Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

What's Jack up to? He's sporting his Easter bonnet
and marching in the parade!
Happy Easter!



Melissa Walker said...

Happy Easter, Kwana! I will totally share a pitch letter with you--email me and remind me this week and I'll send you one. I may even post one!

Braque68 said...

Hi Kwana,

A very Happy Easter to you and your lovely family!

Enjoy this day!



Kwana said...

Thanks Sue! Enjoy your day with the family too.

Hi Melissa. Thanks I don't have your email. Not sure if there is a way I'm missing:) I'd love to see a pitch letter. If you click on my email link and send me an email then we can exchange info. Thanks so much!

Marley Gibson said...

Happy Easter, Kwanster!!

I want to see Jack in his Easter bonnet. = )

Kwana said...

Hey, Mar. You know Jack won't be still long enough! Happy Easter.

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