Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The American Dream

What's Jack up to? I'm afraid I'll not have Jack calmed down until the Dear Twins are back in school. Jack is having a fine time chasing the DD around the house and snapping at her toes today. When he's not doing that he's roughhousing with the DS. No sweet little lap dog is he.

The DNC has begun and as I thought I'd be, I was riveted. The first night did not disappoint with Michelle Obama giving the keynote speech. I don't think a potential first lady has given a keynote speech at a national convention so that in itself is historic, but besides that the fact that it was a Black woman giving the speech made it that much more so.

I didn't expect to be as emotionally moved as I was, but there you have it. I could not take the smile from my face or account for the great sense of pride that I felt for women, African-Americans, my children and even my country. Count me as one of those teary eyed Black women at the end of the speech. Could we actually be here in 2008? Finally. It was a wonderful heartfelt speech that showed her heart and her fabulous mind. That Barack is a lucky man. Must be some good judgement there to choose Michelle. I say the more women in politics the better!




Be the change..... said...

I love her! She was a guest host on 'the view' (yes, i watch the view and proudly love it!) and was so charming, well-spoken and personable! I'm sorry I didn't watch the conference last night!

David Dust said...

Count me as a gay white man (and former Hillary supporter) with tears streaming down my face by the end of her speech. Uplifting and inspirational.

After Obama's 8 years are up, I'm voting for Michelle...


pam said...

Not to mention his two girls are adorable. Great speech by Michelle, and loved the intro by her brother.

Kwana said...

Be the Change so glad to know another View Watcher! Michelle was wonderful on it. If you get a chance try and catch her speech on the Internet.

David I'm glad to know you were crying right along with me. I love your optimism and that you could move from Hill to Obama. Way to go with the flow of the party.

Pam, I love the into by her brother too. The girls were lovely. Totally not scripted. So real.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Isn't she just a class act!! I absolutely love my fellow south-side Chicagoan!! :-)

Jaci Burton said...

She was mesmerizing. I loved listening to her speak because she was so real.

I grew up in the 60's, during the years of the Kennedys and Dr. King, and to see this happen in my lifetime, to see one party put up Obama and Hilary Clinton as our candidates of choice, makes my heart swell with hope for our country.

I've never been so excited about a presidential race in my life.

sula said...

omg, girl, I was watching and cheering and crying all at the same time. She hit it out of the park. So eloquent and down to earth and genuine and SMART! Barack is lucky to be married to her.

I really do need to get my butt down to the Obama campaign office in my little Virginia town and volunteer. This is going to be a key battleground state and to be honest, I am a little scared because this area I'm in is pretty red. But I'm willing do what I can.

Kwana said...

Thanks to all of you for the good vibes, BG and Sula and Jaci. It's so exciting isn't it. hope Hillary hit's it out of the park tonight and keeps the momentum going. We so need it.

N said...

Finally time to settle in and watch a little DNC.

Barack's on stage now. Good stuff.

Love Michelle's dress tonight. She is SO super. Love her. Smart and like bringing a little practical Jackie O back.

Kwana said...

I was watching too. Great stuff. Loved Michelle's dress. No doubt about it. She's got style.

sula said...

wow, fantastic night at the DNC. btw, the only way to watch this stuff...C-span. ALL of the speeches, none of the bloviating talking heads trying to tell you what to think.

Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden...all did fantastic jobs tonite. I'm feeling very warm and fuzzy and proud to be a dem. And having a bottle of wine to celebrate my 29th b-day also helps. lol. I shall never forget this day...first time in our nation's history that an African-American is nominated as a presidential candidate for a major party in american politics. history in the making.

m'kay. sorry for the ramble. it's been quite a night. :)

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