Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The biggest diva is...

So did you all watch the Not So Real Housewives of the ATL? You know I did. For the record I gave a glance to the new OC season, but just a glance. I can’t get my head or my heart into it yet coming off the ATL ladies. We’ll see as the weeks go on.

Back to ALT, I would not miss this hot mess for the world. I’m sorry (no I’m not) It’s my guilty pleasure and I loved it.

The looks, the drama, the hair. How could I not? All the housewives were in rare form. NeNe was taking no crap and telling like it T-I-S.

On to Kim…So now we know Big Papa/Poppa is married and Kim says stay tuned. Should we keep our fingers crossed and watch just to see if he makes an appearance. Come on! Does somebody out there know who this guy is? And the Kim cancer thing was that all and act?

And I still say Sheree left NeNe off the party list intentionally.
And I loved Dwight with the long hair and the advice at the end. So all in all I guess he was the biggest diva.

I sure hope they come back for another season. Could it be next week please?




Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

There has to be another season. I need to know if Sheree ever gets her clothing line She by Sheree off the ground. And I want NeNe and Anderson Cooper to hang out (Heck I want to hang out with him). It figures Big Poppa was married and that's why he didn't want to be on camera. Of course, now his wife knows where all there money was going.

Ina J Offret said...

AGAIN I MISSED IT!!! All caught up with the finale of Dancing With the Stars...which I ALSO fell asleep on the couch!! But I recorded it... Does anybody know if the show will be repeated??? Hope so.

And Mrs. Big Poppa should dump that loser and take a bargeload of his money so he can move in with Bimbo Barbie Kim.

If I could have lunch with any of them it would be NeNe and DeShawn. Love them!!

Kristen Painter said...

Haven't watched it yet, but I'm sure I'll catch it soon.

Eileen said...

How could someone not leak who big papa is!!! I am now all caught up. How can anyone think Kim can sing. I finally saw that episode. My tone deaf husband sings better than her.

Kwana said...

I know Eileen. We have to find out.

Beaux Mondes Designs said...

My partner really liked this season the best. He is a big fan of this show. I only watch it with him. That said, I wasn't sure I liked Nene at first, but in the end really liking her the best. I thought Lisa was very cool until the reunion when she went off on Kim talking about putting her over the couch. That became obvious she was nervous about something getting out because her attitude got defensive real quick. Deshawn was too nice...not enough drama from her. Kim's young age showed in her behavior. As for Sheree, she grew on me. All in all it was entertaining. My least favorite though was the tool box carrying Diva. He just seemed like a Lady Chablis(From midnight in the garden of good and evil)wannabe. If there is another Atlanta episode, I'm sure we'll be watching. However, I cannot stand the OC housewives. I won't allow my partner to watch that while I'm at home. Anyway, happy holidays.

Kwana said...

Thanks Beaux Mondes. Happy Holidays to you too. I'm having to much trouble getting into those OC housewives. They are just for down days. I'm not so into them. Good Lady Chablis pickup.

Chic Chocolate said...

Love this show! I have a weakness for mindless reality tv as well. If you don't know by now, DeShawn is no longer on the show. She was "too human" for the "powers that be" at Bravo.

Kwana said...

Yes, Chic Chocolate I heard. So sad! Thanks for the comment.

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