Saturday, March 1, 2008

Soundtracks for life

What's Jack up to? Saturdays mean nothing to Jack when he wants to go out. He's up early and nudging the DH to go out. He came to my side of the bed and was disappointed when I wouldn't budge. Sorry, dude I've got ten more minutes of sleep in me.

I have to say I was late to the whole Amy Winehouse party. I didn't get her album Back to Black until after she won at the Grammy's. And how ghetto fab was her acceptance speech? "To my Blake-iee In-car-ser-ated!" Oh girl!
That said, boy am I glad I got on wagon. Talk about a well deserved win. I don't care what Ms. Natalie Cole says. It's a music award, not a morality award. And besides if I'm not mistaken Ms. Natalie had her fair share of life's tangles. Pot to kettle....

I love the album from start to finish and have a feeling it will be a big influence in what I'm writing next. Something dark, sexy, smokey and a little dirty. Thanks Amy! I'm rooting for you to get it together girl!

Tell us does certain music inspire you to work or live a certain way? What are your soundtracks for life?



pve design said...

Love her, Amy was born with her gift for singing and her music is awesome- too bad she has a penchant for bad to the bone men.
I love Miles Davis, Norah Jones, Annie many that inspire me!

Bananasmom said...

I don't know what I'd do without music. I have music for my every mood. I followed around the Grateful Dead in my youth back and forth across the country. I was also a big Radiators groupie they always got me up on a table to dance. I tend to like woman vocalists that sound like men (Melissa Etheridge and the Indigo Girls are 2 of my favs.) Then there's Susan Tedeschi and Kathleen Edwards when I am feeling upbeat or mellow. Jack Johnson is always good to get your foot tapping. R.E.M and Fleetwood Mac can always put a smile on my face. Jewel or Carly Simon are great when I;m feeling somber. Then there's always Kiss and Nirvana and Pink and Avril Lavigne who are all good to sustain a mood I;m already in or to even change my mood if I am up for it. Love to Dance to the Black eyed Peas. Madonna will always be in my heart even though I dyed my hair platinum blonde in the 80's to be just like her and had to dye it back because it starting falling out! I could go on and on... Music can transport me wherever I want to go... I am one of those people that cries when I see a good musical because good music can hit you right in your soul ...smack!

Kwana said...

Great music Patricia and E! All really cool and inspirational.
For me some good old Prince will always bring me up and when I want to be down I love Mary J. Black Eyed Peas is always fun to dance to. I love your Madonna story. How cool was she back in the day? What a package! I had the name belt, black plastic bracelets and the bow. I wasn't brave enough for the platinum. Would be quite a look on me:)

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I LOVE Amy Winehouse's CD too!! It really did deserve the Grammy.

Hmmm...what soundtrack gets me motivated??? I'd have to say a mix of 80s pop/R&B and anything by Kanye West!

Kwana said...

why did I know you'd be an 80's girl like me. I love 80's pop. Give me Wham and Duran Duran any day. Throw in some Jodi Watley and I'm fine!

Yasmeen Christian said...

Stevie Wonder and Sade are inspiring and soothing me today.

Kwana said...

Oh, I love Sade. Thanks for the reminder.

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