Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Red Lipstick and a Pink Phone

Thanks so much for all your well wishes on my Good News post. You all are so wonderful. Big props to you!

I’m feeling all 80’s baby today. Young and fresh. And in the 80’s Duran Duran was at the top of my hit list. How much did I want to be a girl in any one of these videos? All red lipstick, pink phones and confidence.

I hope this last week of 2009 is going well for you. Rock it out!



Debra said...

Memories Kwana~ You seem to have a special spring in your step. So happy about this good news. Have a great day.

Deidra said...

Too funny! I was talking with my coworkers about Duran Duran. There's nothing quite like the 80's...

Jax Cassidy said...

Congratulations on the EXCELLENT NEWS :) I'm so happy!!!! I hope you rest and be sure to enjoy the New Year's festivities. Lots of hugs coming your way!

PS.I LOVED DURAN DURAN! I use to go to all their concerts when they were in town. One of the few groups that played so well live.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I once brought a picture of Simon LeBon with me to compare to Clairol hair color swatches. ;-) So could say I had a thing for Duran Duran.

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