Friday, June 19, 2009

Who's Singing?

I'm crying uncle now with all the rain we've had in NY. I can take a day or three but this is nuts. It's the rainiest June that I can remember in my lifetime.

Where are you sun? I hear we may get a glimpse today, but it will be back to showers for the weekend. Sigh. I'll try and smile like Gene Kelly here but who am I fooling? I stopped singing many days ago.

Happy Friday!



Phyllis said...

Wearing a bright yellow rain slicker everyday was fun - for the first three weeks. When in the heck is summer gonna start?!?!

Frau said...

I hear you enough is enough!! We head to Oslo and forecast is RAIN!!! Have a wonderful weekend despite the rain. Get yourself some good movies and Ice Cream!!

pve design said...

When I saw you the other day, you were like sunshine and for a minute, I almost forgot all about the rain!
It really will make us appreciate the sun, if it ever decides to shine. Seriously, I am a feeling sad - with all this rain.

Joyce said...

I LOVE this part of the movie!!! Will it help to know we have been having the same kind of weather. During the night was major thunderstorms even poor Kelly who can't hear well anymore heard a few booms. As I got up early to take my love to the airport for a day trip it was raining cats n' dogs. It is still kind of early to see what the day will bring.

I say have pull out the picnic hamper spread a blanket in the middle of the room and have an indoor picnic!
Enjoy your weekend my friend! xoxo

Kristen Painter said...

I really like rain, even days of it. It so good for writing moody scenes.

Deidra said...

We've had lots of rain here, too, but it has finally let up a bit and I've seen a glowing orb in the sky! I found myself singing that song I learned years ago when my kids always watched that giant purple dinosaur: "Oh mister sun, sun, mister golden sun, please shine down on me!" Maybe you should start singing that and see what happens...kinda like a reverse rain dance.

Here's to a happy and sunshiney weekend for you!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, send some our way. Edward and I are sizzling down here!

Purple Flowers said...

Our blogs are very similar today. I wrote about "All you need is sun" by Lennon/McCartney
Someone commented a post referring to the song "Let the sunshine in"-Hair

How funny words can be. Let's hope we start drying out soon. I'm feeling awfully soggy.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

There's no rain here! We could use some here in this desert. It's 106 degrees here right now!

Ina in Alaska said...

Rain Rain go Away!! We had a summer like that in Alaska last year. It was horrible. :( But we made the best of it.

Kwana said...

I'm glad I'm not alone in my misery. Sorry you're sizzling Pamela and Edward.

And Chocolate I don't know what to say about 106 but stay inside. Whew!

Ondo Lady said...

Well we don't have that much sun here either. All that great weather that was around last weekend has done a runner.

Stesha said...

No rain here in Louisiana. Plenty of sunshine. I'll try to send some your way.

Hugs and Mocha,

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