Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The One Sock Moment

What's Jack up to? Jack's been cool today. Thankfully, no running around the block, so no complaints from me. I won't even mention the paper towels he shredded after I swept the kitchen. He's lucky he's so darn cute.

Here's my sock.

Yep, it's just one. That's all I've got. Part of me feels like, hey, at least I've finished this one. Knit it myself and that's a big enough accomplishment. I can always alternate feet. Right one day, left the other. No good? Yeah, you're probably right. The problem is I'm at that one sock moment. You know that point of too far to turn back, but just far enough to want to.

We've all been there I'm sure. You decide you're going to finally tackle organizing your closet. So you pull all the crap out and at about 4 hours into it you look at the tornado that's now your bedroom and realize you still have about 5 hours of work and want to cry. Or maybe your one sock moment goes a little deeper. What if you're 50,000 words into your 100,000 word manuscript and realize the direction is all wrong? Or 2 1/2 years into that 5 year career plan and realize you're at a fork in the road. Or dare I say it? You're at the halfway point of a lifetime of togetherness and just feeling blah.

So what's the next step when you really don't feel like taking the expected step?

Don't look to me for the answer. I'm tired of this sock. Right now I'm going to have a quickie with a hat.



Monday, September 29, 2008

Yep, She did it again

What's Jack up to? That Jack has kept us on our toes this weekend. Why he still insists on running around the block like a nut when he sees fit is beyond me. I swear that dog has no home training. Whose dog is that?

Happy Monday!

So we finally had our first presidential debate. Too bad after all the build up and hype I was exhausted and ready to fall asleep by the time the thing finally started. (I blame the Prosecco and Megan's post for that:) I will say was glad McCain showed up. Seems like all his practicing paid off. Guess all that talk about suspending his campaigning was just talk. But too me and most of the polls out there Barack did what he had to do by stopping him is his tracks when he was spouting his agenda instead of actually answering the questions at hand. And parties aside, let's admit, Barack just seemed more presidential.

But, I'd have like them both to have stayed little more on point. Too bad I couldn't have been in charge. I'd have been all, "hey you didn't specifically answer my question!" There would have been none of that, "speak to him stuff."

But I'm sure Thursday will be a whole different ball of wax. Bring on Thursday. Biden/Palin all the way. I can't wait to see SNL reacreate that thing.

To that... Oops she did it again. That Tina Fey is so it.

Reality Sidebar: The coolest reality gameshow ev-ah started again last night. The Amazing Race is back. Yay!! Anybody else watching?


Sunday, September 28, 2008

I've been Tagged!!

What's Jack up to? What is the wild dog not up to? He's been into so much lately. Right now I'm throwing out a stuffed toy that for some reason he picked tonight to rip to smithereens. Oh well. Your loss Jack.

I’ve been Tagged!
How did that happen?
Oh that sneaky Jax that’s how. I’ll get you back somehow, Jax:)

Ok here goes...
Here are the rules:Link to the person who tagged you. Jax.

Post the rules on your blog.
List 6 unspectacular quirks you have.
Tag 6 bloggers by linking them.
Leave a comment on each person’s blog to let them know they’ve been tagged.

And now, to my sadly unspectacular quirks:

1. I’ll sort of steal the first from Jax. I kinds of like room tempature water. Too cold water gives me a headache.

2. Speaking of headaches I can get one from the sun. You won’t catch me sunbathing on a hot day. I’m like a Gremlin running from the bright light.

3. I’m such a child of the 80’s. I just love 80’s pop. I have an 80’s playlist on my iPod and can remember the day when MTV came on for the first time. I like totally would run to the tv at the first notes of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5zeBVffDl4 . I was going to marry HIM. What did I know? What did any of us know back then?

4. I have this quirky thing with styling continuity when watching shows. For example it really bugged me when watching Lipstick Jungle this week with how the girls multi-strand pearls kept tangling and untangling as they walked. In the bumpy cab ride Nico even switched to a single strand mid bump. I cringed

5. I’m really messy, but like a neat silverware drawer. Quirky, huh?

6. I can’t stand the taste or smell of mint of any kind. Strange, but true. Don’t bring it near me.

Ok, there are my quirks. I shared. Are you ready to share yours?

