Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Monday

So this was the best part of the Superbowl for me, apart from the snack-o-rama at my house. That was pretty cool too. But this Macgruber commercial just cracked me up. BTW I still don't fully understand football. Sorry DH.

This ad was my DS's favorite. It's a total boy ad but so funny. The best is that it was created for only 2 thousand dollars by a couple of guys who won a contest as opposed to the 2 million dollar ads. I love that.

Another Monday and I've got writing and workouts on my mind. My writing has been going too slow for my taste and I seem to get distracted by the slightest thing. It's like, "oh look, shiny!" Not really, it's just life has been super busy. But what else is new? I can't believe it's already February.

I've also got to get back on course with the old D-I-E-T. I've been just awful. No excuses there. Notice how it's so easy to fall out of a good habit and way hard to give up bad one. No fair, huh?

What's doing for your week?



David Dust said...

The McGruber thing cracked me up also.

And I too must get back on the D-I-E-T. I have been SO bad...


Kristen Painter said...

My goal is to finish a novella this week. Crazy right? Especially since this will be the first one I've written. Yikes! lol

Ina J Offret said...

The DS's spot cracked all of us up too and I did not know that neophytes produced it. That impressed me even more!

LOVED SPRINGSTEEN!! Was moved by Jennifer Hudson's beautifully sung anthem.

I too have to get back on the diet track.... a 10 lb. loss would be just right for me. Got to knuckle down and do it!

Louisa Edwards said...

Thanks for posting those commercials! I didn't watch the game last night, and I was only tempted to for the commercials. How sick is that?

Marley Gibson said...

HOW can you not understand football? LOLOL!! I've been watching it since I was like five years old. You people who only watch the game for the commercials crack me up!! = )

Kwana said...

I also watch for the heartwarming stories Mar and to yell, "Run Forrest, run!"

Good luck, Kristen.

David we are always on the same page and glad to help Louisa.

Maureen McGowan said...

Thanks for the ad posts. I didn't see any of the game...

I'm really wanting to finish plotting/planning my new book this week. But it's going really slowly.

Like you, so easily distracted...

Joyce said...


Kwana- Am I having a brain freeze? Are you writing a book?

I hope to be done with a almost a project that involves food, AGAIN! Once this is under wrap, I need to take driving written test, AND then I'm going to get a book from the library. xoxo

Deidra said...

Even though I LOVE NFL football, my team (Tennessee) wasn't in the game so I was boycotting. But my love of the NFL wouldn't let me miss it all, so I caught a few really spectacular plays. Missed most of the ads, though.

It's a miracle that I can type at all after a kick-butt session with my personal trainer this morning. It's the only way I could make myself get back on track. Bonus: I get to deduct some serious WW points when my butt gets kicked by the trainer!

Colour Me Happy said...

I am so HAPPY it's February! Thanks for the entertaining post!

Kwana said...

Hi Joyce, Yes I'm working on a book. I've written 4 and I'm working on another. Trying to bet published. Right now I'm starting an new women's fiction book.

Good for you Diedra!!

You're welcome Colour Me Happy.

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