Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Just when the whole "organic doesn't mean a hill of beans" study comes out. This book Clean goes and makes the New York Times best seller list. Insert head shake here.

But Dr. Junger really does make a lot of sense. On top of that he's not so bad to look at. Check out this great interview from Obsessed TV with Samantha Ettus. He had me stopped in my tracks. I was like preach to the choir why don't cha?

Now as lots of you know I suffer from migraines and have for years plus allergies which I get 6, yes, 6 stinking shots a week for. I'm pretty much allergic to just about everything in the air and at this point I don't know if the shots are doing a bit of good. Besides that, as my faithful readers know my personality is somewhat that of a constant thinker and worrier so after watching this interview with Dr. Junger you know I'll be picking up his book.

As for practicing The Clean Program? Ummm..... I'm like, Jack with his new diet and making no promises. You all know how much I like to deprive myself. Sigh.

I'll let ya know.

In other book news... My favorite housewife NeNe Leakes has her book Never Make The Same Mistake Twice coming out today. Good luck NeNe!



Ina in Alaska said...

I do love Miss NeNe!!!

Debra said...

Do share more on the book with us. It sounds interesting-now I'm talking about the first book. Miss NeNe would be for sheer entertainment purposes.

Purple Flowers said...

I feel bad for you that you have to take so many shots for your allergies. Too bad there wasn't another way around it.

kks said...

re: Clean....fascinating interview...i just blogged about a couple books i have been reading too! i have been eating clean for about a month (mostly clean) and feel completely different...fortunately i have not been plagued by headaches and such, just trying to eat clean and be more healthy...and the part about the mind, not being able to shut down...the book i'm currently reading by byron katie has helped me a lot with "thoughts"....
best to you...

Kristen Painter said...

6 shots a week? YIKES!

Legallyblondemel said...

NENE has a book?!? It's like Christmas & my birthday, all wrapped up in one delightful package! Adding to my Amazon cart immediately.

As for "Clean", I'm always skeptical of these things at first, but I am slowly being lured onto the "slow foods", organic bandwagon. I'm planning to read Michael Pollan next - right after NeNe, that is.

PS - Forgive me for my commenting absence; I am just now getting caught up with my Google Reader!

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

Oh, I'll have to check out Clean, sounds good, thanks for posting it, Kwana! I'm Vegetarian, but that doesn't mean I always eat healthy or have the best habits. At all... *reaches for potato chips*

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

The book sounds very interesting. I understand about the allergies but 6 shots??? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Wow, organic's not really good for you; exercise won't really help you lose weight (Time article) ... the world is turning topsy-turvy! : )

This book looks really interesting, Kwana -- thanks for sharing. I read Dr. Mark Hyman's "The Ultramind Solution" for an interview, and it seems to have said many of the same thing Junger is saying here.

At first, I'm a hard sell, but now I'm starting to see how much sense this all makes.

Anonymous said...

Wow just when I was starting to think that I was the only person on the planet who actually liked Nene...--LOL!
Can't wait to check out that book!

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