Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's a Jungle out there.

What's Jack up to? As I write this he's under my bed asleep. A few peaceful Jack moments. So sweet. How long do you think it will last?

Project Runway starts with the designers working it out and Blayne still talking “liscious”. Why is he still around?
The challenge is to design for a high powered and glamorous woman. It turns out to be Brooke Shields and they have to design an outfit for her Lipstick Jungle character Wendy. Fun. You all know how I loved that show last year.
Then the other shoe dropps and Tim tells the designers they would be working in teams of two. Bummer.

Scramble time. Jerell actually said he’d better pay attention and give the client what she wanted after the last challenge. Good thinking Jerell
Now the designers pitch to Brooke and the winner will be worn on the show

The winners are Keith, Korto, Jerell, Kelli, Terri and Blayne and now they go off into teams.
The teams are: Terri and 3rd person Suede, Blayne and Leanne, Keith and Kenley, Korto and Joe, Kellie and Daniel, Jerell and Stella.

The designers are at Mood to buy fabrics and already the team dynamic is not gellin'.
Back at Parsons Tim comes in like is immaculate Grin Reaper with more bad news saying how winning is good enough and there will be no immunity with this challenge. “Gee thanks Tim. Anything you want to tell us about Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny?”

Grim Tim pops up again sending in the models for an early fitting. Um, doesn’t look like they have much to fit yet Tim. Way to make everyone happy today.

Terri and Suede are not having a good time and Terri’s curls are curling up even more. I’m afraid he may get the smackdown.
Tim doing a walk through: He likes Jerell and Stella, Kellie and Daniel have him stumped, He made Terri feel better so Suede is living for another minute. Not so grim now Tim. He is not in love with the proportions of Korto’s jacket and Joe chimes in that he was thinking it all along. Korto was like, “what, now you tell me? “ Joe is getting the smackdown.

It’s the day of the runway show and I can’t tell about these outfits. They all look a hot mess to me. There are way too many patterns and colors for one outfit. Chiffon, leopard, floral, oh my!

But, I’m just loving Jerell and his stinky face critiques. I’m with him. I’ll have to see them on the Runway to tell.


Kellie: No




Blayne:ok but ultra casual.

Terri and Korto got to stay they were the middle of the road ok. I was surprised by that because I was not loving Terri’s outfit but ok for her. I think Korto was a stronger outfit and should have been in the tops with Jerell.

The Judges like Jerell and Stella
They do not like Kelli and Daniel and Michael Kors said. “Slutty, slutty, slutty.”

The judges like Keith’s look but it didn’t thrill me. I’m not for all those layers. He does love that doesn’t he and that to fabric was just blah to me.

Blayne/ Leanne the judges thought he was too casual too.
The winner is Keith! I’m kinda shocked, but I shouldn’t be. What do I know? UGH!

Out this week is… Kelli. Rightly so. Who coule wear that to work? But, next week Drag queens!

Shear Genius did have a really cute kid challenge today and Daniel won the short cut with a cute little girl that wanted to look like Jaclyn. Way to win over the judges.

Then for the main challenge and the stylists family members come out and for the twist they have to not style their own family members hair but another stylist family members hair eek!

Daniel had the nerve to put his mother with Charlie. Very bold.

The winner was Charlie for doing right by Daniel's mom's hair and the loser was Paolo for his choppy palm tree look. Buh Bye.




Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I thought Kelly's outfit was hideous!!! I really thought that Jerrell should've won, but the winning outfit was nice too.

Marley Gibson said...

I have to say that's one of the best ProjRuns in a long time...until the last three minutes. Jerel and Stella were ROBBED! That was, by far, the best effort. It was gorgeous and classy and you could see it was a true collaboration between the two of them.

I disagreed with them tossing off Kelly. She's done VERY well in every challeng and has never been called out. Blayne, on the other hand, is a PITA and not a good designer. His outfit was nothing like what the challenge set out. It was fine for a college student or teenager, but for a high-powered woman on TV? Nope.

I also disagree with Daniel not being called out. Kelly had to change the whole structure and design of the dress to accommodate him and give him something to do. He screwed up the first skirt and took no responsibility for it. He was in the bottom last week and should have been this week.

This is akin to the dismisal of Malan so early on.

I think Blayne is staying on purely for "entertainment" value and Kelly added nothing to the "drama." Which is too bad.

I also think that Brooke had the final say-so with Keith's win. I liked the dress okay, but Jerel's design was far superior...and Nina, Michael, and Heidi all thought so.

Comes done to one thing...don't these designers watch the show? You NEVER EVER EVER want to be team leader because it always puts your head on the chopping block.

CanNOT wait for next week's episode dressing drag queens. Excellent!!!!

Kwana said...

I agree with you BG Jerell should have won but O can't agree on the winning outfit. It just did not do it for me.

Marley, yes Jarell was robbed I don't get Keith winning. It much have been Brooked choice. I did not like it. You are right it is team leader thing all the way. I am so over Blayne and his outfit was not a great look but his construction last night was good. I looked at those casual pants and the sewing was really good. I thought his tailing was right on. I was impressed with that. But you're right the entertainment effect is there.
I can't wait for next week!

Kristen Painter said...

I really wanted Blayne gone. I liked Kelli, but then I would have worn her outfit. I am a hootchie at heart, I guess. You know me and leopard print. Bring it!

Haven't watched Shear Genius yet, that's waiting for me on the DVR.

Kwana said...

Hi Kristen. You are too funny. It's not the leopard it's the way they used it for work and the craftsmanship. Jerell used animal print and he and Stella were ok. You are no hoochie:) Sorry to be a Shear spoiler:(

Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, I'm so jealous. They aren't showing that season up here, yet. I think they may be showing a second season of Project Runway Canada first... At least we get both... And the UK one. Love the UK one. Of course it didn't hurt that the top two designers on the UK one were both Canadian one season...

Kristin said...

I keep missing project runway this season. I'll only remember when I see your posts and say, 'darn, meant to watch that.'

Kwana said...

I'm sorry Maureen. I hope I'm not spoiling it for you.

I'm sorry to you too Kristen. Please catch the repeats. They are on all the time.

Kwana said...

I'm sorry Maureen. I hope I'm not spoiling it for you.

I'm sorry to you too Kristen. Please catch the repeats. They are on all the time.

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