Friday, October 23, 2009

Writerly Weekend

Happy Friday! I'm off to New Jersey! Hmm... is that usually followed by an exclamation point? Oh stop, Kwana that's such a New Yorker joke! Who are you, Conan?
But, really, I'm thrilled to be off to NJ for a writerly weekend at the Annual New Jersey Romance Writers Put Your Heart In A Book Conference.

It's sure to be jam packed with fun and inspiration. I'll get to see many old friends and go all fan girl on writers that I admire at the Literacy book fair and signing which is open to the public on Saturday. You can check out the list of authors here.

I can't wait to attend workshops like: Painting Colorful Characters, The Magic of Words, Writing with Passion and My Writing May be Art...But My Kids Need Braces.

Here's hoping I wake up my lazy muse this weekend and you have a wonderful weekend.



A Day That is Dessert said...

Have a great time Kwana - I'm looking forward to hearing about your time away!

Debra said...

It sounds perfect! I know you'll enjoy it and report back to us. Have fun!

Purple Flowers said...

Wishing you a great time for both career, and catching up w/people!

pve design said...

Calgon take me away....
Enjoy every minute of this...for you!!

Ina in Alaska said...

I wish I was in Jersey so I could sneak in and say hi to you! Have a great conference and I look forward to your report.

PS I thought the season finale of RHOA was a snooze!! And NeNe was so crazy this season!! she was my favorite last season. I liked Sheree's last outfit that came down the runway.... oh that sleeve with all the bling.... loved it!! xoxo

Kristen Painter said...

Have fun!

Jax Cassidy said...

I'm jealous! Maybe I'll attend someday but there's so many conferences that available it's hard to choose.

I know some of my friends will be're gonna have a blast!

Natalie Hatch said...

Take copious notes and then share! Even if it is in NJ (though I had to look up on a map where New Jersey was).

T. Anne said...

If it's not too much trouble wake mine up too. I've got some serious rumplstilskin action going on.

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