Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In my dreams...

I'm as cool as this woman.

Taken from here. Don't we love The Satorialist?

Of course to achieve this level of coolness would take a complete lifestyle change which would begin with me running away from my current life and jetting off to Paris to go underground (see yesterday's post below). Some days that sounds like a pretty appealing idea. If only there were a mommy protection program? But freakin' Big Brother is always watching so we can't get escape the grid, at least not this fashionably, I'm sure.



Harlem Loves... said...

Yep that's my dream. He was in London the other day too for a whole three days I think. I was almost tempted to walk around in my best casual outfits on the offchance i might bump into him lol.

PS: love your blog

Sarah Tormey said...

Hi Kwana, I enjoy reading your blog everyday! Great pics yesterday from your trip to the NYC RWA meeting.

Kristen Painter said...

I've never been to that website. Off to investigate!

~tivi jones said...

Hi Kwana! I'm new to your blog. Can you imagine looking that unaffected and calm in real life?!

(going to check out the link)

~tivi jones said...

Okay, after further inspection of The Satorialist site, I have to say it's amazing!

Do you ever peruse Design*Sponge?? It's not so much fashion, but it's great for people like me who enjoy creativity and aesthetically pleasing design elements.

The website is

Ina J Offret said...

Hi Kwana! I do check your blog every day and sometimes have a hard time leaving comments due to my iPhone iNEPTITUDE..... but I did take pix of the wedding gown hunt and some are on my blog... xo

pve design said...

Yes, I saw that one, those pants, the shoes, her hair and the air of confidence and comfort. I am in awe.
Did she have a personal shopper? Why not include her in one of your stories?

Hope Tarr said...

C'mon now, I'm betting you're way cooler than she is. For one thing, you have a lovely, warm smile. Smiling for that chic, I'm thinking not so much.

Kwana said...

Oh Hope you're such a good friend. Now quick, everybody go out and buy a Hope Tarr book! :)

Harlem Loves, I love you name. I'm I born and raised Harlem girl. i have a secret fantasy about being photographed by him.

Thanks so much Sarah and I hope you like him Kristen.

Tivi thanks for visiting and I love Design Sponge. It's great.

Ina I'm going to see the pics!

Yes, Patrica she would be a good character.

Joyce said...

I will have to check out the website. I do like the casual clothing she is wearing and if only my hair would lay like that I would be so calm. A cute post.

jax said...

I've been missing all your great posts. Your blackberry touch takes awesome pics. I have an iPhone and the image quality sucks. I'm thinking of upgrading to a blackberry but I've heard so-so reviews about the touch and it's little I may just wait and take my time before upgrading.

Kwana said...

Thanks Joyce. You are right about her hair. I love it.

I hear you Jax, but my friends with the i phone seem to like the picture quality. The blackberry touch is very cool but the one problem I have is with receiving calls. It's so sensitive that it easy to touch the screen and lose them. And I still don't know all the icons.

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