Friday, October 30, 2009

Feeling Squirrelly

What's Jack up to? As I write this he's asleep under my bed paying no attention to the Yankees about to win game 2 and tie it up. Go Yankees!!

Today I'm feeling squirrelly. We've been fighting with squirrels for most of the summer getting into our gutters keeping us up at night and now we think we hear them in the attic crawl space which we have never been in. Quite scary.
So we have to have a guy come and venture into spaces where Lord knows what lives. Wish us luck.

Sigh. Never a dull moment around here. Have a Happy Friday!



Frau said...

OMG love the squirrels and glow sticks! NY Squirrels are so playful!!
Have a wonderful Friday!

Debra said...

Maybe they're just getting ready to 'trick or treat' you... I wish you luck- we don't need any varments running amiss.

pve design said...

My Grandmother was a pro at capturing those rascals. Does Nana have that talent? Perhaps she can cook up some sort of recipe to lead them out and away....

Kristen Painter said...

I love the last picture! lol So funny!

Joyce said...

Oh Kwana I'm so sorry. This is my fear of my love when he sees me feeding them. The photos are awesome! I bet if Jack would come out from under the bed he could help chase them away.
Have a golden and Happy Halloween! xo

Ina in Alaska said...

Great, fun squirrel pictures! Glad you are having the attic crawl space checked out, those critters can do some damage! YAY, the Series is tied!! GO YANKEES!! PS it was fun tweeting with you during the game the other night. XOXO

December said...

ugh - every fall we get mice. that reminds me we should get the traps out again. Blech. phooey.

Sheryl said...

Good luck with your squirrel hunt. We once had one drop down our chimney while we had a fire going. That was interesting.

I love the squirrel pictures they made me laugh.

Deidra said...

I'm still laughing at those photos.

When I was growing up, a raccoon hibernated in our attic. It was a mess, let me tell you. Those people who crawl into God knows where to find and remove God know what are heroes. Truly. Thank God squirrels don't hibernate.

Jax Cassidy said...

Those pics gave me a good laugh!I SO needed that. Thanks :)

Happy Halloween!

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