Monday, November 23, 2009

Sparkle Love

What's Jack up to? Jack is cool. He had a good Jack weekend. I'd say it wasn't Jacked up at all. Full of food, walks and lots of chilling out. He's a happy dog.

So like every other teenage girl and their sad mom the DD and I saw New Moon this weekend. We sent the poor DH to get tickets for us early, in another town no less, at an obscure theater in hopes that it wouldn’t be too crowded. It was. But all was good anyway after the 25 minute popcorn wait.

The DH went with us. The DS (dear son and other teen twin) wanted no parts of it. I guess he wanted to be able to go back to school and say to his friends he resisted the pull of Edward and Jacob. Little did he know a Twilight screening was the place to be for a tall 16 year old boy, he will live and learn.

I had loads of fun and thought this movie was of much better quality than the first. Maybe because I wasn’t smack up against so much vamp powder make-up all the time. Hey, the wolf pack can hang in the sun all they like.

I thought this was a sullen narcissistic teen girl's dream. Pout, whine, and I still have all the boys giving you attention. What is not there to make this box office gold? The formula was suddenly clear to me.

The best part of the whole night though was my DH’s reaction to all the squealing girls whenever Jacob would come on screen (and don’t let him not have a shirt on). I think I counted no less than 12 “Ohmygods” from the DD and at least the same amount of groaning “Oh H-E double LL’s” from the DH. A crack up.

Good times.



Frau said...

I think I would be right there with DD oh and Ahs! at all those abs!

pve design said...

Can you guess which of my 16 year old sons was there? Glad you had a "bella luna" weekend.

Debra said...

There sure has been a lot of hype about this one. I am totally clueless about the whole series... must be the lack of teenagers around me. It does sound like it was a fun time with your DD and DH though- and what's better than that?

Sheryl said...

I have seen the first one but will probably wait until this one comes out on dvd.....but oh there looks to be some good scenery in this movie :)

Ina in Alaska said...

You have convinced me that I need to see this movie!!!

Deidra said...

Sounds like a fun night. Surely your son will join you next time?

Maureen McGowan said...

I went last night, too. There were a few giggles and gasps at the bare chested boys. But in my audience also a fair bit of laughter and sniggering at the corniest bits.

And you're so right about the "being the most special girl" thing (no matter how sullen she gets) really plays into pre-teen fantasies. Stephanie Myers, love her or hate her, really gets teen girls.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Taylor breathed life into this move and I don't just mean his body. What a great actor who embodied the roll. I cannot wait to see where his future lies in Hollywood. He seriously will surpass Rpatz.

Sing me up to join the wolves!

Louisa Edwards said...


Ondo Lady said...

The Twilight craze has yet to to work its magic on me. I have not read the books or seen any of the films - am I missing out?

Kwana said...

Deidra not sure about the son coming around he sat through the first though.

Ondo Lady I say give the movies a go. Silly girl fun for a laugh.

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