Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lunch with some IT girls

What's Jack up to? He's like me and trying to figure out what the heck were going to do with the DD and the DS while there on spring break this week. Sorry kids but we're not going to some exotic local like the rest of the super fab teens of today. Oh well. Welcome to the real world. That's life.

So had lunch yesterday with the premier women bloggers of my town (it's a small town). It was Wish List Mom, PVE Design and I got to finally meet Confessions of and It Girl for the first time. Fun was had by all as we chatted over Greek food about anything and everything from being blogger moms, to publishing, to Queen bee moms and Kingpin dads. We also were nicely complemented by the-shall I say, interesting and it must have been 5 o'clock somewhere- patron of the establishment who pronounced us all verrrrrreeeey beautiful women. Hey, I'll take it where I can get it, so it's all good. Plus he threw in a free de-lish desert so you know we'll be going back.

On another note check out the new bag I scored from Tar-jay (that was for you, Megan) the other day. It's a limited edition by Joy Gryson who used to design for Coach, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs and as soon as I saw it in Elle magazine I knew it would be a perfect throw across the body bag to keep my hands free while walking Jack and it is. I didn't even have to order it on line. I had ended up in the store for other supplies and there it was like fate. I got the basic black, but it's super hi-gloss and way cool. At 19.99 I could not go wrong. Hey, Jack. Let's take a stroll. I got a bag to show off! What's up for your weekend?




pve design said...

New meaning of a "power" lunch!
Enjoyed the food, the lone wine drinker,(me) and the
lively banter!
Love the new bag. You should do a "bag" of the week post... You always find such great bags!

Megan Frampton said...

That is a cute bag, Ms. Tar-jay!

Kwana said...

Thanks Patricia. You're sweet to have so much faith in me. I was thinking of that. I may do that or at least add some more fashion to the mix. Great fun.

Ha, Megan! I thought you'd like the Tar-jay comment. Not!

Anonymous said...


Eileen said...

I really enjoyed our lunch too!!! We need to do it more often.

Love the bag!!!

Kwana said...

Thanks Eileen. We sure do.

Not sure where I confused you anonymous.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Those bags are SOOOO cute!!!

It would be great to meet a few fellow bloggers in my area too.

Kwana said...

You should BG. It was great fun. Glad you like the bags!

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