Friday, February 20, 2009

Meditative Work

What’s Jack up to? As I write this Jack is chilling on his perch on the back of the couch. Yep, King of the castle that’s him.

Last night as I was watching Survivor the DH confiscated my Laptop to do some work of his own so my fingers were left idle. Oh no, what to do? I looked around and saw my lonely knitting bag on my closet doorknob.

I’m embarrassed to say I have fallen out of the habit of knitting outside of my weekly group. Remember casting on? Well, that darn sock still is not done! Lately, at home it seems that all my time is on the computer, in the kitchen, laundry room, car or nose in a book, thoughts jumping from one task to the next. My mind and body never resting. So much that even when I’m asleep, it’s broken with a mind going at a rate that I can’t shut off. It’s been all work, work, work and I find pleasure for myself slipping lower and lower on my priority list.
It was so enjoyable to pick up my needles and just let the stitches add up. With each wrap of the yarn I found a small bit of tension ease. “In, wrap, slip through, pull off.” “ In, wrap, slip through, pull off.” “ In, wrap, slip through, pull off.” The stitches lining up like little solders and my brain slowly coming to rest. No room for any other thoughts but, “in, wrap, slip through, pull off. "
What sort of meditative work do you do when you need to slow it down?



Kristen Painter said...

Making my jewelry. Which I really need to do some of. My life just feels so hectic at the moment, you know?

Ina J Offret said...

Get in the car and drive along the water of the Turnagain Arm towards Girdwood, Alaska, enjoying the mountains, glaciers and scenery at every bend in the road. A 20 minute vacation. Even better to stop at the Turnagain House along the way and sit and look out at the water and mountains with a glass of Chardonnay.....

Deidra said...

I absolutely love the socks! Oh how I wish I could knit more than a scarf.

I choose either silence (yoga, meditation, prayer) or a crazy long workout at the gym when I need to revive. Two different ends of the spectrum and not very creative, I know, but somehow they serve the same purpose.

Joyce said...

The socks look comfy and colorful!
I sometimes will paint on my porcelain (but haven't had the tme lately)or just take a moment to enjoy the beauty around me.
Have a golden weekend my friend! Hugs to you and Jack xoxo

pve design said...

my art is meditative for me.
I love the therapy of it all.
window shopping is fun too.

bandelle said...

Taking my dog for a walk seems to make everything better. It's about having some quiet time outside while she sniffs and explores.

Have a lovely weekend.


Sarah Tormey said...

I find that pilates or a good workout at the gym helps me when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. And of course, a trip to the spa, but seeing as those are few and far between, I generally rely on the gym!

Have a great weekend,

Tanya said...

Hi Kwana,

I'm also a knitter that has fallen way behind. I have one sock completed (2 yrs ago) and every winter I pull out the second (one third done) and I don't finish. Why?
I learned on double pointed needles and I must focus completely on knitting. No TV, or else face the dreaded dropped stitches. Yours look great. I commend you on multi-tasking!
Tanya Goodwin

Kwana said...

I do know Kristen.

Thanks for all the comments everyone. All fine ways to quiet the mind. What ever works for you works.

Tanya, I have to keep looking down too otherwise my knitting is a big ol mess.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Knitting!! I finally get it. So much fun. I quit procrastinating and took a couple of courses this past autumn, and Lo!! I can do it. Not socks yet, though. But hats, and cables, and many colours at once!! I am having loads of fun!!

TWB said...

Hey, I knit and crochet too. I love crocheting on the train to work in the morning, it's very relaxing.

Kwana said...

Pamela, Cables? Hooray. That's so great. I don't really so cables. They so confuse me. I'm impressed.

TWB, I crochet a bit. I really enjoy it too.

MarieAnn said...

I dance! It is tension relaxing and stress reducing, it is therapy for me :) Great blog btw Kwana..!

Kwana said...

Dancing is great. Thanks MarieAnn

Ms.Erika said...

I got some great sock yarn for my birthday last month but I haven't the balls to use it yet. I'm a big ole' chicken....

Yours are really cute.

Kwana said...

Thanks Ms. Erika. Jump in and use that yarn!

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