Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hey Mr. DJ

What's Jack up to? He's spending the morning running around in circles today? Is that a sign of nuttiness? I think it may be. At least on my part for getting a nutty dog.

So I got this great RWA workshop tape from a friend of mine on Deep POV with Suzanne Brockmann from the 2003 National Conference. I was so excited to get it in the mail and get to hearing what Suzanne had so say. So a go to pick up my little portable boombox and notice for the first time that it has no cassette player. What the?

Now I have plenty of cassette tapes in my house from days gone by, but here's the kicker. My DH got a new car a couple of years ago and it only has a CD player and now my car only has a CD too. What the heck am I supposed to do?

I head to the basement. There has to be an old Walkman somewhere in this place. I'm digging though boxes and dust is getting everywhere and no cassette player is turning up. Craps!

I head to the streets. They laugh at me at the better electronics stores. And look at me like I'm a little crazy at the discount stores. I was starting to feel like I had to head to eBay. Then the ever resourceful DH came home with paydirt yesterday! For 7.99 he found one at an obscure computer store that sold all sorts of outdated things. The strange thing is that it was actually made in 2007. Funny, huh?

Now I'm excited about all the good music I can listen to while walking down the street with my big Walkman and thoroughly embarrassing my kids in the process. Way Cool!
What would you listen to if you just got a new Walkman?

P.S Check out the train wreck reunion show of The not so Real Housewives of New York City tonight. I hear the fur was literally flying onstage and off.


Carleen Brice said...

OMG. I love that Prince cover. I listened to that album (vinyl) so many times I wore it out!

We're old school here so my car still plays cassettes, and we still have one boom box that plays tapes.

N said...

We've got an old (dusty) stereo should you feel like rockin' out with those tapes and blowin' the walls off.

(Wham...had a huge crush on Andrew Ridgely....aka "the other guy")

Feel free to come up the street and grab it if you wish...

Kwana said...

Wasn't that the best album Carleen? I just loved it!

Thanks N! We've got a big sterio too and tons of albums. We just need to reconnect the darn thing. I wonder if the DH will do that?

David Dust said...

If I just got a Walkman, I would listen to:

Sheila E. - The Glamorous Life
Madonna - Madonna (her 1st album)
Teena Marie - Starchild

ALL THREE of which I still own in cassette form...somewhere...

Ms.Erika said...

I had that Prince album too. (I should say, my mother had it)

Just this morning, I couldn't get out of the car because they had a little WHAM music thing going on. They played 2 or 3 of their songs back to back.

I love the 80's

Kwana said...

Super picks David Dust! I love them all!

80's music just makes you smiles huh Ms. Erika?!

Braque68 said...

Oh my goodness!! I LOVE, LOVE the 80's! What I still listen to is Kajagoogoo, Prefab Sprout, Lisa Stansfield, Sade, The Style Council, Rick Astley and I adored Wham! I could go on..

Kwana said...

Ah Sue! Those are great! We could totally get together with the Music!

Bananasmom said...

bananasmom08I would just have to pop in one of my many Grateful Dead bootleg tapes. I bet some of them are worth some money these days!

I still have my old stereo and headphones up in my attic. I can hook you up anytime. I can still feel the stereo buttons on my fingertips.

Amy Addison said...

When I had that WHAM! album, I had it on vinyl! My sister had the Really Cool WalkMan, all I had was a record player. Too funny!

Oh, and Duran Duran's Rio and Michael Jackson's Thriller, and Madonna! Always Madonna.

Thanks for the walk(man) down Memory Lane!

Kwana said...

Hey BananasMom Love the wlak down memory lane! What fun!

Hi Amy. How much did I love Duran Duran? You know I Simon LeBon was going to be my second husband after Prince:)

Marley Gibson said...

Oh yeah!! Glad you got the session. I was looking in my closet here the other day for it and couldn't find it anywhere. I think you're really gonna love it!

Kwana said...

I got it and loved it Mar! It was really helpful. The funny part was getting to actually listen to it!

LaShaunda said...

I loved me some Wham and Madonna. I was an eighties girl. My mp3 has a lot of 80s music. Favs - Hall & Oates, SOS band.

Kwana said...

Hi Lashaunda. i still listen to my Hall and Oats greatest hits. Love them!

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