Monday, December 29, 2008


Are you all still on holiday or is it back to the grind for most of you? Right now for me it’s that strange limbo week between Christmas and New Years where the kids are out of school, but my DH is working so it’s not really a holiday anymore, but not quite routine and I’m busy, busy, busy.

This week for me is also the week of reflections where I’ll look back on 2008 and will say a happy sayonara to it. Also it’s the week where I start to look forward to 2009 with a bit of fear (must work on that. I think it’s the artist way) and lots of hopefulness for better days ahead.

This image came up when I did a search at the MET using the keyword 'limbo' It's by van Gogh and I had never seen it before. Don't ask me where it's hanging or even if it is. I've been to The Met more times than I can count in my life as it's probably my favorite place in New York since I was a child, but I've never seen this. It's instant love and now I'm dying to see it in real life.

Wanting to get a jump on the January 1 rush, I was up the morning after Christmas and off to Weight Watchers to get back on track with that. Go me! So far I had not fully embraced the new program (old one either) and the Monday meetings were just not working out. Too much weekend downfall and the singing, well, that’s another story. So I went back to Friday and had a few minutes of one on one time with the leader for a better understanding of the new program.

Yay Me! Yay you too!

Happy Monday.


Image: Artist Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853–1890)Title : The Potato Peeler Date 1885


pve design said...

I have an illustration that I did of a fun group doing the "limbo" and if you think of the "limbo" as something fun- Live in the present, each day is a gift and go forth!
My sister lost 10 lbs. on the new weight watchers, so keep up with the good work and go forth!
Happy limbo! Love that painting!

Kristen Painter said...

Scales everywhere are creaking under the collective weight of their owners. It's that time of year, isn't it? Hotrod and I started the Master Cleanse today. Second time for me, first for him. We shall see who lasts longer.

Kwana said...

You are right, Patricia and each day is a gift of course. Reflection is also a good thing and then move on. Thanks for the WW inspiration.

Good luck to you and Hotrod on the Master Cleanse, Kristen!

Mel Francis said...

am proud of you for getting back to WW. Not an easy thing to do, esp at this time of year!

Joyce said...

I have not seen this painting either- I love it!

Limbo sometimes can be a good thing, before you jump into things.

I'm verrrry impress you already went to WW! I'm right by your side, cheering you on!
Enjoy your day!

N said...

Great start getting a jump on the new're not letting "limbo" last much at all, and that's my approach too.

Way to go!

Ina J Offret said...

Love the support of all the commenters! I am inspired by all of you as well. Kwana, thanks for searching out the cool is so inspiring, I wonder what the potato peeling lady is thinking as the layers fall to the floor.....

julie said...

OMGosh i love van gogh - great choice!


sula said...

what a great painting! I've never seen it either.

Good for you for getting back to WW. I plan to go back to my meeting this weekend. I'm up a few pounds from my happy weight and I need to get more deets about the new program. I recommend a Saturday morning meeting if you can do it. At least that was what worked great for me. Keeps you from going crazy friday night (cuz you know you gotta get up in the morning and weigh) and gets you motivated and in a positive healthy frame of mind as you go into the weekend (which is usually the hardest time to stay on program). I lost 70 pounds on WW during 2007 and have kept it off through 2008, so I'm a pretty big believer in the effectiveness of the program. You go girl!!! :)

Mary-Laure said...

What a beautiful painting... I love van Gogh.
I didn't know you could search the MET's art with keywords, thanks for the tip....

Kwana said...

I love all you comments. Sula you are always a WW inspiration.

Yes, Mary Laure you can go to The MET's site and one inside you can search their gallery. It's like a little visit to the museum. So much fun and very informative.

I'm glad you all like the painting. I love it. She'll be on my mind a long time. I wonder if someone sells a print of her. Hmmm...

Carleen Brice said...

I love that painting, Kwana. Thanks for sharing!

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