Saturday, November 1, 2008


What's Jack up to? Jack us running around wishing he could find a way to get into the leftover Halloween candy. Keep trying Jack.

It's countdown time. Tick tock. You know what to do.



mommythe said...

i just realized that i am so GLAD the election will be over by thanksgiving dinner... in case we dine w my republican in laws- that would be awkward conversation.

Louisa Edwards said...

It's like a birthday present to me! Although Stinger wants to spend my birthday evening watching the election results and playing a drinking game. Pooh.

Kwana said...

Oh that would be awkward Mommy the Robot.

Louisa Happy B-day. Though not happy for you. I say big celebrations the night before. Tough B-day to have. You should do what you want.

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