Friday, November 21, 2008

So Sleepy...

What's Jack up to? Brrr... I don't think Jack's even enjoying walking in this cold. He stops at the door and look up at us like, "you want me to go out in that?" So cute.

Alas I've been captured, drawn into the TWILIGHT web. I'm not done yet, only about 100 pages to go. My eyes would not stay open a minute past midnight last night. It was very funny as the girls in my DD's dance class flitted by and noticed what I was reading. There were opinions galore.
The movie is out today so I'd better get on it.

I can't imagine being anything but TEAM EDWARD. But who knows what happens in book two? I hear from the DD it's all about Jacob.

It's nuts for a 39 year old to be all TEAM EDWARD a 17 year old huh? Talk about Arrested Development. But hey, he's really over a century that's the way I'm choosing to see it.

On the upside at least the DD and I have something to talk about for two minutes in between teen/mom meltdowns. That's nice.



Kristen Painter said...

I haven't gotten past book 2 yet and I'm not sure I will. Twilight was a phenom, but it's a downhill slope from there, IMO. I will see the movie tho!

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Book one is all about Edward, but when you get to New Moon and Eclipse, you may join the Team Jacob ranks.

Loveliness makes my world go 'round. said...

hmmm ok wish i had cable for this one .it does look good.

jax said...

I didn't love the entire series, but I will watch the movie. I sometimes prefer seeing things on the live screen because you get jazzed up about the storyline and curious about how it was translated. Maybe it's the entertainment lover in me...I'm with you on Team Edward. Robert is HOT!!!! Maybe it's the accent. I love European men! :)

Carolyn said...

I adore Edward, but I am on Team Jacob.

Marley Gibson said...

Read the entire series. It is what it is, you know? I could pick it apart, but I tried to just read it like a teen would. I definitely vacillated from TEAM EDWARD to TEAM JACOB and back. I bought my tickets on Tuesday for the movie tonight and I heard on the radio that it's pretty much sold out in Boston. I say good for Stephenie Meyer writing such a sensation like this. I hope we can all do the same! = )

Maureen McGowan said...

I haven't read this series at all. I know. Crazy.

But I will see the movie.

It's cold here, too. Way too early in the season for it to be this cold.

Why Mom Drinks Rum said...

The books get that they are all out (ugh, KILLED me after book 2) but I wasn't thrilled with the last one.

I'm off to the movie tonight....all decked to follow on the blog (because yes, I AM that pathetic) times.

I refuse to age.

Past 26.

For the 5th time.

Natalie Hatch said...

We have to wait another month before it's released here in Australia. As it is my teen has said she doesn't want to take the day off school to go see it with me, her friends and her are going on the weekend. Sheesh, it used to be cool to play hooky and sneak in with me. Well we only did that once with Harry Potter and it was the last day of school...
so I'm going by myself.
As for Stephenies writing, sure it's not literary fiction, but hey the story has hit home soo well with Team Teen Angst that it's a hit. I read all four (bought them for my own teen and read it before I gave them to her - yes that wasn't good, but i was intrigued). I liked book 2 best, maybe because it was from Jacobs perspective and I thought he was a much better character than Edward.. sorry Kwana I'm batting for the other

Kwana said...

I love hearing all your opinions. This is so much fun.

Why Mom I will check out your picks. Can't wait.

Poor you Natalie. I feel you pain. It's awful when we are no longer cool. I've hit that wall.

SassyTwoSocks said...

yeah, amazing books. I've read the first three, and have Breaking Dawn to go. I can't put them down!

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