Thursday, April 3, 2008

Top Fool I am

What's Jack up to? He's just being Jack. Lately he's been hiding out in the hall closet with the shoes and boots. I keep forgetting and closing the door on him all the way. Sorry, Jack.

It was quite a shocker on America's Next Top Model last night, but first off what is up with Lauren and the crazy outbursts? That girl is needing a muzzle.

I have to give props this week to Stacy Ann for being smart with the good Sprint shout out and getting premium camera time and good for her winning the challenge. Go Stacy Anne! I also have to say I wasn't in love with the photos this week and in a true shocker, well, not so much. Claire was ousted. I thought it would have been and should have been Lauren. Oh well.

Buh-Bye Claire. No more CoverGirl of the week for you.

Now for Top Chef. Hooray!!!

This week's quickfire was with guest Daniel Boulud and was all about technique and making a beautiful vegetable plate. Uh-oh all you butter fingers and as for you Richard and Ryan (who I suspect was fired) Daniel said his past experiences with them would not effect him. We'll see...

Sidebar: How many hats did Spike bring? Does he secretly have something going on with Ricky from Project Runway?

Quickfire judging Dale was impressive and scary too.
Richard's a suck up. Surprise. Wipe your nose.
Spike was nice, despite the hat Hmm....

The winner is..... Scary Dale with the manic eyes and full zipper velour jogging jacket. Yay! He'll be around another week.

Now the elimination challenge. A dinner inspired by your favorite movie. Sounds like a fun dress- party. Wouldn't it be great to do that with Pride and Prejudice, or Rocky Horror or Mahogany all could have good food and fun clothes. What movie would you choose?

Richard, Dale and Andrew are doing Willy Wonka. Andrew no acting, please. This is not Mars 2112. Just stop. Tom will not stand for it. Back in the kitchen Richard's smoker breaks. I'm so happy. I'm mean, right?

Judges Verdict- Impressive

Did Spike Say Good Morning Vietnam? What? Not a favorite movie of mine and you can't really dress to it, but make it good Manuel, please don't pull out an accent or I may have to smack you.

Verdict- Judges not impressed.

Jen and Nikki- Il Postino- Good Choice but Nikki need to chill with the Italian. The judges are going to get tired of her with that.

Verdict- Tom "Good not great." I think they'll they'll take that.

Zoi and Antonia- Talk to Her good too. Spanish film. good stuff to work with.

Verdict- Daniel not happy. Uh-oh, Zoi.

Mark and Ryan to ding bats with no knowledge of cinema decided on the Christmas story. Hmm...

Verdict-Hey Ted liked it. Why am I surprised? Ryan just does not impress me.

Lisa and Stephanie get the 6th course and decide to do beef? Who wants beef for a 6th course? Who? Unless it's a 6 am after the club course. Although I'll agree that Top Secret is a super Funny movie and probably Val Kilmer's best. At least they added apples so it's not all savory.

Verdict-Daniel- Yum.

The winners are announced and there are man hugs all around even with the women. The final winner is...Fauxhawk Richard. Man! And even without a smoker. Nobodies happy. Ugh!

Losers walk on in. Spike has on another fedora! Mustard yellow. Ugh again! Manuel you are with a fedora wearing mess. Get a backbone, man.
Antonia and Zoi look like they want to cry. Zoi is whining too much in the Gladroom. I'm afraid she may go. Tick Tock....

Commercial over. Wow! I was fooled again. Zoi is safe despite the whining. Fedora is in and Manuel is out. Buh-Bye, Manuel.

It was fun.



pve design said...

You really must write for some TV guide or review as I look to you for I am totally clueless over here when it comes to TV! How do you manage to be so plugged in find all those great photos?

Kwana said...

I just love TV, Patricia and the photos are ez with google! Thanks.

Kristen Painter said...

I really, really, really wanted Lauren to go home. She's such a lumberjack. I can't take her!

Top Chef looks like it's going to be crazee next week with the chair kicking lesbian - did you catch that sneak peak? lol

Kwana said...

I did Kristen. It looks nuts. I would have pegged Dale as kicking a chair first.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

What was with Zoi's bitchy comments about the white chocolate wasabi sauce? Right in front of the three chefs who made it? You lost, suck it up, the judges weren't impressed with your presentation or your skinny lamb chops.

David Dust said...

You are so right with Nikki and her Italian/Pasta thing. Change it up baby!!

I got it done after all:

Click here for DavidDust's Top Chef recap.

David Dust said...

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon - Zoi was DRUNK!!

Kwana said...

You're right, Elizabeth.

I'm running over to your recap David! Squeeee!

Bananasmom said...

OMG soo good! Nikki take your braids and home made pasta and go home! Andrew and Dale annoy me so.... ichh! Poor Manuel, wheres your back bone man? Zoi portraying a bit too much passive aggressive behavior for my taste! Can't wait for next week. I would have picked The way we were and made brisket :)

Kwana said...

Thanks for the comment Bananasmom! I love The Way They Were. Brisket is Perfect! Can't wait for next week.

Megan Frampton said...

Let's see:

The Warriors, with hot dogs (from Coney Island)

Christmas in Connecticut with badly-cooked food

Notorious with lots and lots of wine.

Lion In Winter with tons of mead, roasted venison, and other medieval-type foods.

Can we do this? Please?

Kwana said...

Good picks Megan. Thanks for playing. Wouldn't it be fun?

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

How did I miss this post???

Anyway, I was SOOOOO glad to see Claire ousted!!!! I couldn't stand her. She seemed so nice at first, but her true colors eventually emerged. Plus, I didn't think she had the right look to be a model (who am, I, LOL!).

I really like Stacey Ann! She's so bubbly and happy!

Kwana said...

You are so funny today BG!

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