Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mish-Mosh Wednesday

What's Jack up to? He's jumping around going wild since all the ladies are coming over at our place for knitting today. Jack please don't be too nutty. Folks won't want to come back.

It's kind of a mish-mosh Wednesday today.
First up Fashion. Specifically Wide Leg Jeans. They are all over the mags again and I actually got a pair (total impulse buy) that I haven't worn yet. I feel like they can go either way. With the wrong top or shoes it could easily be shlump city. To me it's all about the tiny top and the heel with these pants and honestly I can't walk in heels. Eek. Who know when I'll wear them. What do you all think?

photo Marie Claire


In Top Model News. Season 3 runner up Yaya Dacosta is now on ABC's daytime soap All My Children playing the daughter of newly back Angie Hubbard. Yes, I've been known to watch AMC. Actually I grew up on on it at Nana's knee. Seems it's old home week on AMC Angie and Jessie are back together and now they are being Dixie back from the dead as a ghost. Wonder if Yaya will help sell some Charmed books and perfume. Ugh.

Tune in tomorrow for a great interview to celebrate the launch day for my bud Marley Gibson and her Sorority 101 series!




Marley Gibson said...

Thanks, Kwana!!!

Yaya also has a commercial for (shoes?) where she's dancing all over the place. Good for her!

Anyone want to talk HELL'S KITCHEN?

Oh...I don't know if you have Kohls, but I got a pair of jeans by Simply Vera (Ms. Wang, if your nasty) and I just love them. They're a nice fit and not to bell bottomy, which I find with a lot of jeans.

Oh...remember...I have TWO books out tomorrow! Eeeee!!!!

= )

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I have a pair of wide-legged jeans. You're so right, paired with the wrong top and the look can go totally wrong. I don't know if I'll wear them this season, it just seems like too much material for warmer months. Although, they might look nice worn with a simple, white tank top , jacket and nice accessories! Maybe I'll pull mine out and give it a try!

Kwana said...

Hi Mar. I did see Yaya's commercial. I can't remember what it's for.

I have some Vera Wang jeans that I love. The fit is just great!

I didn't get to watch all of Hell's Kitchen. Was it really good? Who got kicked out?

I won't forget 2 books tomorrow!! Eeeeee!!!

Hi BG. The tank idea sounds nice with the jeans. Got to get the arms in shape for the summer.

Kristen Painter said...

I love wide leg pants of any kind, but they totally have to be worn with the right stuff.

And yay! for Marley!

pve design said...

I would like a sailor inspired pair in denim or white with a nautical strip tee for summer with high heeled sandals. Yes, top needs to be small to go with those wide legs...very Mary Quant!

Kwana said...

Thanks for weighing in Kristen and Patricia.

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