Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today will be my first day alone (well, for a least a few hours) in quite a while. Big grin from me. I find that I'm a very solitary person and am happy with my own company. At least most of the time. Of course there are times when even I get on my own nerves. Yep, I can admit that.

Now I know I can easily fill the day with the the laundry list (literally) of coulds and shoulds, but I'm going to take a moment to be like this women and just BE.

image: Edward Hopper

Be Alone.

Take some time to stop, breathe and think before I take that next step into this new season. Be in me for a while. Go in for a moment before I step out again.

Please take a little time for you too during this season of change and renewal.



Purple Flowers said...


Frau said...

Enjoy your time today! i have come to enjoy myself and the quietness around me.Hope school is going well for the twins.

pve design said...

Meditation is a total state of being.
Try this in a crowd, and see the crowd as flowers around you.
Enjoy being "alone"-

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

It is a happy woman who appreciates solitude! Have a lovely day!

Deidra said...

You've got a great plan for the day, and wonderful advice for me. I am also a solitary person, renewing my energy when alone. I like how you said, "Be in me." I will hold onto that today. Enjoy!

Joyce said...

A perfect post and image. Enjoy the time my friend. How is Jack the man doing? xoxo

Kristen Painter said...

Love that painting! Sometimes being alone is the best thing!

Sheryl said...

Here, Here, I agree. We all need time to just BE.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I think if I decide to be in Me, I'd fall asleep.

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