Thursday, February 26, 2009

Top Finale- Spoiler Alert!!

Warning there are spoilers all up in here. If you don’t want to know close your eyes now…

Top Chef starts out on a River Boat with coffee and beignets so sweet. Oh Sweet beignets. Sigh…
Stefan is missing Fabio. Poor thing. Carla is humble and Hosea is Hosea.

Tom tells the Chefs the final challenge is cook the best three course meal of your life and you don’t have to make a dessert if you don’t want which means you’d better make a dessert.
The Helpers this season are Richard, Casey and Marcel from season past.

Hosea chooses Richard,
Stefan Picks Marcel. Think there will be enough cockiness on that team?

And Carla gets Casey and gracious as usual and says she wanted her.

They go to the Audubon Tea Room to prep.

Hosea Starts out by snatching all the frois gras and he and Stefan are about to fight it out.
Then Stefan sees Hosea took all the caviar he may burn down their station.

Casey is talking to Carla about cooking in a bag. I sure hope it works. I mean that’s something I’ve done so it worries me. Remember Carla. She didn’t win. Watch out.

The chefs come in the next morning and there is a twist. A big old Alligator on a table. One chef gets crab, one fish, and one alligator. They have to choose by the king cake. Hosea wins. Drats.
Hosea takes the fish. Gives Carla the crab and his nemesis Stefan the alligator.
Poor gator. This is awful. Stefan is ruthless.
The crab bites back.
They are talking menus and I’m nervous as all get out with Carla listening to Casey so much. I hope this works. She has always listened to her own voice.

Richard has got some of Hosea’s food smocking. I can see his influence.
Stefan-Alligator soup-Well done
Crab-good dish
Hosea didn’t pop.
Stefan- so- so.
Carla real personality

2nd course
Carla too refined.
Hosea good
Stefan- good.
3rd course. Carla’s soufflés is a disaster. I knew she should not have gone off course. Ugh.

Stefan was dated
Hosea dish was good
Fabio felt Hosea had the better meal. Will the friend ship be over?

Judges table. Toby is back along with Gail on the opposite end of the table.
Why should you win? Question
Stefan- because he deserves it
Hosea-delicious food. I am not feeling good. It’s a Hosea love fest even without any dessert.
Carla-Because she puts her heart in it and even brings the heart out of Stefan.

The judges break my heart and says we can all agree that Carla is out of the running ugh!! They stink. Casey stinks with her ideas. Why does a good heart and niceness never win?!!!

I’m so glad Carla won that car last week and no matter her restaurant will be packed.

That said, unbelievable, but true the winner is… Hosea. I cannot believe it. I think my head is going to pop off.
Still, I can’t wait for the reunion show next week. The Hosea/Leah clip looks crazy.



sula said...

bah! I am so annoyed with the show. Hosea should have been canned eons ago. I wanted to see Fabio in the final three and Jeff as well. Stephan may be cocky but he certainly can cook. Between him and Hosea, I thought he should have been the winner. Sad for Carla though, she needs to stick up for herself and her vision and quit being so g-d nice! It's the finale, girl, don't take advice just because you want to be friendly...go for the gold! *sniff*

Kristen Painter said...

My heart broke for Carla and I'm so ticked at Casey for opening her mouth with all those suggestions! I'm still glad Hosea won over Stephen. Take that, Mr. Europe!

Product Junkie Diva said...

OK did I slip a week. I totally missed her winning a car. really? AWESOME. Carla is wonderful.

Tamstyles said...

my feelings were so hurt..I really really like Carla..I would watch the Carla show anyday! She seems to be one of those people that everyone needs as a friend.

Randy said...

Broke my HEART when Carla screwed up, but thanks for reminding me about the car she won last week. I feel better now. :) Yeah...I just KNEW it was the kiss of death when she lapped up Casey's ideas. Isn't there always ONE contestant who forgets who they are in the finals? Didn't think it would be Carla, though. Darn.

OMG--my word verification is WEIGH!!! (I'm posting this comment AFTER the one to your blog about weight)

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I really was sad that Carla didn't make a great last meal. I really liked her and her name! LOL

Seriously, she should have won. I HATED Stefan!!! Oh and Hosea never really seemed to impress the judges that much throughout the competition.

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