Don’t hate- embrace!



Friday, September 26, 2008


What's Jack up to? It's raining buckets today and a small stream is running down our street so poor Jack is looking longingly out the window. Sorry, Jack no long walks today.

Just too much premiered on tv this week. Thank goodness for old things programed into the dvr. Lipstick Jungle was taped. Whew. I think Nico's hubby got off too easy (spoiler alert!!!) by dying. At least they know how to dress for it. Those ladies are so chic.

Also Survivor premiered last night. Can someone tell me why these people show up dressed so inappropriately for the jungle. Suits? Dresses? What up with that? I mean if it was me, I'd look like a page from an old Banana Republic catalog. BTW, I already love that sad little Ken, the video gamer who is looking for love on Survivor and she's already voted off. Poor thing.

I think after the week we've all had we could do with a Friday funny. I laughed my butt off at this last night and again this morning. I just love Jon Stewart.

Honestly I feel completely screwed over by this whole mess. I'll be watching the debates or the Barack show tonight depending on if John shows up or not. What about you?


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Project You've Got to be Kidding Me

What's Jack up to? Jack is chilling this morning. Eerily quiet which can only spell trouble or maybe he's just trying to figure out what's got me so in a snit with all my blog posts. I've been at the computer a lot. Scroll down further to read my other rants. Must go back to MJB, eh, Jack.

America’s Next Top Model
gave up double eliminations for our hour this week. It started with a Runway challenge which taught future models to learn to walk at home. First the models met Ms. J at a bowling alley to learn to walk. It was clear from the start that Hannah had the most to overcome.

Then there was a runway show where they had to do the show blindfolded. And the worse model that not would be eliminated and not even get to do a photo shoot. It was poor Hannah who could not overcome years of that bad walk in one night. Buh-Bye.

Then the models were woken up early in the morning my Mr. J for which was all about the eyes and getting wet with Nigel. It was an interesting shoot but Isis struggled. She was too concerned with one of her three bottoms coming off and her bits falling out and shocking the crew. Well it showed in the eyes and you know Tyra is all about the eyes so Isis was out.

Project Runway
starts and Korto says she is not about to go home. I hear ya girl. But Suede knows he has to step up to his game. Well, step it up Suede.
They head to the Runway to do the model trade off. Jerell keeps his model but Kenly dumps her girl, crushing her and take a new model. Jeanne follows suit steals Suede’s model. These girls are mean.
Then they find out the challenge is to design for each other. What? And it must rep a specific music genre
Suede for Jerell- Rock and Roll
Kenley for Leanne- Hip Hop
Korto for Suede- Punk
Jerell for Kenley-Pop
Leanne for Korto-Country

I don’t know why they had to do they model pick. I guess they didn’t want to pay the extra girls to hang around another week.
It’s going to be crazy seeing the designers walk down the runway this week. I’m excited.
Over at mood and Kenley is picking out a bright print. Hmm. No hip-hop there. Tim tries to tell her about it, but like a teenager she doesn’t listen. But she’s trying pants, albeit, very high waisted pants. Hey it’s not a hip-hop 50’s dress.
Jerell had Kenley all vixened up and it’s a little scary to see her that way. And yes there is head gear. But no feathers.
Leanne may be too subtle
Korto needs to go further. It’s too basic.
Suede silenced Tim. It was not amped up enough.

Now to Kenley…Tim had the nerve ask shouldn’t hip-hip be oversized and she went ga-ga. Well, Tim had to school her behind and tell her, “simmer down now” and cut the crap. It’s his workroom and he’s the King. She’s not listening. Oh well. Can we eliminate her right now before the runway show? Leanne doesn’t want to wear that outfit anyway.

So its runway day and the designers are all confidant. Especially Kenley. Why? Doesn’t she think Heidi swathe dailies from yesterday?
They all squeeze into their outfits and go to get made up. It’s so much fun to see them done up. Although I do feel for poor Korto. Really, County and that blouse is not her color. It’s not anybody’s color. Leanne should have known that.
Time for the show and yay, LL is there.

