Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween & Quality

What's Jack up to? Jack and his BFF the DH are both acting way too wild with the rough housing. I think there will be time outs all around in about 2 minutes.

I heart Cole Haan. Well, good quality accessories in general. I'm crazy for them and really think that it's money well spent when you buy quality. Now I know that there are some that don't agree with me but watch while I prove my point here. I don't buy a lot, well, because I don't have money to burn. If I did I'd be swimming in Louis and Gucci. I'd be totally Kimora Lee up in here. Seriously. There would be a problem.

The last piece I got was this bag from Cole Han back in February which I blogged about here. How sad was I when the zipper broke on me the other day. It totally put me in an evil mood. Eeee-vil. Well, I was about to have it repaired at a shoe maker when my friend PVE said try taking it back to the store first which I was considering but not sure of and lazy about the drive.

Long story even longer... I head to the Cole Haan store at the mall and do I know how to pick em? My bag from the winter was a top seller and has been reissued with a swanky new lining. It's no problem that I don't have a receipt. The sweet sales woman checks the computer and pulls me up by name and just gives me brand new bag. She said if they didn't have it she would have sent it out to be repaired for me. It didn't even matter that I have worn this bag practically every singly day since February and it was WORN. Tonight I'm sporting a new bag with a new zipper that works. WHAT?! Holla!

Oh and the new styles at Cole Haan are Droolworthy. I'm in love with this Dome Satchel. De-lish!

Happy Halloween!!

Don't Dream it Be It




Kristen Painter said...

Now THAT is called customer service, boys and girls. Wow. Major props to Cole Haan! I bet they just made a customer for life out of you - if you weren't one already.

That old saying, you get what you pay for, really is true.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

That is awesome customer service. A brand new bag with new cool lining! Love it.

Diva Style said...

Oh don't get me started! I was in a store a couple weeks ago, and saw this divine bag...but it wasn't in my budget at $400+ even though the salesman was digging on me and offered me a discount! LOL.

pve design said...

quality... not quantity is my motto.
love a happy ending!

Kwana said...

You are so right Kristen. They have a customer for life now.

Thanks for chining in ladies. Sometimes you do get what you pay for. This would never happen in the department store though. Specialty all the way for the bag.

Diva Style thanks for popping in! Hmm he was digging on you huh?

Louisa Edwards said...

I love good service. Also, I love Magenta. My sister is going to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror, and I'm so jealous I could spit!

Carolyn said...

I saw your bag at Nationals in SFO, and it was seriously awesome. You're lucky it didn't "disappear" on you! And how nice to read about Customer Service success. Yay!

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