bed out of coats thrown about and clean laundry that he secretly pulls down to suit his needs. What will I do with you Jack?

Today it's yet another grey day and cold as all get out with snow lightly falling. Ahh sweet. Not. I'm so not ready for this yet. And do my twins put on decent coats for the 27 degree weather? No. Like the teens they are. It's a little Northface for one and a Hoodie for the other and out the door. Oh well...

The finale of America's Next Top Model snuck up on me last night. Once again this season it was on and I didn't even notice. How did that happen? I guess it's because there wasn't a girl left that I could really get behind and root for. It was a season of just eh for me. Every interesting girl was out in the first weeks.

By the middle of the show Analeigh was a goner.

And it was up to Samantha and McKey to walk the wacky I just don't get it, it really doesn't do anything for the clothes, runway. And did you see those girls stomp? They were both in need of Ms. Jay's boot camp. Again.

Then no big surprise the winner was the girl the bugged me all season McKey. I will give her credit though. She did have the best Cover Girl ad. Congrats.

Now the question is will I be back for another season? I just don't know. This show has jumped the shark.

In better news Top chef was back back and there was a guest judge Donatella such and such with tons of restaurants I didn't know. The quickfire was making a Top Chef hot dog. Huh? The chefs were freaking out. Asian dogs, Indian dogs, sushi dogs, Sausage dogs. Just give me a Nathans please.

I notice once again Radhika, the Indian chef who did not want to be type cast went for Indian. Ok and boy can she serve up the dirty looks. But dirty looks and all she wins the quickfire and gets immunity.

The elimination challenge : Create a 3 course new American lunch menu and everyone gets a section, appetizers, entrees and dessert. Chefs get crazy for a sec then split into groups after pretty boy Jeff pulls rank.

Fabio talks a lot during this show and the more it goes on the better he speaks. Is he playing us or am I just getting used to him. Hmm I must watch carefully. Last week he needed cards just to say his dish. What's up with that? Is he really from Italy or Hoboken?

Moving on, Jill is in the egg isle of Whole Foods and spots ostrich eggs. Why are they there and why is she crazy enough to buy them?

Back in the kitchen, Tom come in and announces the the restaurant that they will be cooking in is his and the diners are all all NY chefs that didn't make the cut for the show. Ouch, nice crowd. Way do deliver good news Tom. It doesn't matter though because it's Tom. Richard and I don't mind.

At CRAFT the teams pick their locations and start prep. Jamie serves up the attitude. Do I like her? Kinda. Yeah. I think she and Eugene may be my faves but I'm not sure. Give me a few more episodes.

Carla is worried about her crust, Fabio goes on about olives and Sweet Richard surprises me by not telling Ariane about her overly sweet dessert. Ohh playing dirty. Do I like him? Maybe?

Tom arrives in the kitchen and it's time for service.

Jamie's soup is good.

Hosea's crab-bad


Fabio-Beautiful. the food. not him. That's up for discussion.


Jill-ostrich quiche-glue

Eugene-open faced meatloaf- bad



Alex-pork tenderloin-no good

Radhika-Avocado mouse- bad

Daniel-pound cake- good

Ariane-lemon meringue- too sweet- Padma spits it out.

Richard-sandwich- after school snack

Carla- apple tart- good

Finally Tom tries everything and the chefs sweat it out.

Jamie, Fabio, Carla, - They were the tops. Fabio still needs to hear himself talk and decides to argue before the judges could say they liked his dish. Ugh. I can't stand him. Of course he's the winner and he's tied with Stefan. These two should pull out a ruler and just get it over with.

The bottom three were: Hosea, Jill and Ariane.

Poor Hosea is surprised to be there. Ariane is nonchalant and Jill is just spacey.

Jill has to pack her knives and go.



Night Runner

What's Jack up to? That little stinker has the nerve to enjoy being stretched out in front of the fireplace even more than me. Jack you'd love it all the more if you were reading TWILIGHT too!

I think that maybe, kind of, sort of I've gone over to the dark side. Although I'm not fully able to admit it here because I don't want you all to throw it back in my face in a couple of months when there's snow on the ground and I'm snuggled up cozy in front of the fire refusing to go out let alone workout.