Leanne- ok for the skirt. Don’t like the belt or the scarf around the neck. Agree with LL looks Theme Parky.

Jerell- ok. More rock than pop to me but cute.

Kenley- ok but not hip hop and shut up with blaming the model for your design. Bad sewing too.
Korto- Yes! She went there. Very good. Suede looked better than normal. Pasty make up agrees with him. Suede-Yes. I can’t believe I like it. Judges think it was boring.

Could this be Kenley’s week? Please. Now crossing toes.
The winner is… Korto. See what happens when you listen to Tim?Yes! Told ya she made Suede look good.

And Aufed this week is… Ken- What! Suede!!! No way. I actually liked that outfit more than Kenley’s bad attitude and high waisted pants. I can’t take this mess. Sniff. Bye Suede. I may even miss the 3rd person speak. I know I'll miss it more than Kenley's bad attitude. Lord I'd trade Blayne for her.


PS- Scroll down to chime in on politics. come on you know you want to.

What? What?

I must add on to the post below. Look down. No lower.

Did anyone else hear Matt throw this tidbit out on The Today Show this morning? The McCain camp would like to reschedule the debates with Barack Obama for October 2nd which just happens to be the date of the Vice Presidential debates. Am I stretching too far to think this could all be a way to keep Sarah out of debating? I've done lots to get out of taking a tough test in my day, but please.

Reality update coming soon.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

He wants to do what?

Bonus post. Sorry, I just couldn't hold my water. Smooches...

What are your feelings on the news that John McCain wants or wanted to suspend this Friday's planned debate with Barack Obama. Is it a maverick move or is he trying to pull the wool over America's eyes? I suspect some 'Blinking' is going on.

I mean shouldn't the future president be able to walk and chew gum? The debate is an hour and a half. He can do that and go to Washington if he really has to. The debate will be a chance for the American people to actually hear his real feelings and possible solutions if he has any for this crisis. Oh and if he's suspending his campaign is he suspending his ads? Enquiring minds want to know.

My feelings can best be summed up my this comment taken from Politico.com and Mickey Edwards, Princeton lecturer and former Republican congressman:

"Oh, brother. What idiot came up with this stunt? It ranks somewhere on the stupidity scale between plain silly and numbingly desperate. McCain and Obama are both members of the senate and they're both able to help craft a solution if they wish to do so without putting the presidential campaign on hold; after all, I’m sure congressional leaders would be willing to accept their calls if they have some important insights to impart. And while one of them will eventually become president, neither one is president yet, nor is either one a member of the congressional leadership; I’m confident that somehow the administration and the other 533 members of congress will be able to muddle through without tapping into the superior wisdom and intellect of their nominees. Sorry, john; it really sounds like you're afraid to debate. This sounds like the sort of ploy we used to use in junior high school elections."

Thanks Micky.

Oh and when is Sarah Palin going have some real interviews with the press? That woman can get in and out of a car super fast. What, no stops at The Today Show while you're all over New York this week. What up with that? My bad, she just dd and interview with Katie Couric. Way to go. 5 whole minutes.


Rant over. Scroll down for something more pleasant

You Call That Reading?

What's Jack up to? The wild one did the run out the door and down the block trick yesterday. After much calling my DH finally lured him back by opening the car door and getting him to run in. Sucker.
Folks are always shocked then they find out that Jack actually went to 6 weeks of doggy obedience school. And passed. What up with that? Think he was a part of that no child left behind deal? Sigh.

I’m so excited. After being about 242 or something in line my number was finally called and I got a hold of the audio version of Janet Evanovich’s Fearless Fourteen on CD. I promise once I’m as huge as Ms. Janet and am up to number 14 in my series I won’t hold it against any of you for waiting it out for the library copy and not buying my cd from the bookstore. That said I’ll have Fearless Fourteen loaded in my iPod in no time and have Stephanie, Lula, Ranger and Joe to look forward to on my walks with Jack. Yippee!

