Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And She Can Act Too

What's Jack up to? I'm trying to get Jack used to a new dry food and, well, it's not easy. Let me just say Jack has to be pretty hungry to go for it. The first day he was fine, but the second day he was like, um, is this a joke? Sigh, I'm persevering.

So yesterday, well, earlier today since I'm typing this after midnight, I did The Shred workout for the first time with the 15 year old DD.
Yep, I finally took it off the top if the DVD player and popped that baby in. Let me just say, Ouch!

1. It's a shame that level #1 hurts sooo bad. and

2. when will I ever learn to do a proper push up? I mean come on, I'm not 13 anymore. I should have this thing down by now.

That said, I'm continuing on the food theme this week. I was on twitter and it lead me to this video on Gwyneth Paltrow of all people roasting a chicken and the fact that there was a big hoopla over it which was LOL funny of you ask me.
Even more funny was the fact that what led me to the video was a Tweet from NYC Housewife Bethenny saying she:

"is LOL-ing over this whole 'Gwynethgate' I haven't even seen her 'fowl' video..."

I kid you not. Here is the Daily News gossip that she is speaking of. Crazy.

All that said, hey, Gwyneth can cook. I'm not hatin' on her.

Great, now I'm hungry. How about you?



RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thanks for a fun blog post.
All the best,

Ina in Alaska said...

I have food on my mind too....

Debra said...

I'm a Gwyneth fan. She puts out a newsletter that I get via email-with some fabulous recipes.
Fun post- hmmmm...what's for breakfast.

kks said...

i thought she was vegan?.....looks awfully good!

pve design said...

I thought she was vegan too? Wonder what she would be cooking?

Kwana said...

I'm glad you all like the post. I didn't know about Gwyneth being a Vegan. I guess not. But she does cook good and healthy.

Patricia you have to watch the NYC housewives. Bethenny is the Chef of the bunch so she would cook. One day we will turn you over to the dark side.

Deidra said...

I glimpsed "Hell's Kitchen" last night as I was flipping through the channels. Made me think of you.

My husband is on a cooking kick and I just could not be happier! Last night we had Greek cinnamon chicken, and tonight it's Sticky Drumsticks. Oh joy!

I guess I've got to check out the shred. It's everywhere!

Kristen Painter said...

You realize that bite of potato and salad was probably all she ate that whole day. lol

Louisa Edwards said...

Oh, Gwyneth. I just couldn't sit there and watch her roast a boneless chicken! Cut the cooking time in half?? Sear the outside on the stove first, and the thing will cook in about forty minutes. And it's juicier with the bones in!

Amanda McCabe said...

Poor Jack! :)

I actually like that show about Spain Gwynnie is on with Mario Batali--it makes me want to run to Spain and tuck into a paella immediately. She sometimes has some good recipes on her GOOP (ugh) newsletter, too, though sometimes the lifestyle tips are a bit, er, unrealistic

Joyce said...

Me too I thought she was vegan and very clean. I get her newsletter too, somethings are interesting. Good job on the push ups. Sounds like the whole family is being supportive of dear Jack. xoxo

annechovie said...

YUM! I don't see what's so controversial about this...I totally enjoyed it and think I will make these recipes. I am a food fanatic, too. I am probably the only kid that watched Julia Child episodes religiously. Thanks, Kwana - you always have something fun! XO

Jax Cassidy said...

I get Gwennie's GOOP newsletter and I can see her cooking. She mentioned in an interview that it was the one thing that was special between her and her dad...I have to respect her for loving to cook :)

Purple Flowers said...

I enjoyed her video. Nice post.

Sheryl said...

Maddie says to tell Jack that dry food really isn't that bad once you get used to it.


She is not a vegan at all! Nothing controversial abt this at all...


Legallyblondemel said...

I'll have to watch the Gwynethgate video later, but I'll say this - I both like her and am put off by her because of things like this. It's like she's trying too hard to be "one of us", when she just isn't. Not sure I want her to be, if that makes sense.

Bethenny, on the other hand, I adore!

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