But the other evening after a particularly busy day with the teen twins, night had come with no workout. I went over the rest of the week on my head and it seemed that I would not get another chance for my daily workout. At this rate my training was going to quickly be blown. Oh well, shrug. What could I do? My life was too busy and look, it was time to get dinner started anyways. So sorry no workout for me. Shucks. Not.

But then it dawned on me. I wasn't really that late. I was just making excuses to push my needs aside and take the easy way out.

So I quickly threw on my workout gear, said goodbye to Jack and the Dear Son, pushed dinner back one hour and headed out for my date with a Dreadmill. For once family could wait. It was time for me. I'm still running. Not strong yet, but still running.

In other not so newsy news: I took the Housewives quiz. Wanna guess who I turned out to be? I'm a NeNe! Do you agree with that? All my friends out there shout it out. See I'm yet another step closer to Anderson. Just saying, again. Take the quiz here and see which housewife you are. I soooo want to know.

What did you all think of the finale? Don't these women with chefs crack you up? I'm so glad to know it's a real possibility. And have you seen the chefs? I just wonder how the DH would react to having another man cooking in my kitchen all the time. He would so NOT be going for that. The Alpha male would be out in full force. There would be a cook off every night.

But back to the show. What did you think of:
Dallas laying it on the line with Kim.
Mychael Knight sticking it to Sheree, but sweetly. I love him. He should have really put it all out there, but he's such a gentleman.
Then the big dinner. Whew.

And did you see the preview for the reunion show? OMG! This makes me talk way too much. But little Lisa's talking about flipping Malibu Barbie Kim over the couch. Till next week.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Gotta Have Faith

"Faith is stepping out on nothing
and landing on something"

I heard that years ago when I was in a hotel room in Turkey. It's one of those messages that came right on time. This was back in the days when I was a designer and I was in Turkey to get samples made to put in our showroom to show buyers the new designs we had for the season.
Sidebar: Note to Sheree ATL Housewife. This is how a desiger does it. You watch your garments getting made to make sure they are done right.

But I digress. I had never been to Turkey, heck, like Sarah Palin, I had never been out of the country and for this to be my first trip I was pretty scared. See, I was sent all by my lonesome to get the job done and I was not sure I could do it. Plus I had left my twin babies back at home. Eek.

I remember being in the hotel room on a Sunday flipping though the TV desperately looking for anything in English when I stumbled across BBC religious broadcasting. I rolled my eyes, but stopped anyway because it was the only thing in English and I was lonely. On the screen was an African preacher and I can't tell you what he was preaching on or talking about, but I do remember the one line he said that stuck with me all these many years.

"Faith is stepping out on nothing and landing on something."

Wham! I was dumbstruck. It was like a light-bulb went off. I felt like finally I got this faith thing. This believing in what you can't see thing. This believing in yourself, your ideas, your dreams, your hopes for the future, just believing. Faith. Wow.

So what brought this on? No, I'm not trying to convert any of you to the: Kwana Faith Believers Church. And really, like always, (I have teens) I'm talking to myself. Tell a friend about this blog, please. But seriously, It was another blog post that I read from a mother who lost her job and she was totally pissed at everything, rightly so. I get that. Cut to me most days. Just give me a reason and watch me go. Picture me with a cigarette and a cosmo and I don't even smoke.
I told her to have faith. Which sounds so lame and corny. Doesn't it? Then I remembered the saying from all those years ago. I hadn't thought of it in a long while and I really think I needed to. I think my Faith had been slipping a bit because Faith alone is nothing. Faith needs a partner. Action.

So thanks to her for this reminder and I hope in these terribly bleak economic times we all keep up our FAITH. Hey, layaway is back at tons of stores. Yeesh! Way to go out on high Bushie.

Painting: Allegory of the Catholic Faith -Johannes Vermeer (Dutch, 1632–1675)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Still Tired

What's Jack up to? Jack is whining for my attention. Wondering why I'm in no mood to get down and boogie.