I may have asked this question here before, but how many of you out there listen to books on tape or cd? Do any of you do like me and put them on your iPods? And do you consider it really reading or do you get a slightly dreamy/movie effect like I do from it. I’ll admit it’s a different feel than actually reading a book. But with my TBR (to be read) pile teetering on burying me or causing my divorce and the fact that there are just so many books I want to get to, books on CD are a wonderful time saver and loads of fun with the right narrator.

What do you all think out there? What type of books do you listen too? I’ll stop back later. Right now Jack and I are going for a walk!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The More things Change II

What's Jack up to? Jackster is being a sly one. Constantly sneaking off lately and getting into things that he's not supposed to. Oh that Jack what am I going to do with you?

Dancing with the Stars started last night and for me the only reasons to watch were Susan Lucci and Toni (un-break my heart) Braxton. That body of Toni’s is amazing after two babies. Man. Another reason to watch is to see Chef Rocco DiSpirito try and dance. Most of you know my hate/ hate relationship with him from Top chief. I want to see Karina give him a run for his money. Bruno actually brought up the word cattle prod when referring to him. Hmm...

I have a small rant today. You can read about my old rant on this subject in The More Things Change here. After perusing the big honking 798 page September Fall fashion issue of Vogue I noticed the slim editorial section didn't have not one black model. NOT 1. And after they waxed so poetic on the subject the month before. And sadly this month even in the way too many pages of advertising there were very few Black models or models of any diversity.

Kudos to Harper's Bazaar for their September Tyra cover, Michelle Obama inspired spread and and their Benneton inspired spread which looked back to the 8o's to move forward. Refreshing. Now why don't I subscribe to Bazaar. I really should.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Just Fine!

What's Jack Up to? Right now Jack is whining at the basement door. Should I take that as a hint he's is no longer interested in watching the Yankee game with the DS and wants to hang with me? Can I get a moments rest? No. Oh well. That's life. BTW I'm way sad over the ending of Yankee stadium. Part of my childhood is now gone. Big tear.

At the end of last week with all the market turmoil, constant political crap and the Dear Teens sometimes making me want to pull my hair out I was feeling deep in a cynical rut. Which is honestly is not a far from my norm. Not to mention I didn't totally agree with who got out Aufed on Project Runway and Top Model last week. UGH!
But after church on Sunday I walked out feeling just fine. Shoot, God didn't promise a life without trials, right.

So during my many errands I rolled down the windows popped MJB (Mary J Blige) in the cd player and hit the gas. Hard.

Do me a favor, try and not stress too much this week. It's all going to be just fine. Do what you gotta do and Crank it up!

And Happy Birthday to Ma! What can I say? Much Love. K.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fab Interview! Phyllis Bourne Williams

What's Jack up to? As I type this he's sleeping sweetly after a rip roaring day. Ah, peace is so good.

We've got a treat today. An interview with Phyllis Bourne Williams, fab author of A Moment On the Lips and fellow blog buddy.

Hi, Phyllis thanks to much for being here at KwanaWrites I really appreciate you doing this interview today.
Thanks, Kwana! I’m a longtime stalker…uh, I mean reader of your blog. It’s a thrill for me to actually be your guest today.

I'll start with my traditional question. What lead you to become a writer is it something you always wanted to do or is this a career you backed into?
I can’t remember not loving romance novels. In college, I hid issues of Romantic Times in my textbooks and read while the professor lectured.
A journalism major, I went on to become a newspaper crime reporter. After a long day of covering the unbelievable things people do to hurt each other, I couldn’t wait to escape into a good romance.
Years of reading evolved into the urge to write my own.

Please tell us the story of your overnight success?
Overnight success?
I have to laugh at that. For me, it was more like years (and years and years). I spent a lot of time thinking, dreaming and talking about writing, but not much actual writing. Once I sat my butt down and wrote, my efforts were rewarded with several RWA chapter contest wins and two Golden Heart finals.
A Dorchester editor was the final round judge of one contest, and she requested my full manuscript. I didn’t win, but the editor bought my book.

