Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Night Games

What's Jack up to? Jack is taking it slow this morning. I guess he's picking up on my tired vibe. Thanks so much Jack. I really appreciate it.

Well, the boys played on and on last night. Not really. It just felt like it. Very Looooog innings. The sun went down and the temperature dropped and the DS's baseball game lasted until 11:30. We got home about 12:30. Sleep came upon me at about 2AM. Poor DH taking the 7:38 train in to work this morning. UGH!

It was thrilling for the boys to play under the lights and have their names announced over the PA system. The game really started to heat up in the 6th inning. But in the end our team won 11 to 7 bringing in some safety runs in the final inning.

Does this mean they are the champions? No. It means they live to fight another night. And I get to drive another night. Oh and cheer another night. So that will be fun.

And guess what, they just added another tournament for the weekend. Hooray? I'm going to so get a smackdown by the mama police I just know it.



Megan Frampton said...

Congrats, Kwana's son!

Eventually, you will look back on these moments with fondness. Eventually.

Carolyn said...

I very much emphasize with you. Of course you want your children to win, but can't it be more convenient, please? My weekend was spent at a soccer tournament. And when my son's team made it to the finals (and won!) I still had that moment when I thought, gee, I'd really rather just go home for the day.

Your son is learning an important lesson about family, and when he's a parent, he will look back on you fondly. I promise.

Good luck to your son and his team!

Kwana said...

Thanks Megan and Carolyn. The days and nights are long and tiring but there is some joy in it and I know the he is gone off to college I will miss these time so much.

Kristin said...

My brother was a competitive swimmer so I spent many a weekened traveling to meets. (BTW, he swam with Dara Torres in college so we get a kick out of seeing her now.) My parent still love to talk about those days though. Being at a meet, talking to other parents, cheering for their kids. I'm sure when the traveling is over and your twins are grown you'll cherish those memories, too. Even the late-nite drives. lol

Kwana said...

I'm sure you're right Kristin.

N said...

Think of it this way. You've got a good boy (I know this for a fact) and he could be doing something like...umm...car racing.

At least it's not dangerous?
(Who knows what I'll be in for!)

Hang in there Kwana!

Kwana said...

I'm hanging N and thanks for the sweet words about my boy.

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