Monday, June 15, 2009

Getting Testy

What's Jack up to? Jack's had a fun weekend. A little sun a lot of rain, but he did his best to stay feisty through it all. So very Jack.

This week starts a strange and stressful 2 weeks at my house of testing and finals for my twins. So there is no real set school schedule. The kids will be just going in for their tests and whatever extra test prep that they can be coaxed into and they both can surely use.

I'll be on the edge of my seat hoping they do as well as possible to pull it all out for the end of the year. There will be some days on and some off for them and around it all I'll be on call for, well, whatever. Very stressful for any mom. Time to put on my roller skates and try and not get too testy myself.

What's on tap for your week?



pve design said...

A Mom's love stands the test of all time!
Just show them love, support and lots of encouragement. I am in the same boat of testing the waters~ and I am not talking about day 8 of wet rain!


My sist goes through the same thing during this time...quite stressful! ~Peace!

Maria Geraci said...

Good luck to the twins! (is this school finals? is school still in session where you live?)

Kristen Painter said...

I MUST do yard work and clean out my car this week. Also, there's that whole housework thing I keep putting off...

Frau said...

On my tap lots of bier..oh not that kind of tap! Last week for my daughter, crossing my fingers she did well,but I'm really scared! Hang in there and have a great week!

Joyce said...

My fingers, toes and eyes are cross!! Yes put your wheels on and head for the nearest coffee shop. Enjoy my friend. Hugs to you and Jack! xoxo

Ina in Alaska said...

This week: Grocery shopping, taking Amy's gown and veil for pressing/steaming, Craig's tux shirt for pressing, work, tennis, try to find a lilac or lavendar colored quilt for one of the bedrooms, check out my wedding ensemble, hair appt, botox..... xoxo

Deidra said...

Are your kids still in school? Wow! I will pray that their studying and testing goes well, and that you skate safely! ;)

December said...

Frau's comment above cracked me up!

Anywhoodle - this week: Finish re-writes on the final 3 chapts, and buzz it by my CP.
Write my Query letter, and mail.

oh - and survive the Day Job of course.

Sheryl said...

Good luck on the testing, I hate finales week.

This week I'm taking a dd to the doctor, taking pictures at our church fellowship dinner and then later in the week donating blood.

Keep skating, you'll make it through.


Fifi Flowers said...

We are done with school... started swim meets over the weekend... starting water polo this week and summer school begins next Monday... I think there will be NO RESTING this summer... LE SIGH!!! I may be testy myself... LOL!!!

Kwana said...

Yep, school is still in session here until the end of Jun. Thanks for the kind words.

Ina, best of luck with the wedding plans. Yippee!

Frau good luck to you DD too.

December good luck on your query.

FiFi I know, no rest for the weary.

Anonymous said...

Same as you, Kwana -- in the middle of finals/ last week of school. And I know exactly what you mean about the crazy skeds! Some half days? Some not? One kid out Wed? The other Thurs.? Huh????

Hope we both manage the week and end up with all of our kids at home somehow! (And no scuffed knees from the skating!)

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