What's you typical writing day like? Are you a plotter or a pantser and how do you work this non-traditional job into your life?
I’m easily distracted. I don’t think about laundry or cleaning – until I sit down to write.
So when I need to get some serious writing done I go to the library or Starbucks. There I accomplish in a few hours what would take days for me to get done at home.
I try to get out of the house early, so no matter what crops up later I’ve got my writing done. I’ve also learned to say no and not alter my schedule to wait around on repairmen or deliveries.
I was a die-hard pantster, but I’m waning. Nowadays, I write my synopsis first and use it as an outline.

I loved A Moment On The Lips. How did this book come to life for you? Also it incorporates knitting which a love of mine, is it a passion of yours?
Thanks, Kwana!
The story didn’t truly come to life for me until after it sold. My editor encouraged me to delve deeper into my characters and the story. By the time I was done, Melody and Grant were my best friends. I hated to leave their world.
Yep, I knit. Keep in mind, I’m not a very good knitter, but I try hard.
I typically start a knitting project at the same time I start a writing project. I like watching my skeins of yarn transform into a garment as my words turn into a novel.
I just started working sweater. Here’s what it looks like now. (*See attached photo)

(Sidebar: Phyllis' knitting ROCKS!!)

The main Character, Melody is a real woman with real curves is writing real women important to you?
I wanted my heroine to wear a size 12, the average size of most American women.
I also wanted the hero to appreciate and adore her voluptuous shape. It was important she didn’t believe she had to lose weight to be loveable.

What main piece of advice would you give to an aspiring writing?
BICHOK – Butt in Chair Hands on Keyboard. Simple advice that I don’t always follow myself, but it works!

What's up next for you, Phyllis?
I have a novella in Dorchester Publishing’s October 2008 Christmas anthology, The Holiday Inn, along with authors Farrah Rochon and Stefanie Worth.
In my story, “By New Year’s Day” I write about a couple whose thirty-year marriage is crumbling under the endless demands of their adult children.
The fed-up husband whisks his wife away to a remote ski lodge, to rekindle their passion and save their troubled relationship.

Thanks so much for being with us today, Phyllis. Please check out Phyllis at her website and her fab blog http://phylliswilliams.com/ and http://www.fortyisthenew20.com/. You won't be disappointed.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Project Mama's Girl

What's Jack up to? Jack is full of energy as I type this. Jumping and running trying to get someone to play with him and his toys. It's Reality Night night Jack. So it will not be me, Hon.

On America's Next Top Model it's the makeover episode and Tyra is stretching her acting chops? She's doing this strange Glenda the Good Witch thing which I just can't understand but whateves. Only Elina is afraid and cried her cold little heart out when she saw her red hair. Samantha cried, but was happy, but I have to say I love Sultan the makeup artist’s makeover with his short new do the best! The drama was low for a makeover show.
Then there was a Wal-Mart challenge where the girls went unscripted. The winner was little Hannah.
Back at the house Elina shared that she hates her mom. Ouch. I don’t even want to touch that. Living with my dear teens at the moment.
There was a swimsuit shoot and Mister J lets the girls fly solo. Most of the girls did well. Isis struggled with convincing the photographer with this one. Will she convince the judges? She did.
Going home this week was Brittney. I’m not sure I agree with this. I think she has more potential. Bad decision judges.

Now for Project Runway. It’s getting lean and mean with 2 designers gone last week. The show opens with Kenley still delusional.
And some women some out and the designer quickly insult them all and call them old ladies and pull horrid faces with sad music to match. Nice Bravo.
But the twist is they are not designing for them they’re designing for their daughters and giving them new looks.
Kenly is doing a 40’s or 50’s look for her girl
Korto is doing a wrap dress
Jerell has an awkward girl and has to be flirty and awkward too
Leanne has a teacher to design for with a push mom to boot.
Suede has a photographer who wants pants
Joe is doing a pants suit for his client to interview in.
Korto has taken Stella post as the new queen of Lea-tha. Fun. Back at the studio the designers are happy to spread out. Seems nobody is missing Blayne and Terri. So sad.

