Monday, August 4, 2008

I Left My Heart...

What's Jack up to? From what I hear Jack has been a total doll while we've been away. He seemed so happy to see us. Jumping and nipping and rolling around. So sweet.

Well, I'm back home from Nationals. I had such a wonderful time. It's going to take me a day or so to get all my thoughts together. So many amazing workshops and so many amazing friends and writers. I found it so hard to leave. Fun pics to come.

Now I'm back and newly motivated in myself and my writing. That's what what it's all about.

Big shout outs to: Megan, Marley, Elizabeth, Carolyn, Amanda, Kristen, Louisa, Liza, Eileen, Megan, Pam, Andrea (new bud), Roxanne (new bud) and many more who I'll think of once I get my head on straight. I love you all. Thanks for being so wonderful.

Sidebar: Add on shout outs now that it's later and my head is on straighter... Hey Maureen! Miss you already.

More shout outs... Wendy, Aryn, Kristin, Napa was so much fun with you all and how much do I love Matt?

Mel!!! You were way missed out there. But your blog makes up for that. You are cra-zy!




Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Welcome back! Glad you had fun!! :-)

Mel Francis said...

I'm glad you're back. I was lonely last week...

Kwana said...

Thanks BG! It was a blast.

Mel, We missed you so much!!!

Marley Gibson said...

Had a great time with you and DH! Hope he had a great time. Check out my pics on

pve design said...

Welcome home! So glad you are re-charged from the trip. I heart you here.
I am off to do an illustration of you "wrapping your head around it!" You have some of the funniest sayings that I relate to on so many levels.

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