Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Next Stop... Crazy Town

Today is the start of Lent. A time of refection, prayer and sacrifice. Reflection, introspection, prayer, cool. I can do that all day. But sacrifice? Hold it. Slow it down there a bit, baby. You all know me, I'm pretty faithful, maybe a bit corny for some of you, but, oh well to that. Just this sacrifice thing is a little daunting.

Nevertheless, I’ve been thinking long and hard about what would be a true Sacrifice for this Lent season and what would truly help me mind, body and spirit and unfortunately for me I keep coming back to Sugar.

I know, I know, it stinks right? Why couldn’t it be something easy like um, water or, um... air? But no. Sugar keeps popping into my head. So I’m going with it and am going to try to seriously eliminate the Sugar and the white products. This here blog might get a little bit scary over the next few weeks. Hold onto your hats!

Now back to your normally scheduled programming: Anybody watching The Not So Real Housewives of the NYC? I sure am. Yay to the hot messery. I didn’t realize how much I missed Alex and Simon. Not. But I love it anyways. Love the fast talking New York women. My peeps!

And don't forget tonight is the season finale for Top Chef. Fingers crossed for Carla!



Kristen Painter said...

I haven't had sugar or artificial sweeteners in months. You can do it!

Kwana said...

Thanks Kristen!

Annette Gallant said...

My friend gave up sugar a few months ago and said the difference in her moods and energy level is incredible. Good luck! You can do it. :-)

I'm giving up chocolate again, which to me feels a bit like giving up air.

Deidra said...

I think you'll be amazed to see how different (in a good way) you feel without sugar! Are you going without all sugar or just white/refined sugar? I can't wait to read your updates!

Kwana said...

Thanks so much Annette. I can use all the luck I an get.

Deidra, I'm giving up white refined sugar plus white foods, breads, rice that type of thing but will do whole grains and brown rice. I don't want to eliminate all carbs and fruit I'm a terrible migraine sufferer and on daily meds so much keep my metabolism in as much balance as possible and even with that I still suffer a lot.

This will be tough. No one loves bread and pasta more than me and I love my light and very sweet coffee. Love it!!! Yikes I'm crying. Splenda is just not it. and green tea. Eh! Oh I need to pray or something just writing about it. Sigh.

simply seleta said...

Oh my, that's quite a sacrifice. The first week is rough, but certainly
doable. Watch out, you'll try to compensate with chips and other white starches, mark my words.

Good for you! Email me anytime you need a pep talk.


simply seleta said...

P.S. You may notice the migraines leave if you ditch the sugar. They'll peak the first week with detox, but may leave altogether. A book I'm reading by an M.D. talks about migraines dissappearing when sugar, alcohol and white starches are taken out of diet.

Kwana said...

Thanks so much Seleta. The chips are off the list too. Cut to me crying. I'm hopeful about the migraines. In the past when I tried they increased but maybe I didn't give it long enough. We'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed.

Joyce said...

Kwana- I love the sign there really is such a place?!

I'm right there with you sister in the bread and pasta department!

You have the power within to do anything you want and your friends right by your side.

Have a golden day! xoxo

Ina J Offret said...

Yup. Watching NOT SO RHNYC, those ladies are a crack up, but I think they are so PETTY!!!!! maybe it is the Bravo editing team's fault to make them seem that way.... MISSED the reunion show for Orange County tho... DANG!! Will check out Hula or whatever the name is of that website where you can watch entire episodes of shows.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I fear it is going to have to be desserts for me. Could you point that sign towards my house please.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I love the street sign! I wish you much strength and grace as you end your relationship with sugar. I can quit at any time, really, I can! I don't have a problem with sugar, it's everyone else's problem. *Laughs...* One day, I'll get there.

Legallyblondemel said...

You are a braver woman than me! I've flirted with the idea of giving up sugar - just as soon as I polish off this bag of jellybeans, that is.

By the way, I had such fun reading your interview the other day. Can't remember if I commented or not, but in case I didn't - fun learning more about you!

Sarah Tormey said...

Thrilled to see you are cheering for Carla tonight on the Top Chef Season Finale!

I've avoided white sugars for years and generally don't find it too difficult. My favorite natural replacements are Agave and maple syrups. Best of luck!

Debra said...

I'll send positive energy and thoughts your way. Once you get past the cravings you'll do fine. It's tough- but I bet you'll slide right through Lent and do a great job! I haven't decided what to give up yet- I still have a few hours right?

Braque68 said...

You can do this!! If you need any moral support -I am here for you.

It's all about habit-you can make this "no sugar" habit a life long habit!

Kwana said...

You all are so sweet with the support. I can feel the love. too bad I have a killer headache already today. Nothing to do with the sugar I think. It was already brewing.

Legally Blond thanks for the kind words on my interview. Big smooch to you.

Joyce. I think it might be a real place. There were pics of it all over google.

Thanks for all the advice I'll keep you up informed. Yikes. I made it through knitting without a cookie or on of the lovely honey buns that PVE bought so that was good.

Oh Ina I saw the Orange county reunion show and it was hot like FIRE! And I didn't even really watch the season.

Ina J Offret said...

I knew it would be HOT like FIRE!!! Now I have to search for it online.....

sula said...

grrr...just watched Top Chef finale and I would have been happy with anyone BUT the person who won. pfft.

good luck with the sugar! Hopefully after you get through the withdrawal part, it will pay you back with better energy and less migraines.

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