Friday, March 7, 2008

She's a Survivor

What's Jack up to? Jack knows I'm feeling a bit off so he's being extra sweet. Tail wagging, trying to cuddle. Aww, Thanks, Jack. Love you too, Dude.

Although if I had to do it all over I don't know if I would. A dog is a lot of work, but I'm thankful for, Jack. Especially with having teens. At least with a dog someone is actually happy to see you when you come home:)

Now down to Reality. LOL!

How much am I loving the fact that Cirie is turning into quite the diabolical player on Survivor. Who woulda thunk it? You Go, Cirie!

Last night poor little Chet was well on his way to a much need shower, shave and good meal when she turned it all around and got Joel ousted. Bravo Cirie.

Photos thanks to cbs

So is it just me or is the show trying to kill off their contestants? What was with that crazy/ dangerous reward challenge? Pavarti got a fat lip, Jonathan got a busted knee and poor Chet should have had a concussion from his head bash. Be careful Survivor keep this up and there won't be enough contestants for a show.

lastly, did anyone else notice the crazy fan crush that Erik (the ice cream scooper-I've never heard that listed as a career) has on Ozzy. So Cute.



Mel Francis said...

Okay, I emailed Maria last night and said Erik is in lurve with Ozzy. Now that's a love story I'm ready to watch!!

I loved last night's show. Cirie is playin' that game! Poor big Joel. He was just blindsided. It was AWESOME. My 10 yr old and I sat on the couch and just laughed every time his name got called. Cracked me up. For such fans, they act like they've never seen the game!!!

Kwana said...

It's really funny isn't it? Joel should have seen that coming. I love that your son was cracking up!

Eileen said...

Cirie is one smart chick. I put her in my fantasy team on the cbs website, but I also put Joel. Oh well. I am still in it for the other survivor pool. Lets get the big strong ones off. Go James!!!!

Kwana said...

Yes, Go James! I'm rooting for ya, Eileen.

MariaGeraci said...

Ah! Another Survivor Fan! I'm totally loving this season. Joel was an idiot. I loved seeing him go, especially since it was Cirie who did.

Kwana said...

Yay Maria! Nice to know we have Survivor in common. It's shaping up to be a fun season.

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