Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree- 09

What's Jack up to? Poor Jack has been a little tippy on his toes? He walks for a bit and then starts to hop. I'm afraid he has a cut on his paw. So we're tending to that. Ouch. Any advice for me on that? How to help the pain also how to get him to stop biting and licking at it? And check him out. Boy does he need a haircut.

First off thanks to all the new people who stopped by yesterday for the PW talk. It was quite a day for me for blog hits and much appreciated.

As promised here are picture so of this year's tree which is pretty much last year's tree since it came out of the box from the basement. Thank you Martha.

As you can see I have lots of ornaments that I add to every year. I still have to pick up this years ornament for the kids. Must get on that. at the rat I'm going they'll be hanging it on Christmas eve. Oh will it'll still count.

Something corny that I do and I just can't stop (superstition maybe?) is I always have an ornament for the hubby and me. Sometimes it's a store bought one and when times are a bit leaner or time gets away from me I just wing it. As long as it says we're still hanging together for another Christmas. You see we were engaged on Christmas eve. But that's a blog post for another day. *wink*

What are some of your traditions?




Glorious tree Kwana...
Well, as a parent of 5 doggies...I use neosporin for any small cuts/ irritation, well the licking is hard to stop, guess the cone thingy might help, but he'd hate you for it!

Frau said...

We have to put the cone on Sophie to stop her licking or bandage it, also use the booties. Love your tree, very pretty. We have been buying ornaments every where we go since we have been married. It's fun to look back on them. Plus I have a lot of one Katelyn made when younger those are my favorite. We usually buy each other one at Christmas time. Something fun or silly. Have a great day!

Debra said...

I'm trying to figure out how I missed yesterdays post... Not taking my own advice I guess {see my post today}! I hope Jack is o.k.-poor little guy. Your tree is stunning- I would happily sit nearby with a cup of tea and a crochet hok in hand.

pve design said...

Ours will go up soon....nothing like having the tree up to feel a little more "Christmasy!"
Reading the night before Christmas is one of ours on Christmas eve, and leaving cookies and milk for Santa.

Purple Flowers said...

I love having family dinner on Christmas Eve, and then after dessert, everyone opens one gift. We all wear the hats from the "poppers" and it's alot of fun!

Ina in Alaska said...

Jack is mucho adorable!! But I would take him to the vet. You don't want whatever he has to get infected.... see my post today but DON'T be eating something when you visit...

Love your tree and ornaments!! so festive!!!!

Deidra said...

Your Christmas tree is beautiful!

We go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant on Christmas Eve. Before anything else happens on Christmas morning we read the Christmas Story out loud, straight from the Bible. Then, on Christmas morning, my husband cooks a massive breakfast, and for dinner I cook a humongous amazing feast. On the day after Christmas we awake from our comas and head to the gym!

Kristen Painter said...

Pretty tree! Does Jack leave it alone?

Mel Francis said...

your tree is lovely, Kwana! And that Jack, he sure looks like he's up to no good...

Mizwrite said...

Oh my gosh, I love your tree! I just wrote about mine the other day -- but mine is quite a scrawny ugly thing until I get those ornaments on it. :)

I love your tradition of doing an ornament for you and hubby every year. I do one for major anniversaries (we were married at start of Christmas season), but every year is even better!

I also do ornaments for the kids as often as I can, and we always purchase an ornament on every vacation, so we have a lot of vacation memories on our tree!

Thanks, Kwana! I loved seeing this.

N said...

Your beautiful tree was the antidote to my bummed-ness about my tree falling over! I am now re-inspired to find special ones to replace the ones I lost. Thanks!

VictoriaArt said...

My, Kwana, this is something, I titled my Christmas tree post the same way...Oh Christmas tree!!!
Such lovely tree you've got!

How is Jack doing???

Enjoy your holiday time!

Joyce said...

Poor Jack- I hope he will be walking better before Christmas.
Kwana I love how you buy/make an ornament every year for your DH. Sweet. A beautiful tree too!

Our tradition is to open on gift on Christmas eve before church and we have to watch one of my old favorite Christmas movies on sometime on Christmas day. xo

Kwana said...

Thanks for the nice comments on the tree.

For those that asked, Jack does pretty good with the tree. But so far there are no presents. He used to take away the knitted ornement like a cat or somthing but I moved it where he doesn't notice.

I have his foot wrapped for now. Thanks for that advice also.

Phyllis Bourne said...

Your tree is putting me in a holiday mood!

How's Jack?

Tamstyles said...

what a prett kwana..great memories i see.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oh Christmas Tree, indeed! It's fabulous.

One tradition of ours is to order Chinese food every Christmas eve and open one gift. We also always invite my mother over because on our first Christmas eve together (we had only been dating for a couple of months) my mom showed up at my apartment totally uninvited (normally not a problem, but I was "keeping company" and hadn't yet told her :-) and when she buzzed the intercom Mike said, "well, I guess I'm meeting your mom." And he offered her his Chinese food. It was love at first sight/bite -- my mom remains smitten. :-) And the tradition continues. Last year she was quite ill so it will be nice to have her back to celebrate health and happiness this year!

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