Clients come in with the moms for a fitting. Joe’s client not happy with the fabric.
Leanne’s client complaining like crazy. Poor Leanne. And Suede needs to change and make some pants. Suede is not happy. But a new day dawns and everything changes. The clients are much happier without their mother and a lot more manageable. Fancy that.
Tim is walking though.
Problem with Suede’s pockets.
Joe’s looks is not graphic designer. Joe’s not concerned. Kiss of death.
Jerell. Is ok but must clean up. Tim likie.
Kenley won’t listen to Tim. What else is new?
Runway day! And Kenley is confident she will be in the top 3. Sure. We’ll be the judge of that.
Guest judge this week is Cynthia Rowley.

Now for the show...

Joe- no-no-no

Leanne-cute teacher
Jerell-really nice. But what was Jerell wearing on his head? A nest?

Korto-ok- like jacket- don’t like the print
Suede-hottie pole dancer with funny jacket? No.

Kenley-ok but don’t like the print.

Ugh. Why is Kenly still laughing a people in the runway? She is so mean. Heidi, send her home for meanness. Ugh again.

The winner is Jerell! Good for him again. His look will be in Elle I’m so glad Kenley didn’t win.

Now for the loser. This week it’s Joe. Proving once again that not listening to Tim really is the kiss of death.

Next week LL Cool J is on and Kenley is called on her attitude. I’ll be tuning in. Make her cry Nina!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bad Dog!

What's Jack up to? That Jack, well he's all clean, but he's his usual devilish self. I'm calling him and he's ignoring me so I go to investigate why and I see he's under my bed busy munching on my freebie Weight Watcher fruit and nut bar that I got at my last meeting. Bummer, I was so looking forward to trying that too. I could have sworn I had it put up. Who knows how Jack got too it. Darn Jack!

Off to write. Novel idea eh? Sorry.
Not much to talk about today. Oh, I know, anyone have thoughts on a Governor having a tanning bed in the mansion? Any real reason to need it besides that healthy orange glow? Lack of sunlight perhaps? Depression? Come on people help me out here. I'm trying to make this alright and not always be so cynical, but she's the gift that just keeps on giving. And we (ok, me) were laughing at Shayne Lamas for tanning on The Bachelor. Who knew she was just building up her resume. Probably getting ready for her up coming cabinet position. Hush up, Kwana! Ok.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blink Already!

What's Jack up to? Shhh. Stinky Jack is getting a B-A-T-H. T-O-D-A-Y. Let's keep it quiet while I lure him to the tub.

I have to say I had a huge problem with so many parts of the Sarah Palin/ Charles (Charrr-lee) Gibson interview, but what got me the most was the not blinking thing. The fact that she didn't blink in her decision to take the VP job irked me. Shoot, I take a half an hour deciding to buy boots on sale at the outlets and she didn't pause to think about this job? Did this cause anyone else to pause?

Well, leave it to The Daily Show to make me smile about it. Here we go...

Please everyone, blink a bit and VOTE wisely in November. You know which way I'm going. Obama baby!


Monday, September 15, 2008


What Jack up to? He's chilling this morning after a busy weekend filled with tons of exercise. For some reason he felt the need to walk me more than me walk him. It was all good though. I can sure use the exercise. Thanks Jack.

After the stressful week last week I felt the need for a little mom therapy so I took Saturday afternoon off for a little me time.

I had the pleasure of heading to the Rye library for a reading and book signing with Melissa Walker author of the teen Violet On The Runway series and my blog friend. She was speaking with spokesmodel Selena Breed about writing, modeling and the fashion industry.

It was such a great talk and the girls were on the edge of their seats listening to every word as Melissa read from her book. I was thrilled to finally meet Melissa in person. Holla Melissa!

Then to continue the mom-therapy I went to the nearest multiplex to see what was playing and lucked out with Tyler Perry's latest The Family The Preys just starting. With it being the opening weekend the movie was packed so me and my overpriced box of Goobers had to sit in the second row but it was so worth it. In my opinion this is Tyler Perry's best movie yet.

Starring Alfre Woodard and Kathy Bates I was blown away by this movie. There is no Medea, no slapstick, none of the usual lines that you can just plug in and anticipate coming up even before the actors deliver them. Tyler steps out and gets serious. Plus you can't go wrong with Sanaa Lathan and Robin Givens sparing.