That's because I've done too much boogieing over the weekend. On Friday night I just about danced myself right out of my shoes with the DH. He wore his tux and I wore that dress.

It was an elegant affair. Lots of fun with old friends and tons of laughs and good music old and new. Yes, there was some organized dancing which I loathe and the DH forced me to participate. Ugh. He was really funny though, intent on messing me up during the cha-cha slide and had me cracking up as we ended up totally messing up the line. Frowns all around!

A fun night.

The rest of the weekend was filled with teen angst, tantrums and drama. Ugh. Somebody please save me? Can Calgon take me away to Mars for the next 3 years?

How was your weekend?

What's doing for the week?


Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Likie

What's Jack up to? It's pouring today and he's wandering around the house as sleepily as I am. Ah, Sweet Jack.

This is just because I really like them. Don't you?

Flight of the Conchords


Friday, November 14, 2008


SAHM- Stay At Home Mom is there any saying that's more tiring or one that makes less sense? I don't think so. Remind me to write more on this later. Right now I'm too tired, but happy it's Friday, but too busy being a SAHM for that to make a dang bit of difference.
Sometimes it feels like everyday is Friday and Monday and Thursday and Saturday and Sunday for us SAHMs.

Whew. I need a nap or three or ten.

Pablo Picasso- Head of the Sleeping Woman 1907
MOMA Collection

Have a wonderful weekend.
Take a little time for you (and me too), heck, all moms every where!



Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back to Reality

What's Jack up to? I'm typing on the bed and he's squeaking something under the bed. Shhh, Jack. Woman at work here.

Catching up on the Hot Mess Housewives. Can you believe all that mess with NeNe and Sheree. If you ask me and I know you did. Sheree is totally playin' Kim and her two faced self. And yeah I know NeNe shouldn't have been singing that song but Kim should not be singing at all. What did Miss Jan say?

How do you spell Cat? K-A-T. Oh Kim. Quick, is Africa a Continent or a Country?

And Sheree's fashion line. Sigh. First off, I have a huge problem with a designer that won't pick up a pencil herself. I don't care if you can't sketch. Learn. The sketches don't have to be perfect they just have to get your ideas across otherwise you're a merchandiser not a designer. You have be able to Sketch, drape, sew or something. Preferably all of it. Once you're big then you can farm it out. And was she seriously getting her samples the day before without any fittings? Yeah, she's ready for the masses.

Grrrrr... Can you tell it's an issue with me from my fashion days? I actually wrote a whole book about it. A cute chicklit, um, sorry, young women's fiction, romance where the girl makes good in the fashion industry. It was one of my first. I still have it if some smart editor out there wants to give it a go, give me a holla. It's ready to roll.

Now onto America's Next Top Model. Finally it's Buh Bye Majorie. No more whining.

Buh-bye. Nuff said.

Now for Top Chef!! It's so good to be in New York.

The show opens with scenes of my hometown. I'm excited but tired. Man, why can't they put this on at 9. There are chefs arriving at Grand Central Station which I don't get. There are no planes there only trains and none of the chefs are coming from Westchester where I am. No, the first is from Italy and the next is from San Fransisco. Next there are chefs arriving by ferry. Are they coming from Staten Island are New Jersey? I shrug.

The chefs go onto Governor's island and now I get the ferry. Man I am tired. Padma disappoints a few chefs by wearing jeans, but Tom does not in his purple shirt.

There's a quickfire elimination and a poor chef is already taken out. So sad, Lauren. No NY experience for you.

No rest for the chefs they are quickly given their elimination challenge and draw knives for neighborhoods. The challenge is to cook a dish inspired by your neighborhood.

The chefs cut it up in their cool new apartment not quite in the heart of things. Money is tight and the economy is BAD. But the view is awesome. Already there are pissing contests for the position of Alpha dog. My money is on Stefan with side money on quiet Gene. I don't think Fabio is a real contender.

Bummer for Hosea and Carla with Brighton Beach and Russian food. He doesn't know the food and she's waiting for her spirit guide. What?

I'm suspecting some real characters this season.

