Monday, October 12, 2009

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What’s Jack up to? Nothing much besides being the Just Jackster lately and having quite a time with that. He had fun helping the DD with a photography project for school what got him plenty of bribe treats in order to keep still (which he never did do) so WIN for him.

Happy Monday and Happy Columbus Day!
This is probably one of the latest Julie and Julia posts ever but here goes. Many of you know that Julie and Julia was my last book group book and I was quite excited to read this book and even more excited to see the movie with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.

Well, I guess too excited because I did an off reversal thing that I really thought would work. I saw the movie before reading the book and as it happens, I LOVED the movie, maybe a little too much.

The problem with that was the movie, for me, was adapted so differently from the book that it made the book hard to separate and enjoy and I think if I had read the book first, I would have enjoyed it more. Or if I read the book maybe a year prior and then read Julia’s MY LIFE IN FRANCE and had those to go on I would have had a different experience.

That said, this is not really what this post is about. This post is about the other little star of the movie. You all know how I can get swayed by a good accessory. Don’t let a fine handbag cross the screen. Clive Owen can be bare chested and I will barely notice. Well, that fine accessory moment in Julie and Julia was the Le Creuset dutch oven moment. I instantly turned to the DH and whispered, half breathless, “look my pot”. He just sighed knowing the trouble ahead.

I had been coveting one of these pots for years but just could not justify the purchase of one in my own mind even a discounted one (on sale) and I really didn’t want another brand. You know how it goes. Real or Canal Street knock off? I go for real every time.

Well this weekend after countless trips to Home Goods and TJ Maxx the DH had had it with me and the anniversary had not quite worn off so I now have my very own pretty yellow dutch oven. (sorry it's dark in the pics)
The first meal: braised ox tail stew with onions, peppers and potatoes. A fave of the DH.

I also got this great casserole and one-pot book for myself to go with it. Who knew I’d be so happy over a pot?

Could I be sorta domesticated? Kinda?
Um... Nah. I'm not getting crazy here.



A Day That is Dessert said...

I also get swayed over things like that pot - congrats!! My parents have a set of the orange ones; my mother got them as a set one Christmas in my childhood.


Yay-sweet! Mine is in ivory cream color had it for a few years's a great investment Kwana, I'm sure you'll be making wonderful yummy goodness with your own piece. Happy cooking!

Frau said...

I want that pot! Congrats perfect anniversary gift for yourself! And hubby benefits by yummy dinners. Have a wonderful Monday!

Debra said...

I love your new pot. My mother had this set in the 'poppy' color... when we cleaned out my family home-I let them go in a huge lot of things....what was I thinking???

pve design said...

Bon Appetite~
You know how I love my blue $25 le crueset pot from an estate sale! It has fed an army!

Ina in Alaska said...

Enjoy your pot for years to come! Also I like the cookbook too. I love one pot dishes!! Congratulations and as Julia would say, "BON APPETIT!" xoxo

Kristen Painter said...

That's an awesome thing to own. I'd like to get one for roasting a chicken. Roast chicken is one of my favorite things.

Deidra said...

I thought the exact same thing when I saw that pot in the movie. And the mortar and pestle. And I don't even know what to do with a mortar and pestle. But I fell in love with it. Swooning I tell ya! Congratulations on snagging that pot. The stew looks delish!

Louisa Edwards said...

I am totally there with you. I love my Le Creuset pots and pans with a passion that is not holy. Mine are all the classic red, because I started buying them before they had so many cute colors and now I want them all to match! Maybe I shouldn't be so anal, though. Yours is awfully pretty!

Anonymous said...

Kwana - I know exactly where you are coming from. I asked for the Le Creuset frying pan for Christmas last year. This year, I'm hoping for the piece you just bought. I adore all the new colors but, like Louisa, mine is in their classic red. I love the blues and greens. Didn't they even come out with a black?

Didn't everyone just want to stand at the stove and sweat after seeing Julie & Julia? lol


Elen - wondering how many times she can say "didn't" in a row.

Kwana said...

You all are so much fun. I love how this pot sparks so much conversation. It's a great unifier. It does bring thoughts of comfort and childhood. I can't wait for Nana to see it.

Debra, I know you are kicking yourself for giving your set up.

PVE only you would snag a 25 dollar one. Lucky lady!

Roast chicken would be great in it.

Deidre I was eying the mortar and pestle too. I think I may go for a mini. In my new book there was one recipe that called for ground dried shrimp. A perfect excuse!

Louisa, I know this post saw for you. I say go for the mix and match. The blue or green would be great with the red even the yellow.
You too Elen. Go for it!

And yes, after that movie. I was all about wanted to stand at the stove in pearls with my jeans.

Carrie said...

Hi! I'm Carrie Woodward. I work with the True Le Creuset community. If you have a chance check out
It is a great plaace to share you Le Creuset story and get great recipes for your new pot.
Happy cooking!

Kwana said...

Hi Carrie, Thanks for stopping by! I'll pop on over.

Pretty Neat Designs said...

That is so funny, I was just telling my husband to buy me a meat thermometer for our anniversary next week! I am always admiring the beautiful dutch ovens, and I bought the cheap one at Marshalls and I can honestly say what I already knew was true but decided to ignore - you get what you pay for. Enjoy your new pot!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

You are so domesticated. :-)

Decorno said...

I am so glad I am finally in the club. :) I got one this weekend. And I just watched Julie and Julia last night and really, really loved it. Now I just want to cook up a storm...

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