I tell you that Tyler really knows how to make me feel like a writer slug. He's written and produced I don't know how many plays and movies, is a millionaire I don't know how many times over and guess what he just turned the ripe old age of 39 this weekend. Happy Birthday Tyler! Get to work, Kwana. You've got some catching up to do.

What's on tap for your week? Me, I plan on making it a better week than the last one.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why I heart The Daily Show

What's Jack up to? Right now he's deep under my bed fast asleep and snoring as if he's going to spend the night there. Sorry, Jack it's off to your own bed. I can't sleep with you tossing and turning under me.

Not much to rant about today, well tons really, but why? So I'll just post this instead.
Why I heart The Daily Show...


Friday, September 12, 2008

How my garden grows

What's Jack up to? Right now he's ignoring me as I'm calling him and I'm sure he's getting into something that he's definitely not supposed to. I should be very afraid and I am.

It's finally Friday for a week that I thought would never end. Not that it's the end. The weekend will be just and busy and filled with stress and the week. But onto better things. After my sad gardening post I wanted to post some good gardening news. We did actually see some fruits from our labors this year. I'm sure next year will be better. Lessons have been learned.

Tomatoes on the vine


Very Strange cucumber that I'm afraid to try

A nice ripe tomato

Have a wonderful weekend!



Thursday, September 11, 2008

Guest Blogger- Roberta Isleib

Today we've got a treat on KwanaWrites, a guest blogger, Roberta Iselib who is here to share a few secrets with us. Take it away Roberta!

Six Secrets for Keeping Your Sanity While Chasing Your Dream (Writing, that is!)

Clinical psychologist Roberta Isleib has just seen her eighth novel published in seven years. ASKING FOR MURDER is the third book in the series featuring advice columnist/psychologist Rebecca Butterman. Roberta’s also wrapping up her year of service as president of National Sisters in Crime.

In ASKING FOR MURDER (Berkley, 2008), Dr. Rebecca Butterman's dear friend, a sandplay therapist, is found badly beaten and left for dead. Rebecca's determined to help search for answers. With a would-be killer on the loose, she can only hope the clues are buried within easy reach. Think: best friends, crazy families, and the mysteries of sandplay therapy.

ROBERTA: Thanks for agreeing to host me on your blog Kwana! It’s hard to believe eight books have come out since SIX STROKES UNDER in 2002. I promised I’d try to pull together some of the things I’ve learned over this time and here they are, in no particular order.

MAKE A PLAN: As I begin a book, I look ahead to the due date and figure out how many pages I’ll need to write each week in order to hand it in on time. I build in time for trips and family and time for my writers group to read and critique, and then time for me to rewrite. Then I have a page goal for each week. I write until I’ve hit the goal, sometimes even getting a little ahead. If I have an unproductive day, it just means writing a little faster later in the week to keep up.

HAMMER IT OUT: Get it all down, even if it's awful. You can always go back and fix things later. Anne Lamott called this “the shitty first draft”—she had it right!

SET YOUR SIGHTS HIGH: As a psychologist, I know the importance of having "big goals" for my subconscious to aim at. So I keep a copy of the NY Times bestseller list pasted up over my computer. Then I forget about it and work on the books word by word...

FIND A BALANCE: The business part of writing is hard--the part I have no control over. I can produce a fabulous book, but unless the publisher is really behind it and I have a bit of luck somewhere along the line, it's unlikely to be a commercial success. That's why I do as much as I can to promote, as long as it doesn't interfere with my writing! I want to be able to say I gave it my all without killing myself in the process.

MANAGE YOUR PROCRASTINATION SOFT SPOTS: I’m still learning that I don’t have to answer every email the second it arrives! If I’m having trouble concentrating, best approach for me is to turn the email off and look at it as a reward for when I’ve reached my word count goal.

YOU’VE GOT TO HAVE FRIENDS: Writing can be such a lonely, discouraging business. I’ve gotten very involved with mystery organizations (Sisters in Crime and MWA, and joined Romance Writers and Yahoo groups such as Fiction That Sells. The friends I’ve met there have saved my sanity and supported me endlessly along the way.