Back in the kitchen it's the usual fun chaos and I'm so happy that top chef is back. Suddenly times up and the judges come in. Gail is covered up (Sorry David) and is it me or is she wobbly on her heels?

There's a face off and all I learn is that Richard has a crush on Tom. Big woop. Get in line, Mister.

I'm happy to see the Not So Glad Room is back. Feels Like home.

Spoiler Alert Ahead!!!!! Stop reading if you don't want to know the outcome.






The top three are: Leah, Stefan and Gene. The Winner is... Stefan.

And The bottom two are: Patrick and Ariane. Saying Buh-bye is... Patrick. See ya kid.



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Un-Fashionably Late

What's Jack up to? Don't let the sweet face fool ya. (he may never forgive the DD for this pic) Jack has been into all sorts of mess. Snipping at everyone lately and full of big time attitude. What's with that? Could it be the new administration. Is he expecting an appointment? And now, I think he has allergies. Do both of us need them? Ugh. I have to give him eye ointment daily. Now that's at good time. Uh, not really.

Just call me Ms. Late To The Party, but I'm finally reading Twilight. I'm serious this time. After many, many false starts. I don't know what's with me and this book. I pick it up and put it back down. I don't know why. I think I'm afraid I'll be as into it as everyone else is and get sucked into another obsession. You know how I get. But check out what Katiebabs said over at her blog. I'm in in the company of the future Pres. So cool!

But really I need to see what the fuss is all about and get with the program. Wish me luck. I hope to come out sane on the other side.

Speaking of obsessions... I just finished another Elizabeth Hoyt. Yeah, I've got a problem. Admitting it is half the battle. This one was To Taste Temptation. The tension was high and it took a while for it to get really sexy, but when it did. Oh it did and well. I already know I'm fighting a losing battle with myself not to dash off to the bookstore for a least five minutes and get the next book in the series: To Seduce a Sinner. That darn Elizabeth's gone a set it up so well too with two character that I'm dying to see get together. Sigh. I'm in big trouble here.


P.S. Don't forget TOP CHEF tonight.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh Honey!

I made it to the gym yesterday so, yay me. Too bad I got a stitch in my side about 5 minutes into my run. UGH!! With the stitch and the fact that a skinny chickadee hopped up on each of the dreadmills on both sides of me, burning at triple my shuffling pace, I so wanted to trip them up and go home. But I didn't. I'm such a freakin' lady.
No, I slogged my way through, stitch and all.
Yay me again!

And check this out. See I told you Anderson takes his Real Housewives of Atlanta verrrry seriously.

Oh Honey! (listen closely)



Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Musings

I'm still floating just a bit over the surface of the ground almost a week after the election. I don't care. I'm ever hopeful whether it's fashionable or not.

Anybody watch TRUE BLOOD last night? It got good and freaky. Sam suddenly turned into one of the more interesting characters on the show. Too bad it will be ending soon. Bummer.

On the upside I got the cutest little black dress for a formal I have with the DH coming up for less than a song. I also picked up a black satin 3/4 sleeve 1 button jacket that I know I'll get ton of wear out of for even less of a song than the dress. I love it when that happens.

Here's to a great week and to me making it to the gym.



Friday, November 7, 2008

Cheeseburger please

What's Jack up to? Jack gave me such a much needed smile yesterday with the funny way he pushed his water bowl over to me when I wasn't getting off my butt fast enough. The DH and I were chatting over the day's mess. Yak, yak, yak and not paying Jack any attention as he ran back and forth between us. Out of the corner of my eye I watch as he maneuver the bowl from a tough corner over to my feet and then he looked up at me with the sweetest eyes like, "what ya got to complain about now lady?" Love that.

With all this talk of Change I've been thinking of making some changes to my blog. I'm not sure what they will be yet, I'm going to take them as they come to me. But the first change will be to spread the Jack updates out a bit. Keep his fans guessing and the paparazzi on their toes.

Today Thanks to Ondo Lady for sending me to The Selby for gorgeous peeks inside interesting folks everyday lives. While there I came across Mike and Jen.

Hmm... New rules for a happy relationship? Interpretative Dance. Enjoy!

