Monday, April 21, 2008

What? Me Stress? Nah!

What's Jack up to? The sweetie is chillin. Being happy and carefree on this spring break week.

I went to a lovely ladies tea this Saturday. Stop laughing. It was for a good cause and I'm a grown up, well, most days. It was my first ladies tea and I had no idea what to wear. Eek!

I ended up going dressy casual in cropped pants a linen sweater and sandals and I was fine up against the other women in the same type of outfits and there were a few with flowing print skirt and sweater ensembles. But I did hear at some of the more upscale teas they go all out and do the super-dressy hat thing. I hope I don't get invited to one of those. Too much pressure.

Now this was through my DH and the women there were wives of friends of my DH and they know I'm a writer and had not seen me in and while. They are all sweet and wonderful women, but I felt like Bridget Jones going at a smug married dinner party with that dreaded, "so Bridget, when you getting married?" question.

About a 50 times I got, "so when is you book coming out?" or "where can I buy your book?" or "you still working on that book?" question.

It's times like that when I almost regret "outing" myself as a writer.

Thankfully, the guest speaker was a totally cool spiritual healer named Nafisa who put all of us into a semi circle and talked to us about stress and how to deal with it. She then guided us through a meditation where I clearly saw myself on the New York Times, USA Today and The Essence Bestseller Lists and I kept repeating my personal mantra "all roads lead to Oprah, all roads lead to Oprah, all roads lead to Oprah..."

By the end of it I was just fine!
Breathe in- Breathe out.
Trust that it will all be purr-fect!

So how was your weekend? Wonderful I hope.



pve design said...

You must see my post, regarding an inspiring artist and her goals. In the end, your goals are all that matters. A dear artist friend told me that you have to tell yourself that "This is what I do and what I am" and it will happen! Keeping the faith helps!
Also helps to not stress, easier said than done, right!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I've never gone to a tea party either. I guess I wouldn't enjoy it considering I despise the taste of all teas!

I'm glad you had a good time. ;-)

Kwana said...

That's right Patricia. You know me.

Oh no Brown Girl. All teas? Wow. I guess you could do coffee or some other drink. It's all about the chit chat anyways.

The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

I love going to High Tea when I get the chance! As for the stress-relieving circle, I could definitely use a bit of that right now. I've somehow allowed myself to get all riled up over all the little things. Blech.

mommythe said...

sounds like a nice experience. tea right now sounds about right. but i'd rather have coffee!

mommythe said...

where did you go have tea?

Kwana said...

I know it Single City Chick. I totally sweat the small stuff.

Hi MommytheRobot I love my coffee too! The tea was in a common room. Not at a special tea place. But it was decorated very nicely.

Fay said...

Loved the post. I often have a tea and book club party...only women. No pressure...We mostly encourage each other and talk about how the book we're reading adds to our life.
I do understand how you may have felt about people asking about the book.
I encourage you to keep on keeping on...Your goals are only out there for you to meet them and challenge yourself...Keep at it and watch it happen...Then have your own tea party!!...I will want an invite... Fay

Kwana said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement and understanding Fay.

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