TAKE YOUR TIME: Don’t rush off too soon to try to get your work published. This business is extremely competitive so it’s crucial to have your writing polished before sending it out. The Internet makes querying too easy—don’t press send until you’re sure the piece is the best it can be. I have lots of info on my website about agents and getting published and some of the scams writers fall for. Read it over when you’re ready. http://www.robertaisleib.com/

Wonderful advice! Thanks so much for guest blogging here today Roberta. Stop back anytime. Everyone check out Roberta and her amazing books. You won't be disappointed.


P.S. Scroll down for "reality" rundown

Project- Licous

What's Jack up to? Lately Jack has taken to taking me for walks just for the fun of it. I think he's trying to get me to exercise more. Can't really fault him for that, can I? Good dog.

America's Next Top Model is on and thanks to a friend I’m watching. I almost forgot. So much reality and too much stress in my life to watch.
Top model is top crazy with a bunch of silly girls let lose for the first time in the big city with a way too hot hot tub. It's bound to spell hormones and trouble. Poor Hannah let her ignorance show by pushing Isis then is ambushed. Sheena’s hooch kept coming out and Clark’s closet lesbianism leaked a bit too. All's fair in Tyra’s world. Now can we please get to the show?
Bring on Bennie Ninja I want a pose off! Hey he’s wearing a jaunty hat. The girls are modeling accessories. Poor Nikeysha. She is a hot mess. Sheena places the bag right in the wrong spot, between her legs. Yowza! Elina win the challenge.
Elimination challenge this week is a photo shoot from a ladder hanging from a hot air balloon. Uh-oh. But that have to fake it due to high winds and fear of law suits.
The first models come out and are bringing it. Then the girls start to fall flat. Really flat.
Quick wrap up- Nekeysha is out this week. You just knew it was coming. The poor girl was in way over her head.

It’s in the stars on Project Runway it starts and out comes the ousted designers and they are teamed with the in designers and told to go crazy with their signs.
Keith and Terri- Leo
Blayne and Stella- Libra – Holla at ya boy.
Leanne and Emily- Scorpio
Kenley and Wesley- Aquarius
Suede and Jerry- Libra
Joe and Daniel choose Aries
Korto and Kelli- Aquarius
Jerell and Stella- Sagittarius School marm.
Keith and Terri and are volatile mix and Keith is feeling fragile. Awww. Kenley is in love with herself and her design and annoying everyone. She disses Tim a sure kiss of death.
The next day the designers are greeted with a note that says be ready to party with the looks early and oh, 2 designers will be eliminated. Ouch. HAMMER TIME!

Then Grim Tim comes in with news that they have 1 hour to get party ready and there will no longer be immunity for any of the challenges. Thanks Tim!
The designers with their pinned together designs head to the Planetarium for a party and meet the PR all stars including: Carmen, Daniel V, Jay and Christian who will be judging their designs up close and personal.
Then after the party they head back and get to work on the garments a bit more before the next day’s runway show.
Terri and Keith are still not working well and Keith takes a nap. Nice. Tim even has to wake him for the show.

Hey Nina’s back. Sunshine has entered the building. Here we go...
Blayne - No. what is that?

Kenley- ok but nothing to do with Aquarius

Terri- Just ok I don’t like the fabric.

Korto- Yes. Nice

Joe- Ok

Jerell- Yes. Very good.
Leanne- yes.

Suede- No
Ha! Is Suede actually talking in 3rd person on the runway? Yes, he is. Thanks Suede you are so nutty.
Now to the judging. The winner this week is: Jerell! Good for him. Tough sign and he did well with it. I’m glad to see him get a win with his catty self.

Out this week is – Blayne. Buh-bye 'licous'! So sad. Holla.

And Terri- I think it was time for her to go. Things were getting tired.

No time to blog about it but for a fun change of pace check out Top Design. Interesting characters and great designs ideas plus perky Todd Oldham. I like this show. And it's Bravo, you can always catch it on some off time. This week the designers decorated bunkers and made them so chic. If the designers could do that, surely I could do something with my space. A fun and inspirational show. Totally makes you want to buy a can of paint and get to work. This was a grey bunker at the start of the show.

pics thanks to CW and Bravo

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