Thursday, January 29, 2009

Top Bowl- Spoilers Ahead

Top Chef comes on and the midnight lovers, Leah and Hosea are feeling remorseful in the light of day.

The leftover chefs head to the kitchen and the Quaker Oats quickfire challenge. I sure miss the old days without so much product placement. I am so tired of seeing the name of those darn stoves. There is no immunity for this challenge and on the bottom of the batch were Leah, Fabio and Jeff. Tops were Carla, Jamie and Stefan. The winner is Stefan.

They go in the NSG room and see numbers on chef’s jackets. From this they just know it’s a football challenge. How? I don’t know.

Elimination challenge is Top Chef Bowl against past season’s losers. The only ones that are moderately interesting are Andrew and Fedora Spike. Hi Andrew!

Stefan gets to decide who he’s going against and he chooses Andrea. Who? I know that’s what I said.

The rest are divided up and challenged to cook head to head. Any chef who loses their head to head will be up for elimination. I like kinda this challenge.

Jeff vs. Josie-Josie wins. She rocked it.
Carla vs. Andrew-crazy vs crazy Carla’s crazy wins.
Stefan vs. Andrea- Stefan is in love. She plays him and wins. Hosea could not be happier.
Hosea vs. Miguel-Hosea
Leah vs. Nikki- Leah wins.
Jamie vs. Camille- Once again who? The winner is Jamie
Fabio vs. Fedora Spike- both are talking trash. It’s good. Spike wins. But barely. I'm confused with Fabio talking. Why is he making me think he won?

All in all season 5 takes it.
At the judges table the winners are called in to pick the big winner and it’s Carla! And she wins 2 tickets to the Superbowl.

In the bottom are Stefan, Fabio and Jeff. I’m loving listening to Fabio explain his overcooked meat. It could go for an hour. But going home is... Jeff. Why am I not surprised?

Are you?




Kristen Painter said...

I hate to say it, but it was time for Jeff to go home. He just couldn't get that he needs to simplify. Poor little blond surfer boy.

Tamstyles said...

I knew Jeff was leaving. I am glad Carla won something though. I like her. She is the kinda person everyone needs as a friend to cook them a cake. Just sweet and cooks with love as she says.

Marley Gibson said...

GLAD to see Jeff go...he just wasn't pushing the envelope enough. I'm surprised that he lasted as long as he did. Doesn't it look like his restaurant is "The Dildo Beach Club?" LOL!!!

Kwana said...

Marley you are B-A-D!! Ha.

David Dust said...

Fabio and his "beautiful pink" meat!! Yum!

CLICK HERE for David Dust's Top Chef recap.


sula said...

I'm kind of ambivalent over Jeff leaving...I neither liked nor disliked him. But I do have to say that I wish Leah had been gone ages ago. She gets on my nerves.

Sweet Nothings said...

i don't even really watch just happens to be on whenever I go to my dads for dinner, but I loved Jeff(and he was ADORABLE!)

But i went to Fabio's resturant last week, and it was quite good

Kwana said...

David you crack me up.

Sula I have a feeling Leah will not last much longer.

Sweet Nothings, Lucky you. I'd love to have dinner at Fabio's place.

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