Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nothing says I love you like spray tan and a treadmill

What's Jack up to? The little stinker got into one of the twin's backpacks and got to some candy so he's not into eating this morning. Feeling blah. Serves you right, Jack.

I missed quite a bit of Dancing With The…Stars? last night so I’ll have to check out the recap. I did get to see Jason and Kristi and thought they were both great. I’m thinking they maybe the final two or at least they should be.
The Bachelor was so funny last night. First off, how sad are the one on one dates that are like a one-way tickets to nowhere? You have to pack your bags and if you don't get a rose then and there you're left like an unwanted dog taken for a "ride". Horrible. Talk about pressure. It had one girl start a date on the red carpet and end it in a hot tub in order to insure that rose. Classy, huh?

I had to laugh out loud when crazy Shayne jumped up and down on the bed with glee when finding out one of the other girls had secret full blown spray tan machine. The girl was so happy that she announced "if she had a treadmill she'd be in heaven". Gag me please!!!

Then Marshana got her lip busted in a way too physical game of Rugby. You'd think they were on Survivor. So there she is bleeding and all the girls are mad at her for bleeding and getting Matt's attention.

Can someone tell me why they were looking at Matt's house like it was really his house? Um, girl's don't you know it’s rented just like yours right? I’m worried.

Oh well, enough of these girls. Off to write and embrace my VOICE. Sort of like Sanjaya, without a care as to what anyone thinks of me. Hopefully it will be a productive day that will end with tired fingers from all my typing.




keri mikulski :) said...

I know what you mean about voice. :) DWTS was pretty good last night. The judges were really hard on Mario. Kristi was excellent and so was Priscilla, Jason, and Shannon. Predictions? :)

Kwana said...

Hi Keri. Voice is so tough to call. I guess you know it when you hear it.

I'm afraid to make a prediction as to who will get kicked off. I'm always wrong. Do you have any? Chime on in averyone!

keri mikulski :) said...

Hmmm. Adam did pretty well last night. Tonight - between him and Steve, I think. Finals - Kristi and Mario or Jason. :)

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I hope you find your VOICE! :-)

I don't watch these shows so I guess I can't really comment.

Kwana said...

Good picks, Keri.

Thanks, BG. I think I'm doing OK right now.

Melissa Walker said...

THANK YOU for calling out the tanning and treadmill comment. What is so enticing about Young Miss Lamas? I can hardly keep a straight face!

Eileen said...

I think the producers make them keep some girls in for good TV. I don't see that he has anything in common with Shayne.All other seasons there are high drama girls kept in the house. I have to catch the re-cap on Dancing with the Stars too!

Kwana said...

I'm glad you liked that, Melissa!

I think you're right, Eileen. Drama makes for good TV.

Boshena57 said...

I think that to be in a situation of 20 girls competing for 1 guy just would not work for me. It is so sad and humiliating. some of those girls are quite smart too.
Why would they put themselves through it?
I like the nerds that have trouble getting ANY girls. Once they get one, they treat her like real queen. I have one of those now, and I am spoiled rotten.

Kwana said...

Hi Boshena, yes the show is nutty. Why put yourself though that? Obivously it's to be on TV for most of them.

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