Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back to Reality

What's Jack up to? I'm typing on the bed and he's squeaking something under the bed. Shhh, Jack. Woman at work here.

Catching up on the Hot Mess Housewives. Can you believe all that mess with NeNe and Sheree. If you ask me and I know you did. Sheree is totally playin' Kim and her two faced self. And yeah I know NeNe shouldn't have been singing that song but Kim should not be singing at all. What did Miss Jan say?

How do you spell Cat? K-A-T. Oh Kim. Quick, is Africa a Continent or a Country?

And Sheree's fashion line. Sigh. First off, I have a huge problem with a designer that won't pick up a pencil herself. I don't care if you can't sketch. Learn. The sketches don't have to be perfect they just have to get your ideas across otherwise you're a merchandiser not a designer. You have be able to Sketch, drape, sew or something. Preferably all of it. Once you're big then you can farm it out. And was she seriously getting her samples the day before without any fittings? Yeah, she's ready for the masses.

Grrrrr... Can you tell it's an issue with me from my fashion days? I actually wrote a whole book about it. A cute chicklit, um, sorry, young women's fiction, romance where the girl makes good in the fashion industry. It was one of my first. I still have it if some smart editor out there wants to give it a go, give me a holla. It's ready to roll.

Now onto America's Next Top Model. Finally it's Buh Bye Majorie. No more whining.

Buh-bye. Nuff said.

Now for Top Chef!! It's so good to be in New York.

The show opens with scenes of my hometown. I'm excited but tired. Man, why can't they put this on at 9. There are chefs arriving at Grand Central Station which I don't get. There are no planes there only trains and none of the chefs are coming from Westchester where I am. No, the first is from Italy and the next is from San Fransisco. Next there are chefs arriving by ferry. Are they coming from Staten Island are New Jersey? I shrug.

The chefs go onto Governor's island and now I get the ferry. Man I am tired. Padma disappoints a few chefs by wearing jeans, but Tom does not in his purple shirt.

There's a quickfire elimination and a poor chef is already taken out. So sad, Lauren. No NY experience for you.

No rest for the chefs they are quickly given their elimination challenge and draw knives for neighborhoods. The challenge is to cook a dish inspired by your neighborhood.

The chefs cut it up in their cool new apartment not quite in the heart of things. Money is tight and the economy is BAD. But the view is awesome. Already there are pissing contests for the position of Alpha dog. My money is on Stefan with side money on quiet Gene. I don't think Fabio is a real contender.

Bummer for Hosea and Carla with Brighton Beach and Russian food. He doesn't know the food and she's waiting for her spirit guide. What?

I'm suspecting some real characters this season.

Back in the kitchen it's the usual fun chaos and I'm so happy that top chef is back. Suddenly times up and the judges come in. Gail is covered up (Sorry David) and is it me or is she wobbly on her heels?

There's a face off and all I learn is that Richard has a crush on Tom. Big woop. Get in line, Mister.

I'm happy to see the Not So Glad Room is back. Feels Like home.

Spoiler Alert Ahead!!!!! Stop reading if you don't want to know the outcome.






The top three are: Leah, Stefan and Gene. The Winner is... Stefan.

And The bottom two are: Patrick and Ariane. Saying Buh-bye is... Patrick. See ya kid.




David Dust said...

That whole "Grand Central" thing totally had me scratching my head also. Especially when Fabio, the guy from Italy, showed up there.

When does the train from Italy arrive?!?

And the judges had to go and break up "Team Rainbow" from the start!!! Where is the love?!?

I should have some kind of recap later...


Kristen Painter said...

I was good with Marjorie leaving too. She's too twitchy.

Top Chef was great, but you're right about it being on so late. What's up with that? Man, I'm tired this morning. lol

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I can't wait for next week's episode of RHOA, to see Michael Knight from Project Runway give it to Sheree. I couldn't believe that she put $100,000 into the project. All that money must have gone to the party for that ice scuplture.

First of all, she spent more time checking out the male models at the audition than she did making sure the samples were made properly. Why wasn't she hovering over the seamstress on a daily basis? Why would you leave it up to chance? She should have been out there buying the fabric, checking out the first attempts at the dresses. I almost fell over when she talked about how 'hard' she was working.

Contrast that with NeNe who put together a nice benefit for her foundation and almost made her goal, she was only like $200 short.

Marley Gibson said...

I was on a jetBlue flight last night (with TV) watching TOP MODEL and we landed and it cut off *just* as they were eliminating. Marjorie had run her course. I think McKey's going to win this thing. Her pictures are flawless.

I enjoyed seeing TOP CHEF in NYC and was soooo glad to see Ms. Savannah go immediately. What a beyotch saying her husband was in Iraq and she wasn't going to sit at home and was going to "get on with my life." Are you kidding me?

As for the lateness...I'm just going to have to DVR and watch the next day.

David Dust said...

BTW - I didn't realize those Atlanta HouseHo's were still on. Lordy, those commercials look like D-RAMA!

CLICK HERE for DavidDust's Top Chef New York recap.


Emma Petersen said...

Le sigh. I am so trying to catch up on the episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I've only seen the one with DeShawn's charity event. Is it wrong I absolutely LOVE NeNe? The jury is still out on Sheree.

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