Tuesday, December 9, 2008


What's Jack up to? Jack is so fickle lately. We're having a terrible time getting him to go outside in the morning. He is so not into the cold weather. Running and hiding under the bed and making the DH late for work. Sorry bud. It is what it is and you have to get your walk.

I’ve been terribly unmotivated since returning from Savannah. Running is painful. Really painful and it's oh so cold. It’s seems to have gotten deep into my bones and they won’t loosen up enough to go the distance to get in ½ hour on the Dreadmil. I find myself barely able to handle a brisk walk. I know it will be a fight through each and every exercise session during these winter months.

So I took my very sluggish behind to Weight Watchers for a weigh in and to be introduced to the new program that came out this week. 2 problems:

No.1. This may not be a problem just an uncomfortable change but once again Weight Watchers has turned the WW diet world upside down and come up with a totally new plan. No more flex and core plans but now a new flex/core hybrid (much like the auto industry) called Momentum. It seems to require lots of studying and new math. Oh joy.

No.2. I’ve decided to jump start my motivation by changing my day. (Ok the other day interfered with a breakfast date with friends. Shhh don't be quiet.) This means a new group and leader. More change. And here’s the kicker. They actually sang at the end of the meeting. Seriously, took a popular song and gave it WW lyrics. Cut to my jaw dropping. Too much even for me. I may have to go back for sure now just to see what they sing next week. I guess that’s motivation enough. Pretty slick trick leader.

Weight loss is such a hard thing that the words "hard thing" are too weak to describe it. It's a tiny percent physical. Mostly mental. And then there are these strange chemical things that go on that effect everything. All of it adding up to a big old mess. I'm currently watching GMA and they are talking about Lady O and how once again she's struggling with her weight. I know there are some that won't have sympathy with that, but I do. Weight loss and keeping weight off is such a tough thing to do while living an easy happy life. I'm feeling for you O.



sula said...

hey girl! I hear you on the motivation. I'm feeling slow on things from blogging to homework to real job work. Just gotta keep plugging away.

As for the new WW plan, I'm actually pretty optimistic. As you know, I lost a lot of weight on WW and when I read the details of this plan, it's almost exactly what I was doing and what worked so well for me. (even tho I followed "flex" a lot of the principles behind the "momentum" thing are what made my weightloss happen). So I hope you can find your mojo and keep going to those crazy meetings. Do you do the online component? I lurved the tracking tools and the recipe builder stuff. Really made the whole thing very simple and took all of the "math" out of it (automatically calculated for you).


Kwana said...

Hi Sula. I have done the online tracking and I like it but it's dangerous for me as it causes me to play on the computer a bit too much:)

I didn't know you lost a lot on WW or I had forgotten. I'm so happy to hear that. I always blank out in the great stuff. Thanks for the motivation!

pve design said...

I have faith that you can do this! Stick with it, the running, the WW and stay focused on your goal~
Discipline and motivation go hand in hand and "rewards" go along way too - like for every 10 lbs a little charm for you on that bracelet!

Ina J Offret said...

SINGING at WW?? Interesting. I recall you love to read, as do I. So after my 40 minutes on whatever punishing maching I use at the gym, I float along on the stationary bike and treat myself to a reading from my current book. Extra calories just fly by seemingly without effort!

PS Thanks for including me on your blog roll. I am humbled. xo

Kaitlyn's Momma said...

Wow- What a story about the WW meeting!!!

I too need to jump on the WW train. DH works for at their corporate office, so I use his free account to do it- so I have NO excuses- but yet I find them! hahahahahahahahahaha.

I need to read up about the Momentum plan and just do it!

Kwana said...

Thanks so much for the support PVE!

Ina wonderful idea about the reading you are so right. Now need to be humbled. You blog is so much fun!

Kaitlyn your Hubby works for WW! I say give it a try. I'd love you perspective on the plan. Besides with him there you have an inside track and I have so many questions on the new plan.

Joyce said...

My dear friend you know the old say misery loves company? You are not alone with your struggles. I too toss the idea of treadmill or lunch with friends to on the computer the list goes on and on...
One would think with my husband being so loyal to workout I would have follow suit after almost 18 yrs together, but no this bug didn't land on my shoulder or take a bit at me.
I actually have been thinking of doing WW online.
Keep trying you can do it. We all have that inner power we don't use often so we forget about it.
Thanks for adding me to your list.

An Atlanta Bride said...

I so need to get on the ball! I'm almost at the 3 month countdown!!

ミスター。 ç. de garçon said...

good for you for doing weight watchers! rooting for you!

PBW said...

Good luck, Kwana.

I'm dragging my behind to a meeting this week to get my mojo back, but will sit in the back by the door - just in case they start singing.

N said...

Go K go! and don't you let our b'fasts get in the way...I'll support you on that and you can just come here for a nice cup o' tea instead.

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