Friday, April 18, 2008

He's a Survivor- again

What's Jack up to? Wow! Jack's looking even better, but hating on me even more after yesterday's visit to the groomer for a touch up now. The strange goatee is gone and he's looking good. When I get some batteries for the camera I'll post a photo.

I could not have enjoyed last night's Survivor anymore if I tried. It was just fab! The whole episode was about getting rid or poor Jason in the worst way and after torturing him with the immunity challenge. The the whole tribe lied to him for pizza donuts and candy and was being all 7th grade by crossing their finger behind their backs and saying, "yes Jason we'll be your friend." Ugh. It was awful. I just knew Jason was going home.

But then a light. I could not believe it. What was going on behind the scenes with Mr. Jason?! I have a feeling that my cagey Cirie was behind it all. I just love her. And James (sorry Eileen) he has to go! In the end it was Ozzy that was gone with the stupid immunity idol in his pocket. Just perfect. I actually clapped. A great hour.



P.S. Chiming in late to say. Buh-bye to Stacy-Ann from America's Next Top Model. Sorry you won't make it to Rome sweetie.


Marley Gibson said...

I was really pi$$$$$$$$$$ed at this week's ANTM. First off, I'm not a big Fatima fan, but COME ON! That was all fabricated on the part of Tyra. Fatima said she'd been having problems with her Visa/Passport since she got chosen for the show, but that the show's producers and her attorney were working on it. It was the show's producers who SET UP the meeting at the Consulate for her to get her paperwork. (And wow...didn't get to see that, so who's to say that wasn't eroneous either?) But then, she misses the photoshoot and Tyra has the NERVE to bag on her and call her irresponsible for not getting her paperwork together and for missing a bloody photoshoot because her fellow producers had another appointment set up for her. I thought it was bull$hit and made Tyra look like a Tyrant. You knew Fatima was going to get her passport and would get to go...give me a break. I hate when they manufacture drama for the sake of drama. It's bad enough the girl is a refugee whose procedure wasn't the same as someone born in Kansas and on the show. I didn't like that at all.

I do think Stacy-Ann had faded into nothingness. Sad 'cause I liked her.

Kwana said...

Marley, you are 100% right about that whole thing!!!! It was just awful and all a set up. Yeah Stacy Ann had to go but the Fatima stuff was just stupid drama.

Mary-Laure said...

Oh but I'm sure Jack looked really cool with a goatee... What a trendy pooch he is!

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I just watched it last night and I agree that it was bogus. Tyra is the worst actress in the world. You can't tell me that she didn't know about Fatima's situation. She's the executive producer for crying out loud! Since Fatima was on the phone with an ANTM producer, you know he must have said something to Tyra or Jay Manuel would have said something to her. And I thought that whole thing when the judges got on the private plane in front of them was pretty cruel.

Tyra is working my last nerve.

MariaGeraci said...

Ozzy was one of my favorite players, but he totally deserved to go. The "old" Ozzy would never have given up an immunity challenge for 4 donuts! But this new complacent Ozzy who thought he had the whole game already won, was just too cocky! I think Cirie is definitely in a great power position now:)

Eileen said...

Last night was great on Survivor. Even though I could win money James is getting on my nerves. What in the world is he saying?
He soulds like a 2 year old talking.

Kwana said...

You're so sweet mary-laure. You are too kind to Jack.

I hear you Elizabeth with Tyra working you nerves.

Maria we are on the same page. Ozzy was too cocky and Cirie is playing the game.

I know Eileen, what is James talking about? But he is funny and good to look at.

Kristie (J) said...

I loved Survivor last night. I'm an Ozzie fan but even I enjoyed seeing him get his comeuppance.
The thing that made me chuckle quite a bit was the irony of it all. James saying he thought that Jason giving up for donuts and chocolate was one of the stupidest Survivor things. Hello - did he forget he got booted with TWO immunity idols?
And how childish they all were with their fingers crossed behind their back.
And Ozzie - in his exit speech ranting on how someone betrayed him. Again - Helllllooo - you were more than willing to lie and betray Jason - and how stupid were you to hang onto the immunity idol.
I thought the whole thing a hoot.

Kwana said...

It was great wasn't it Kristie!

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