Monday, March 22, 2010

Things To Do

Happy Monday everybody!

And a happy one it is indeed. Last night the House passed The Health Care bill despite all attempts against at. At some points at the end it got so nasty that it took us back to the days of 60's civil rights and was terribly reminiscent of reels of school segregation that I'd been shown in school of young black children having to be guarded while crossing through lines of angry mobs hurling nasty words at them. But now these were not school children but minority members of congress. How far we still have to go and all to be good stewards of our fellow man. Thankfully we are on our way. I hope. I know Nana will be so happy.

In the meantime I won't stay on my soapbox. This was really not my planned post for the day. See I've got plenty of things to do this week. Gotta stay on top of my list or I'll fall behind and I don't want that happening. Strange transition I know but watch and laugh anyway.

How do you keep on track when life tries to throw roadblocks in your path?

Sidebar: As you can see things are slowly changing over here on ye old blog. Expect more to come very soon...

Have a good week.



A Day That is Dessert said...

Happy news about the Health Care bill! A nail biter for sure.

Joyce said...

Staying on track for me can be tough, I get sidetrack by taking the scenic route at times. xo

preppyplayer said...

I keep lists, lots of lists. In fact- making my lists probably sidetracks me!

I think the bill is a step in the right direction :)

Ina in Alaska said...

Nice new look, Kwana!! And AMEN to the Health Care Bill. Watched a great movie yesterday, Michael Moore's Capitalism A Love Story. Everyone should see it. So many criminals and phonies in our "government".

Frau said...

Great news about the healthcare bill. How is not everyone happy about this's shocking. Like the new look!

North of 25A said...

I am always behind so it is a matter of constantly switching priorities (procrastinating does not help - BIG problem for me).

I also appreciated your post about the health care bill. I get so upset about how awful the rhetoric is. Sadly, I think you are spot on with your comparison to the civil rights movement. I just keep thinking: Yes, we can!

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