Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The other morning I woke up with one thought on my mind. “I wish I had a straight contemporary romance novel.”

Seriously, these were the words that entered my mind as I opened my eyes. Strange right? Now none of my three ideas which I’m still very excited about and talked about is as a straight contemporary. But I know where this came from. I have just finished reading Lisa Kleypas’ Smooth Talking Stranger and she’s one smooth writer. You seem to pick up her books, you get involved with the characters, you read it and ‘poof’ it’s done. I love it.

Then it came to me, I did have a contemporary romance, my very first book from waaaay back when.
Now I know this book is a hot mess and I do mean a hotttt mess. But I went to the old computer and after some frantic searching I found it along with a very embarrassing query letter. (I can't belive I sent that hot mess out eek!) The embarrassing thing about this query is this is before I joined RWA and had done all my reading and learning about queries so it’s really long with no hook to speak of. The crazy thing about it is in its longness I found that I wrote the shortest synopsis of my life when I didn’t know anything about writing a synopsis at all. Nowadays my goal is to write a short synopsis and I’m having the hardest time doing that. Getting anywhere near 5 pages is torture and suddenly there it was, right before my eyes, written by me, a 1 ½ page synopsis.


Ignorance is Bliss in some ways I guess.



Frau said...

I never realized what goes into writing a book, it's so intriging. Hot mess or not you have acomplished more than most! Have a wonderful day!

pve design said...

My Mom always told me "love is blind" too but that is just the way it is, even with the most perfect vision, the heart wants what the heart wants. I like that about love, it is never exacting, just pure and utter bliss.
Dumb love bliss - I love that about love.

Deidra said...

Hot mess. I love that. Haven't heard it in a long time.

So...are you going to share that synopsis with us?

Clarity said...

That would be interesting, I agree with Deidra. Letting go is the first step to writing well, at that age it was just fun.

December said...

I love that graphic! I also think it'd be fun to share the hot mess.

(I am currently in the midst of my own hot mess, so I can't play.)


Wow Kwana, amazing story!
BTW love the the title of that book...

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Kwana! We can if you work on a contemp, we can brainstorm together!

I too have a very old ms that I wrote before my learning days, and I can hardly read it without cringing! But I like the basic premise, and I even like the characters, and their names (!), and I might try to salvage it someday. So I know what you mean.

I vote YES on you writing a contemporary! You can call it "Hot Mess" or "Ignorance Is Bliss" ... : )

Kwana said...

Thanks so much Frau.

Thanks Patricia. The heart does want what it wants.

Deidra sorry I won't put the synopsis up. It would give too much away. Hate to disappoint though.

Clarity you're right it was fun.

December sorry I can't share it here. Too public and I'm too neurotic. LOL.

Lenore, thanks the graphic book is very cool.

Miz Write we must email and give it a go. You should work on yours.

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