Meat and Cheese by Mike and Jen aka Duotard video by The Selby from the selby on Vimeo.



Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tippy Top

What's Jack up to? Oh Jack. When will you stop hopping all over everyone that comes to our door? Soon we won't have any friends at all if you don't simmer down now.

I'm having a hard time coming down from my post election high. I doubt I will anytime soon or even want to thank you very much. I also have no idea how I'll ween myself off of msnbc. I'm totally stuck on Rachel Maddow now and I don't think I'll be giving her up or all my political talk because something awfully funny happened on the way down the road from Wasilla and who knows what will happen on the road back. I'm just saying.

Thank goodness I've got Top Chef Coming up next week. Order shall be restored to the land!

It was strange, I was almost surprised to be back to America's Next Top Model and whining Marjorie. Hmm.. but alas I'm back. Welcome home, me. For the life of me I could not figure out who got booted last week since I missed the show. These girls are just not that memorable this season. I thought long and hard and it dawned on me... Sheena! Bummer. The last model I may have had an interest in.

Oh well, that said after grueling go sees and a tough photo shoot with Ms. T herself, ousted this week ... spoiler ALERT... as if the pic didn't tell you was... Elina. Buh-bye 18 year old control freak. Man, I was as surprised as Tyra at that little revelation. Let your hair down girl. Life is way too short.

Now onto Top Design. Spoiler Alert...



Congrats to Nathan the surprise winner of Top Design. I would have thought that Preston had it hands down. But I'm happy it was Nathan and the judges picked a designer that steps out of the box.

I need some serious sleep.



Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Day!

What Jack up to? Jack is celebrating of course! It's extra treats all around.

Today my joy is almost immeasurable. A new day is truly dawning. When I cast my vote yesterday for Barack Obama I could not stop myself from grinning. The promise of America felt like it was being fulfilled and now it looks like it actually has.

The words "you can be anything you want, even the president someday," said to my Black children are no longer just words.

This country, much of it built literally on the backs of slaves, will now be lead by an African American. This is an amazing day. A great day. Dreams that I have for my children and possible grandchildren are now so much closer that I feel a can just reach out my hand and touch them.

There is a new standard of excellence. The bar has been raised to the highest point, not lowered or left at the same spot and I am so thankful for that. A CHANGE has come.

Go on out and help organize your community. It does a country good.

The work is just beginning and the healing starts with the children. The world is changing. For the better.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


What's Jack up to? Jack is working my last nerve. The Dear Dog is is in so much trouble. Twice he has peed (sorry to be so blunt) in a spot that he hasn't for ages. What's with that? Is Jack as nervous about today as I am? I know he'd better get it together because I'm not happy with wet socks.

Well today is the day folks. Finally. Let's all get out there and be heard. No matter your political lean it's your responsibility to vote or shut up. I know I don't plan to shut up any time soon so I'm headed out early. What about you?

My sincere hope for us all is a better future than our past.


Monday, November 3, 2008

A Change is Coming

What's Jack up to? Jack is going batty because the guys are here cleaning our lawn and no matter how often they come he still likes to go nuts and show them how tough he is. Go, Jack Go!

I'm feeling bankrupt of words today. Not a good thing for a writer. For some reason my ads were dropped from my blog. Bummer. Hmm... makes me wonder if I was a bit too political. That said I'm getting political again today. Oh well. If not now, when?

The only thing on my mind is the election, well that's not entirely true there is tons of other stuff in there, but this is taking up a huge chunk of mind space. Thank goodness there is only one more day to go.

I can't get over the whole long line thing in so many states. I've never experienced that here in NY so I really can't wrap my head around it. I mean why should it be so hard when for some reason we've got buying lotto tickets down to a science? Crazy. I just hope folks continue to stick it out and in the end its on the up and up.
And most importantly people vote with their heads and hearts and not judge by past prejudices. Change is good.


Saturday, November 1, 2008


What's Jack up to? Jack us running around wishing he could find a way to get into the leftover Halloween candy. Keep trying Jack.

It's countdown time. Tick tock. You know what to do.

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