Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Top... What tha heck are they doing?- Spoiler Alert!!

What's Jack up to? Jack is being a mischievous super dog. Making amazing leaps to counters three times his height in order to knock over plates filled with yummy leftover curried chicken salad sandwiches and ham and brie. Oh Jack, wen will you mellow out?

As for Top Chef I’ll be short and sweet. Did you watch? It was Green Acre's all the way. Darling I love you but give me the city life.

I was happy to see Hung. I'm into nostalgia. Stefan grabbed immunity with SPAM and the Hung is gone way too fast without any drama. Then Stefan and Jamie fight like an old married couple on the way to divorce court over their menu. Then Hosea is nervous and it’s a mess on his team. Cut to whining from Ariane and they are off to Dan Barber’s restaurant and farm in the country where they will pick their food to cook. Ha jokes on them.

Stefan makes a funny that I know David Dust will not disappoint me on with his recap later. He will either A. Completely ignore the obviousness of the hen house or B. annihilate Stefan. Either way it will be hilarious.

Sidebar: It’s so annoying the way they throw these little clips in between the commercials. Not cute Bravo.

Chefs are in the kitchen. Fabio is annoyed and Tom is surveying. He’s not letting the new guy steal ALL his thunder.

Up first is Team Lamb-Hosea, Ariane, Leah- lamb poorly dressed, not done well. Bad dessert. Oh my.
Team Pork- Jeff, Fabio, Radhika- ravioli bad, pork should have been on the bone. dessert off
Team Chicken- Jamie, Carla, Stefan- Soup, no need. Good chicken. Carla rocked the dessert. That's my crazy like a fox Carla.

Judges table. The tops are Jamie, Carla and Stefan. Team Chicken. And the winner is … All of them. What is that? Top Chef is going soft. Ugh! Carla was robbed.

Then the judges ask for everyone else: the Pigs and the Lambs. Team lamb is hilarious with the rolling and the tying. Will they all be sent home since it’s an all for one and one for all night? Nope it was just Ariane. With her poor butchering. Feels like it was Leah’s night to me. I really don’t get this episode.
Buh Bye Ariane.



Tamstyles said...

I am watching it right now..damn I scrolled down to soon...I liked her. I hate she is gone.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Jack is so funny! Didn't you say you aren't really a dog person? - how did Jack come about? The history of Jack would be a great post.

Dana said...

I haven't seen it yet but I will say Ariane always annoyed me. I always wanted to shout "get some self esteem lady!!" at her

Kristen Painter said...

I'm really ticked Leah didn't go home. This episode was messed up. Ariane's won several challenges! Leah sucks.

Kwana said...

So Sorry for the spoiler Tamstyles. I should have put that in my header. I apologize.

I will do a post in that Day.

I here you Dana, but she is not deserve to go tonight. She won so many challenges.

I'm with you Kristen!

Joy said...

I thought Leah would go home, too, not Ariane. I didn't like all that. I also thought about what David would write when Stefan was with the hens!

David Dust said...

Very weird episode.

CLICK HERE for David Dust's Top Chef recap.


Anonymous said...

I'm peeved that Ariane is gone! I really liked her! I did not like the way the Leah and Hosea didn't own up to their doings!


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