Friday, October 9, 2009

It's Raining Pinecones!

What's Jack up to? Jack is such a crack up. Just when he takes me to the edge he does something sweet like wait patiently by his water bowl just looking at me until I get my first cup of coffee. That dog knows I'm a bear until I get my coffee.

So we had quite a wind storm yesterday and you'd have thought it was raining pinecones by the look of my yard. I'm feeling like I should be doing something with all these pinecones like a craft or something. At the very least I should be putting them in bags and selling them on the side of the road. Unscented thank you very much.

This post doesn't make much sense but I like the pics. I hope you do too.
Have a good Friday!



Debra said...

You could dry them, add some pine scented oils and toss them into the fireplace or woodstove...but I do like your photos too. Happy Friday.

pve design said...

I think it must be someone trying to send you a sign!
Pine-cone heaven!! Great photos.

Ina in Alaska said...

Your story reminds me of when I was just in NJ. My sister and I were sitting on her deck and the acorns were falling out of the trees and hitting stuff. They sound really LOUD when they hit the ground, it sounds like we are under acorn attack!! Jack is adorable as always!!! Have a great weekend Miss K!! xoxo

Kristen Painter said...

I was going to say what Debra said. You could also spray a bunch of them gold or silver, even add some glitter and use them for holiday decorations.

Sheryl said...

Just think I just went and spent $3 on scented pine cones. I could have gathered them from your yard and scented them myself :)

Great pics, will Jack chew on them?

Purple Flowers said...

In January, after holiday decorations are stored away, I put pinecones in a basket, on a wrought iron table outside my front door. It's my winter decoration. You may want to bag some up now.
Have a nice weekend!

Jax Cassidy said...

It reminds me when I was in grade school and we used to collect pine cones just so we can spread peanut butter over them and dipped them in bird was a fun project. I miss being a kid with no responsibilities other than homework. Great pics! :)

Anonymous said...

I do what Purple Flowers suggested -- just gather them up and put them in a basket! Pretty, easy, and so indicative of the time of year. Awesome shots! I especially the like the one on the scroll grate, and the last one, too.

Frau said...

wow that is crazy ! We have a ton of acorns everywhere. Please check out my blog I have something for you on it. Have a wonderful weekend.

Christine said...

Beautiful pictures, Kwana! Did you collect them for craft projects?

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oooooo...if I lived near you I'd BMOH (Bring My Own Hefty)! :-)

I actually put a bunch of pine cones at the bottom of pots before adding soil & plants (especially herbs). They help drain the soil better. Works pretty well, actually.

P.S. Would lovvvveee if you came to the VNA thrift sale next year! I will definitely remember to let you know in advance!!

Kwana said...

Please do Laura and thanks for the tip!

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