Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bewitched- Books vs. Movies

So I got to see TWILIGHT with the DD while in Savannah. I enjoyed it immensely though not as much as I enjoyed the book. That's the problem with seeing movies once you've enjoyed the book. I find they take out too much of the delicious backstory that you loved.

But still, I was bewitched just as much as the rest of 14 year olds, the 25 year olds and the 40 year old women in the theater. We were all pulled into cold grey world of Edward and Bella. I have a feeling that the majority of the women seeing the movie in Savannah had read the books. There was just too much anticipation in the air.

For the record my DH and DS thought it was pretty good too, but I'm sure it was because of the cool fight scenes thrown in just for them.

How do you all feel when you compare movies to books that you have loved? Are you satisfied or slightly disappointed when you don't get the view that was in your head?



Ina J Offret said...

The movies can never compare to the books, Kwana.

pve design said...

Being graced with the gift to visualize, I often read a book and set the scene with the cast, the decor and have it all played out. That said - I am always amazed at how producers pull off scenes with special affects, and how the actors are dedicated to their craft. My favorite book is "Little Women" and the movie I adored. It is wonderful to see during the holidays.

sula said...

usually the movie never lives up to the book. in fact, i'm trying very hard to remember any that i've seen that have. hrm. north and south? *g*

Kristen Painter said...

The book is almost always better. Haven't seen Twilight yet, but looking forward to it.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Twilight.
I HATED, HATED Robert Pattinson as Edward. The casting for Edward was so wrong.

Joyce said...

I agree with Ina the movies can not compare to the books, but a great way to spend an afternoon with a big container of popcorn!

Kwana said...

I think movie often can't compare or out do the books. I've never read Gone with The Wind so can't speak to the book. I really should read it. I love that movie so much.

Sula what can top RA in in North and south.

I really liked Robert Pattinson as Edward Katie. I did not like lots of the other Vampires though. Like Dr. Cullen.

Patrica the Christmas Classics like Little Women are so good.

Marley Gibson said...

I don't think movies can ever truly live up to the power and magic of a good book. I thought TWILIGHT did an excellent job condensing some of the longer scenes and prose that maybe should have been edited out of the book to make the movie more slick and moving.

There are some books that could never truly be interpreted on the screen like on the page. I mean, GONE WITH THE WIND tried, but it was a four-hour movie as it was. Imagine if they'd kept everything in. You know, most people don't know that Scarlet had two other children (Wade and Ella) that were completely dismissed for the movie.

I thought BRIDGET JONES translated well to the screen...and who doesn't want to look at Colin Firth for two hours?!...but the humor was more special on the page.

Then, you've got a book like THE THORN BIRDS which was so rich and powerful, they had to make it into a mini-series. I wish more books would be made into mini-series like they were back in the 70s and 80s.

Hope you had a great time in Savannah! = )

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Like Patricia, I have the book's scenes firmly in my head before ever stepping into the theatre. Those mind images are so strong for me, that the movie actually becomes something quite different altogether. For instance, when I read Harry Potter, the characters in my head are the ones I conjured from the first readings, not the ones from the films. Although, I do enjoy the films very much. Make sense?

So, I should read Twilight? I haven't yet.

Louisa Edwards said...

I'm not sure I've ever seen a movie version that outdid the book it was made from. Maybe Last of the Mohicans, but that's it. Still, I think they can each be enjoyed for what they are, especially if you see the movie first!

N said...

Agree that the movie never compares to the book. So many levels of characters are typically lost. Maybe because they become "yours" through the reading, whereas they are someone else's on film.

enc said...

I enjoyed seeing that movie, though I didn't read the book, so I can't comment on whether or not they were similar or different.

Usually I prefer the book to the movie, because I have strong visualization skills/powers/whatever. I like to imagine people, places, and things in my own mind and format.

But it's fun to also enjoy someone else's vision, and I really love to see special effects, costumes, and scenery in movies, even if I've read the book. I like having my eyes opened, and my vision broadened by someone else's idea.

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